‘Ego And Attitude’ – The Enemy Of A Person

Ego and attitude are the trends that lead to the downfall of a person’s character. Every human being should abandon egoism and try to live in harmony. If we want to give other name to ego and attitude we can name them sickness and termites. As the bacterias of illness  weakens our body day by day and finish one day, it makes a person drunk in such a way that not only the person goes into a fantasy world beyond the truth, but also gives birth to a desperate situation which is unjust for life.
In life the synonym of sorrow is ego. Due to egoism the person starts considering himself superior to everyone and best in every field of knowledge. They remain drunk to such an extent that they never understands the need of others in the field of knowledge, experience and advice. There are countless creatures in the world, among them the weakest organism also has a tremendous quality, with which they grow in their ability. But a person who has ego can never accept the simulation of anyone.

Where the ego exists, there is no growth in humility, intelligence, tact and prudence. The person who has ego, all people are always low and low in his eyes. He always gets happiness by obstructing others and makes hi way by falling others.

As the rank of an egoistic person increases, his or her arrogance also increases. He is so engrossed in the power, wealth, etc. that he never imagines that one day he will also fall, there will be difficulties in life and there will be no one to stand with him at that time. As an unfortunate human being, he will have to achieve inner degeneration while living in the midst of suffering. No matter how good a person is, if he is egoistic then all his qualities become blurred in the same way as the layer of ashes on blazing coals fires the fire.
A person with ego is considered to be the most despised creature of mankind. He does not hesitate to commit any sin to maintain his vital sense. Self-praise is born in a person with ah bhava and in the state of accepting himself as the highest, it looks in its best form. Many types of mental disorders also arise due to arrogance, including trespassing without caring for the rights of others.

The eagle is like a mirage, which neither pacifies his thirst nor others. Bypassing all their weaknesses and forgetting to consider themselves complete in every field, is said to be the first characteristic of an egoist. He also keeps many misconceptions about himself as if he is intelligent and always sees the shortcomings and faults of others. He gets joy in Parninda. If any of your friends are arrogant, believe one day you will definitely get hatred, hatred, anger, vengeance on one of their gifts. Because the narrow self-proclaimed brain only gives rise to similar thoughts.

Humility is the jewel of personality. It starts with the end of the ego. Experiences of peace and joy can be found in life only when we are humble, we have to awaken our inner boundless power by remembering the jewels of humility. Can save and keep the foundation of your happy life.