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‘Drug’ Enemy Of A Person’s Life

Intoxication affects physical health badly. This puts the addict at risk of health problems such as cardiac arrest, stroke and abdominal pain. It also causes mental health issues such as depression, insomnia and bipolar disorder to name a few. Apart from affecting a person’s health, intoxication also affects human behavior. All types of drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, and weed, affect the brain’s instinct and cause mood swings, resulting in behavioral problems.

Intoxication falters with a person’s brain function. It interferes with the way a person behaves and the kind of choices they make.

A person who is under the influence of drugs can be highly aggressive. Drug addicts often get angry over trivial matters. This behavior is not seen only when they are experiencing a high. The frequent use of drugs somehow communicates aggression in their personality. It is difficult to get along with such people. You need to be very vigilant around them as they can throw up frequent bouts of anger and aggression.
Drug addiction bars a person’s ability to think rationally. Drug users are unable to make appropriate decisions. Their decision is impaired. They can no longer distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

Drug users also display impulsive behavior. They act and react without much thought. This behavior is usually displayed when they are feeling high. However, they may also exhibit impulsive behavior when they return to their normal state. Drug addicts mostly take decisions that they later regret.
Drug addiction dominates the minds of addicts and they lose self control. They cannot control their actions even if they want to. They have a strong craving for drugs and are difficult to resist even if they want to. They also cannot control their reaction to things. Drugs dominate their decisions, actions, reactions and behavior.
A person who is a drug addict experiences a performance decline at work / school. He is unable to concentrate on his work and constantly thinks about taking drugs. When he does not get his supplies he feels lethargic and low on energy. All of this is a major hurdle to work with.
It has been noted that people under the influence of drugs often have hallucinations. They see things and hear noises that don’t really exist. Medications specifically known for hallucinations include salvia, mescalin, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, and ketamine.
Trying to conceal your drug addiction from family and friends’ drug addicts often leads to latent diseases. They usually avoid spending time with their parents / children / spouse. They often socialize with other drug addicts and stop going out with other friends. This often makes them socially awkward.

Drug addiction can cause behavioral problems that can negatively affect a person’s personal as well as professional life. It is an addiction that the person should get rid of as soon as possible. A person may struggle to make positive changes in his behavior long after he has given up his intoxication.

Importance Of Self Defence

Self defense means self-defense or self-defense. First of all, we can tell you that while self defense, a person can beat the person in front, or can even kill someone, but if we have proof that all this happened during self defense then it is not punishable. . Yes friends, in the effort to protect their life, physical harm to a person is also possible, as well as life threatening life can be taken. As you all know, India is a huge country as well as a democratic country, every citizen has equal rights here. The constitution of all India gives every citizen of the country the right to safeguard himself. Section 96 to 106 of the Indian Penal Code has given detailed discussion of the right of self-defense of a person.
In today’s time where there is a danger of losing life all the time, there is a great need to give self defense training especially to girls and women, the importance of the system to educate every citizen about the methods of self defense and to deal with the critical situation. Are required So that they can avoid the loss of their life and property, the methods of self defense should come to every person. Women can also exercise the right of self defense by risking themselves and can save themselves from loss of any life and property.
Women are targeted by many criminals because they look fragile and cannot defend themselves. Many women get nervous in the event of an attack, which they easily overtake. The best form of defense of a woman is her mind, some of the ways in which a woman can defend herself are strange but in reality very intelligent. In many self-defense classes, women are taught to remain calm and use their heads in critical situations.
Women often keep all their important belongings in purses. An easy way for a woman to keep her purse is to keep an eye on suspicious people, if a woman suspects that someone is following her or trying to steal her purse, turn them off by calling her something unexpected A good example of this should and should surprise them, when an elderly woman, after someone senses her behind, saw that the thief is straight in the face and said, “Don’t I know your mother?” Started by the woman, the culprit quickly ran in the opposite direction, I believe that a woman’s intuition can be important women before they realize things.
Self-defense is a defense for conduct but for defense, a crime will occur. As with most criminal defenses, the fact that the crime has been committed is not at issue. At issue is the liability of the defendant or accused for an offense that is for some reason that justifies or excuses it or which otherwise excludes the rescuer from the liability of the offender.
Self defense is a legal term that allows a person to use reasonable force to protect him or a third person incited by personal injury as long as the defender has reason to believe that he or a third person Is in serious danger The term may also refer to the right to defend one’s own property (such as their home), it allows a person to protect himself from harm under appropriate circumstances. This is a general defense for those accused of assault, battery, or murder.
Laws on self-defense vary by state. Generally, self-defense can only be used in response to immediate threat. For example, if the person holding the knife threatens you that if you do not give him or her all your money, and you do not run away, you cannot claim self-defense if you victimize the criminal after 24 hours And punch him. Additionally, the threat that a self-defense warrant may be verbal or physical, unless a reasonable person in the same situation would feel that the attacker would harm him, for example, a reasonable person would not experience that three The year-old threat will be given to you unless you give him chocolate, it will cause you physical harm, but a big man threatens to punch you until you can give him your wallet, causing proper fear.
Finally, the risk of harm must be activated when you defend yourself. If the threat is eliminated and there is no further threat of violence (and thus the threat is eliminated), the justification for self-defense decreases.

