A Good Morning

We have often heard the phrase there is a right time to do everything. There is a right time work out, there a right time to eat in case you are working for great health, then there is right time to work and right time to stop working.

Now this right time principle can be extended to something very crucial which we often tend to ignore.

Just rewind and remind yourself when did you read the newspaper today, when did you switched on the news channel today and when did you watch an awesome YouTube video or read something great.

Our thoughts are a pool of information we keep gathering all day.

Listen to a great music and it will keep playing and replaying in the mind.

We are what we watch, read and listen.

Morning time, highest receptibility of the mind, don’t just let it think anything.

For the first 10 minutes immediately after you wake up feed the great amazing information to your mind. Either say it to yourself or read it from a book.

These first 10 minutes will record everything on a clean slate of the mind and it will get imprinted after a few days.

Start feeding the healthiest information to your mind at the right time and that is when it will work the most.


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