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Factors Affecting Customers’ Satisfaction on Banglalink Users in Sylhet City

Mohammad Kamrul Ahsan

Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration

Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh


Customers’ satisfaction is the most talkative issue in the competitive business environment. The telecommunication market of Bangladesh is too competitive. Banglalink is the 2nd largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh. The aim of this study is to identify some important factors that satisfy the Banglalink customers. A highly structured questionnaire was prepared to collect the primary data from 228 customers. Several tools i.e. Descriptive Statistics, ANOVA, Pearson Correlation, and Multiple Regression analysis have been used to analyze thesecollected data. The researcher has found 15 important factors that have positive association on customers’ satisfaction. The findings of this study is that call rate on same operator, call rate of fnf numbers, available recharge points and number of fnf are core cause of customers’ satisfaction of Banglalink. In the same way value added services, call rate of international calls, bill payment systems, promotional offers and network quality are the most dissatisfied factors of Banglalink users. So the authority of Banglalink should take care of these factors to make customers satisfy.

Key wards:Customers’ Satisfaction, Factors, Banglalink, Users