The Wonderful “Village Life”

The life of the village or the rural life of the people is considered to be those who live far away from the cities and like cities they do not get all kinds of facilities. The life of the village people is very different as compared to the urban people. In today’s article, I will tell you about the way people living in rural villages live their lives and their beautiful environment as well.
Today India is a developing country.

Even then there are many more villages in India today than in the cities. According to the report, more than 75 percent of the Indian population lives in the village. The life of the village is quiet, green and pollution free.
Seeing the beauty and greenery of the village fields is something else. All major decisions in the village are passed through the officer and sarpanch of the panchayat office.

Even today, the life of the village is very different from the cities in this modern era. The facilities of complete education in the village are not available even today. Even today most of the villages have only primary school facilities and some big villages have only high school facilities.
Even today, the children of the village have to go to big cities for college or higher education. In such a situation, people who do not have money to send their children to the city, they stop their education. Thus most people remain uneducated in the village.

Earlier, all villages in India used to have chaat made of bamboo and straw and houses were also made of mud, but now with the help of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, poor people are getting pucca houses in the village for free.
Almost all the villagers do farming and raise chickens, cows, buffalo, oxen and goats in their homes. Also, the people of the village do not go to buy vegetables in vegetable market like urban people. Everyone grows vegetables in their fields and gardens and eat their own homegrown vegetables.

The main work of the village people is farming. Even today, all the grains that people eat in cities come from the village fields. Even today, in this 21st century, there are many villages which do not even have good roads to reach.
There are very few people living in the village compared to the city. People in the village have a lot of open space around their house and not everyone has a motorcycle or a car. Most people in the village have a bullock cart as a vehicle. But in some places now people in the village also have the facilities of car-motor.
Now first aid centers have also been opened near the village from the government, due to which the people of the village are also getting facilities in the field of medicine. For the time of emergency, the government has now provided free 108 ambulance service in most first aid centers which have proved very helpful.

People of the village hold weekly small markets where people go to buy clothes, food items, electricity and other essential items. If he has to buy some big things, then he goes to the nearby city.
The weather in the village is very pleasant and the atmosphere is very clean. Today, due to pollution in urban areas, breathing has become difficult. But this is not the case in the village. Due to less vehicular traffic in the village, pollution is minimal and hence the environment is also clean.
But in rural areas where there is scarcity of water, the water resources are very unhygienic because in most of the villages where people wash clothes, bathe cow-buffalo and bathe in the same water and eat and drink that water.

