What am I radiating ?

Cleanliness is an important aspect of life. We all know its value. But what could we possibly mean when we say cleaning inside out? Cleaning outside is the physical aspect starting from the body and then the surroundings. Cleaning inside?

Especially during these tensed time like the corona virus outbreak, creating a calm and peaceful environment inside the house becomes the need of the hour. Cleaning the negative energies from surroundings completes the cycle of cleaning inside out.

Many a times there can be felt an experience of peace in spiritual places. There is in fact a good science behind this phenomenon. Simply tagging a place as a temple or a monastery is not something which makes it peaceful but it is the thoughts of thousands of people visiting the place on every day basis which creates the vibrations of peace.

Now talking about our home, where we all need a relaxed environment. But what is it that actually makes the environment of a house? If there are four people living in a house, it would be the thoughts of those four people responsible for the environment inside the house as a whole.

Thoughts of anger, or even waste thoughts would create low energy vibrations. Hence we need to be careful about what we watch on television, social media and even what we read or listen. The lighter it is, the better. It would then be more like sitting on a retreat all day.