Most of the people in villages in areas where farming is not being done properly due to some natural reasons are below the poverty line (BPL-Below poverty line). They do not even have food grains to eat for a period of time because they do not have fields or water is not available in the fields.
The first few years ago, the life of the village used to sink into darkness as soon as most of the villages had no electricity. Today most of the villages have access to electricity. Now the children of the village are also working hard and achieving many successes in the field of education.
Today, even though people in urban areas have forgotten the culture and tradition of India to some extent, even today, the tradition and culture of our country is deeply rooted in the hearts of rural people. The village festival does not have as much fireworks and light as the cities, but it has the right rules, and people enjoy the festival together.

Even though the life of the village looks very painful to see, but it is very beautiful and beautiful. Today, due to internet and good roadways, the rural life of India has also taken a long way forward.

Say no to Chinese

There is a campaign for boycott of Chinese goods in the country. The Indian scenario has changed in order to break all shared ties with China, which has been supporting Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. Such an incident is being seen on social sites. India is a major center for Chinese goods, as Chinese goods are cheaper.
The trade of Chinese goods in the country is so extensive that in the first few weeks before the festival, only in Delhi, products worth 1000 crores have been sold. As a member of the WTO, India needs to import Chinese goods. The trade partnership between China and India is 4.6 lakh crores, and China is India’s largest trading partner. For this reason, India may face difficulties in ending trade partnership with China.
The process of manufacture of indigenous goods in India has become somewhat blunt. India imports 7 times more goods from China than exports. India imports 32.02 per cent of electronic, 17.01 per cent of nuclear reactors, boilers and parts, organic chemicals 9.83 per cent foliators. Agriculture and today’s important part of human mobile When we are forced to import from China, then it does not seem appropriate to stop trading with China.
Mahatma Gandhi had said that we need to be free from the use of foreign goods, but he also said that this will happen only when we make our own things. When foreign investment is also happening in Modi’s ambitious plan ‘Make in India’, then the boycott issue seems inadequate. Only we can beat China against its durability. We cannot run a boycott campaign only because of the use of Chinese skirting and firecrackers during the festive season.
India currently buys iron and steel 5.82 percent, plastics and articles 2.74 percent, photography equipment 2.09 percent, bots 2.05 percent, iron and steel articles 1.92 percent and 1.81 percent parts of vehicles other than railways from China. India imports almost all the parts of the past few years from cosmetics, defense equipment to travel facilities like rail, motor vehicles, etc., then it makes sense to talk about the import of Chinese goods. To what extent the boycott of Chinese goods can be justified when the country’s infrastructure agriculture is still with China’s equipment and fetters.
China has become a manufacturing hub for the world’s big brands, not just for India. Most of the equipment of well-known companies is manufactured from China. Due to the price of sugar products being cheap, many producers in India are currently becoming traders only and only. Actually the problem is that at the lower price that a product is made in India, it comes to the market with the tag of ‘Make in China’ at a lower price. If we talk about the economy of every country is not equal. The wheel of economy keeps spinning. If we look at it, we will know that in the 1960s and 70s, Japan had established its dominance over the world market. After this, 80s belonged to Korea. He doubled by day, progressed by night and became a market for the world.
After this, China has not only captured the whole of South Asia, and is selling its goods. Now if India is ready to respond to China with Pakistan, then it will have to evict China from its position, for this India will have to increase its production area. China’s goods are weak in the area of quality and durability, India can make a place by doing good work in this area. If we talk about long-term quality goods, then the name of Germany will come up. There is no match for German machinery yet. Although China has made a place in the world market by making cheap goods, but it is far behind in terms of quality. India should pay attention to this.
India cannot boycott Chinese goods because trade is not based on sentiments, but is dependent on cheap products and profits. In the global era, it is not possible for any country to ban the product of any other country. In the last year itself, the Modi government has signed a US $ 10 billion trade agreement with China. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group, India is dependent on China for 90 percent of the raw materials of India’s pharmaceutical industry. India cannot boycott Chinese goods because trade is not based on sentiments, but is dependent on cheap products and profits. In the global era, it is not possible for any country to ban the product of any other country. In the last year itself, the Modi government has signed a US $ 10 billion trade agreement with China. According to a report by Boston Consulting Group, India is dependent on China for 90 percent of the raw materials of India’s pharmaceutical industry.
The kind of radical nationalism that India is talking of breaking trade relations with China, China can also do it for its own benefit. India must first increase its productivity, so that China can be equaled. As long as India remains dependent on China for the basic and absolutely necessary things for the country’s system. India cannot stop the entire trade by banning the goods of Deepawali Welters, Crackers. If China wants to punish Pakistan for love, that too by shutting down trade, then it will have to develop the industry at the basic level necessary. Swadeshi has to be emphasized.


Many people like to listen and sing music at various festivals and events. Some people listen to music every time like: in office, at home, on the way, etc. It helps to keep away from all the problems of life and also gives solutions to the problems. Nowadays, at the time of working in offices in big companies, there is a trend of singing in a low voice to make their brain refreshing, peaceful, focused, positive thoughts as well as to increase the efficiency of the employees.
Music is very powerful and delivers a positive message to all emotional problems and does not ask anyone for anything. It is a kind of melodious music. Though tells us everything and shares more problems than humans. The nature of music is to encourage and promote, which removes all negative thoughts and increases the power of human concentration. Music is something that helps to remember all the good memories we had with our most loved person. It has no boundaries, constraints and rules directory; It only needs to be heard with dedication and devotion.

Whenever we listen to music, it brings great feeling in the heart and brain, which connects us with our soul. This connection is the all-powerful power of God. Someone has rightly said about music; “Music has no limits, it is beyond all limits.” And “Music is rooted in life and life is music.”
Music has a lot of power, it makes a place in the minds of people in many ways. Where it can make work it can also spoil it. Music has a profound effect on everyone’s life, from humans to trees, plants, animals etc. Scientist has proved that the treatment of diseases can be done well through music. Its use has been very successful in the treatment of eye disease and heart disease. Digestion related diseases are also used to treat music.
As a man gets lost in the melody of music, his attention gets away from everything and he starts feeling relaxed.
Music is like yoga. It makes us happy and also maintains hormonal balance in our body. Along with this, it also works to give relief to body and brain. Due to which it helps us to keep our body healthy both physically and mentally. It also works to protect us from obesity and mental problems.

I love music very much and I love listening to music every morning. Music is also very important for our heart and it also helps us in getting a good sleep.

Interesting ‘Psychological Facts’ Everyone Should Know

1- Our thoughts have an effect on every cells of the body. If there is more negativity in thoughts then the immunity of the disease decreases due to which you remain very sick.
2- If a person sleeps more then he is more depressed.
3- Going into depression is the result of overthinking. At this time, our brain starts creating problems that do not exist.
4- If a person laughs more even on trivial matters, then he feels alone from inside. 5- Our mind moves faster than the day it moves at night. Apart from this, the body alone consumes the most energy. 6-According to psychologists, people who know other languages besides their mother tongue, they are able to make better decisions.
7- The more you sleep in a cold room, the greater the chance of having a nightmare.
8- To laugh at a Joke, our brain has to work in five different parts.
9- 60% of people listen to music to get away from the negative things in their life.
10- The last person who takes care of you before sleeping, is the cause of your happiness or sorrow.
11- According to psychologists, normally 6000 thoughts run in our brain daily and 80 percent of all these thoughts are negative. Then whether we are thinking negatively about our career or about our family.
12- Stress, Depression is less for those who spend more time in morning sunlight.
13- People who have low Self Confidence often find many shortcomings in others. 14- According to psychologists, when you are tired, your brain works in a more creative way.
14- According to psychologists, when you are tired, your brain works in a more creative way.
15- Studies have shown that on average women cannot keep any secret talk for more than 47 hours and 15 minutes.
16- If a person talks about someone the most (good or evil) then it means that he is influenced by that person.
17- Many times the person in front of you does not reply to you because he feels that you are not able to understand him.
18- Our Favorite Song is associated with an Emotional Event of our life.
19- A study has revealed that 72% of the people have creative ideas in their mind while taking shower in the bathroom. 20- The mind that answers silly questions immediately with sarcasm is more healthy.
21- We cannot see anything with our eyes but with the help of our mind. The eye only works to take information and reaches our brain.
22- 85% of people in the world think of what they want to do in their life before sleeping.
23- If you always keep worrying about “what people will think” then you can never be happy.
24- You should use his name while talking to someone, so that he will start liking you more.
25- If a person is forbidden to do any work, then that person must first think about doing the same work.
26- Pain and loneliness is the process of only one part of our brain.
27- The person who is trying to make everyone happy, finally he is most sad. 28- If you make your favorite song your alarm then you start disliking it.
29- People who have high IQ level are solving some problem in their mind all the time, so they are not able to be social, their friends are also very less. 30- It has come to notice that people quickly believe a rumor more than a true event.
31- A psychology study has found that millionaires who have earned their wealth themselves are happier than those who have inherited it.
32- If no one can cry then he is weak from inside.
33- The first tear of happiness comes from the right eye and the first tear of sorrow comes from the left eye.
34- When we meet someone with folded hands, it has a scientific logic – when the top of all the fingers come in contact with each other and they are pressurized, then due to acupressure, it has a direct effect on our eyes, ears and brain. And we can remember the front one for a long time.
35- Psychology says that when you meet someone, you have 7 seconds to set your Powerful Impression.
36- Some people fall in love in just 4 minutes. This thing has been proven psychologically.
37- 70% of our brain keeps trying to create a good environment with the help of old memories only.
38- From 18 years to 33 years of age, the person is most stressed.
39- You never like to lie to the person you love very much.
40- Most people speak the truth when talking late at night because being tired, the brain does not think much and answers honestly.

“India vs China”, It can be prolonged.

500 years before the birth of Jesus, China’s famous military general Sun Xu wrote in the book The Art of War, “The best art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting.” Even after hundreds of years, the things of this book are considered iron in China, just as Chanakya policy is considered in India.
To understand the currently ongoing border tension between India and China, perhaps ‘this fine art of war’ also needs to be kept in mind. The current situation is that after the Kargil build-up on the border with Pakistan in 1999, it may be the largest gathering of soldiers from neighboring country on any border of India.
The border between India and China is called the Line of Actual Control or LAC i.e. the actual situation after the 1962 war. Sources in the Ministry of Defense say that it began in the third week of April when the “line of actuarial control on the Ladakh border” showed an increase in the number of troops and heavy trucks on the Chinese side.
Since then, the movements of Chinese troops have been reported on the border in May, there were reports of Chinese soldiers patrolling the lake that determines the border in Ladakh. The seriousness of the matter can be gauged from the fact that a few days ago, Army Chief General Naravane visited the border.
The current tension also increased when on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping ‘instructed the army to be ready’ without naming any country. During this period, the meetings of the heads of the three armies were going on in Delhi. Apart from Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, he also met Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The case also caught on internationally when US President Donald Trump offered to mediate in the Indo-China border dispute for the first time.
In 2017, videos of boxing, scuffle and snatching between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Doklam area went viral, and the clash ended several days later. Although the history of border dispute between India and China is decades old, but there are three major reasons for the latest tension.
Obviously, the first reason is strategic. These are two such neighbours whose number of troops is said to be first and second in the world and among whom there is a long history of conflict. This time also the same areas are again in discussion where in 1962 there has been a war between the two and China has claimed that it had also won. The major cause of stress in the last few years may also be the accelerated construction work in Indian border areas. Defense expert Ajay Shukla says that ‘roads are a big reason’.
He said, “Galvan Valley, which was generally peaceful, has now become a hotspot as it is the actual Line of Control along which India has constructed a road from Shiyok River to Daulat Beg Oldi (DBO). LAC area of ​​the whole of Ladakh. This is the most inaccessible area in India. ” Almost all the experts also agree that the construction and maintenance in the border areas of China has always been better. Even in the basic facilities of the border areas, China has been ahead of India.
Former VP Malik, the former chief of the Indian Army, feels, “There is another reason for the increased uneasiness of China. One way of the Chinese army has been creeping (crawling forward).” Inclusion of jurisdiction. But its options are becoming less because now development is taking place on the Indian border and access is increasing. “
Senior journalist Rahul Singh, who covers defense-related matters in the Hindustan Times, also agrees and says, “For the last five years, more attention has been focused on improving Indian borders.” According to him, “In the past there have been small skirmishes between the soldiers of both the forces on the border. Even before Doklam, such incidents were reported in Chumar in 2013 and 2014. But the scope of activities this time is huge.”
All the world’s economies have been battling the post-Corona virus for the last five months. Not only have the growth rates of countries like China, USA, Europe, Middle East, India and South Asia have fallen unexpectedly, but governments have had to spend millions of crores of rupees to bring back increasing unemployment and stalled businesses.
Now if India suddenly made a big change in its FDI policy, then it is quite possible that China’s foreign policy is feeling a bit uncomfortable.
Apart from these three, the reason for increased activities on the Indo-China border can also be there and the debate on this will continue.
Former Indian Army Chief General VP Malik admits that “the solution to such disputes can only be diplomatic or political”. But he also said in clear terms that, “In the current dispute, the military solution has failed and wherever the conflict continues, it can be prolonged.”

‘Ego And Attitude’ – The Enemy Of A Person

Ego and attitude are the trends that lead to the downfall of a person’s character. Every human being should abandon egoism and try to live in harmony. If we want to give other name to ego and attitude we can name them sickness and termites. As the bacterias of illness  weakens our body day by day and finish one day, it makes a person drunk in such a way that not only the person goes into a fantasy world beyond the truth, but also gives birth to a desperate situation which is unjust for life.
In life the synonym of sorrow is ego. Due to egoism the person starts considering himself superior to everyone and best in every field of knowledge. They remain drunk to such an extent that they never understands the need of others in the field of knowledge, experience and advice. There are countless creatures in the world, among them the weakest organism also has a tremendous quality, with which they grow in their ability. But a person who has ego can never accept the simulation of anyone.

Where the ego exists, there is no growth in humility, intelligence, tact and prudence. The person who has ego, all people are always low and low in his eyes. He always gets happiness by obstructing others and makes hi way by falling others.

As the rank of an egoistic person increases, his or her arrogance also increases. He is so engrossed in the power, wealth, etc. that he never imagines that one day he will also fall, there will be difficulties in life and there will be no one to stand with him at that time. As an unfortunate human being, he will have to achieve inner degeneration while living in the midst of suffering. No matter how good a person is, if he is egoistic then all his qualities become blurred in the same way as the layer of ashes on blazing coals fires the fire.
A person with ego is considered to be the most despised creature of mankind. He does not hesitate to commit any sin to maintain his vital sense. Self-praise is born in a person with ah bhava and in the state of accepting himself as the highest, it looks in its best form. Many types of mental disorders also arise due to arrogance, including trespassing without caring for the rights of others.

The eagle is like a mirage, which neither pacifies his thirst nor others. Bypassing all their weaknesses and forgetting to consider themselves complete in every field, is said to be the first characteristic of an egoist. He also keeps many misconceptions about himself as if he is intelligent and always sees the shortcomings and faults of others. He gets joy in Parninda. If any of your friends are arrogant, believe one day you will definitely get hatred, hatred, anger, vengeance on one of their gifts. Because the narrow self-proclaimed brain only gives rise to similar thoughts.

Humility is the jewel of personality. It starts with the end of the ego. Experiences of peace and joy can be found in life only when we are humble, we have to awaken our inner boundless power by remembering the jewels of humility. Can save and keep the foundation of your happy life.

The Largest Solar Eclipse Of This Century – 21 June 2020

Today’s solar eclipse was the largest solar eclipse of this century. When the sun, moon and earth are aligned in a straight line or almost in same configuration, with which the moon comes between the sun and earth which  blocks the sun rays directly reaching to earth. This phenomenon is called solar eclipse. Solar eclipse are of three kinds based on alignment total, partial and annular. Today’s solar eclipse was an annular solar eclipse where the moon was far from the earth thet the sun was not completely covered by its relative size and only the outer rims were visible and it created a ring of fire in sky. The annual solar eclipse was started at 9:15 AM IST and was visible until 3:04 PM IST. The maximum eclipse was seen at 11:55 to 12:10. The eclipse was visible much from Asia, Africa, the Pacific and Indian Ocean, parts of Europe and Australia.

According to Nehru Planetarium Bhuj was the first city in India where the beginning of eclipse was visible at 9:58 am. The eclipse end at 4 hours later at 2:29 pm. This eclipse was not good. Looking directly to sun could cause harm to eyes so use of special goggles, welder’s shield, or pin-hole imaging technique were recommended to see the solar eclipse. It also can caused permanent damage to retina.

It was the second solar eclipse of 2020. It was seen at many places in India. It was seen mainly in Dehradun, Sirsa and Rajasthan in the form of fire ring. The net eclipse will be on 14 December but it will not be seen in India. It was also seen in Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ethiopia and Congo. Its most effect was seen in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Banglore Chennai, Shimla, etc.

According to religious beliefs, first of all take a bath after the eclipse ends. Although there is a belief of bathing in the holy rivers, but in view of the corona infection, it would be better to take bath by mixing Ganga water in the bath water at home. It is believed that to avoid the ill effects of the eclipse, donations should be made after the eclipse ends. After cleaning the house, God should be worshiped by cleaning the place of worship. Immediately after the eclipse is over, the entire house should be cleaned thoroughly. Because it is believed that negative energy comes into the house during solar eclipse. So after cleaning, must show sunlight or incense smoke in the whole house.

‘Farming In India’ A Main Occupation

As we all know the most important food staple of India’s agriculture is rice and wheat. Fishing in India is huge. With a total catch of 30,00,000 MT annually, India ranks among the top ten fisheries countries in the world. India is the second largest fruit producing country in the world. India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices and spice products. India is also known as the country of spices. The Indian food and grocery market is the sixth largest market in the world. The Indian food processing industry accounts for 32% of the total food market in the country, is one of the largest industries in India and ranks fifth in terms of production, consumption, exports and expected growth. Despite all these facts, the conditions are not good. Let me tell you about the life of a farmer. A farmer is a person who works on the farm. The life of an Indian farmer is very difficult. He gets up early in the morning, takes his plow and oxen and goes to the field.
The farmer is busy with fields and crops throughout the year. He does not care about cold, heat or rain. He returns home only when the day is full and it is dark. Despite such hard work and sacrifice, the farmer still lives in the midst of poverty. Farmer protests across India are largely driven by bumper crops and low prices, according to studies by the Development Organization (OECD) and research firm (ICRIER). According to the study, farming has become a lucrative business.
About 62% of farmers in India, who cultivate less than 0.80 hectares of land, will live below the poverty line if they do not go on a non-agricultural business. This report blames government policies governing food rather than agriculture. Despite the huge size of the agricultural sector, the yield per hectare of crops in India is low compared to international standards.
Improper water management is another problem. The fact is that the agricultural sector is highly inefficient and unable to solve the problems of hunger and malnutrition. It is estimated that total agricultural production is lost due to inefficiencies in storage of crops. But even after all these situations there are some efforts. The Indian food industry is poised for huge growth, in addition to increasing its contribution to the world food trade every year, as an alternative to immense potential, especially for the food processing industry.

Development in agriculture Some of the major developments in agriculture are- The first mega food park in Rajasthan opened in March 2018. Sugar production in India is expected to reach 27,000,000 tonnes in 2017-18. Cotton production in India is expected to increase by 9% in 2017-18 from 37,000,000.
In March 2018, the Indian government extended the urea subsidy to farmers by 2020 with the aim of ensuring urea supply at controlled prices. The government is working on a plan to provide air cargo assistance to boost agricultural exports from India. The Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme (PMFBY) will be implemented at a rapid pace. Soil Health Cards have been distributed throughout the country during 2015-17 and the Soil Health Mobile App has been launched to help Indian farmers.