Many people like to listen and sing music at various festivals and events. Some people listen to music every time like: in office, at home, on the way, etc. It helps to keep away from all the problems of life and also gives solutions to the problems. Nowadays, at the time of working in offices in big companies, there is a trend of singing in a low voice to make their brain refreshing, peaceful, focused, positive thoughts as well as to increase the efficiency of the employees.
Music is very powerful and delivers a positive message to all emotional problems and does not ask anyone for anything. It is a kind of melodious music. Though tells us everything and shares more problems than humans. The nature of music is to encourage and promote, which removes all negative thoughts and increases the power of human concentration. Music is something that helps to remember all the good memories we had with our most loved person. It has no boundaries, constraints and rules directory; It only needs to be heard with dedication and devotion.

Whenever we listen to music, it brings great feeling in the heart and brain, which connects us with our soul. This connection is the all-powerful power of God. Someone has rightly said about music; “Music has no limits, it is beyond all limits.” And “Music is rooted in life and life is music.”
Music has a lot of power, it makes a place in the minds of people in many ways. Where it can make work it can also spoil it. Music has a profound effect on everyone’s life, from humans to trees, plants, animals etc. Scientist has proved that the treatment of diseases can be done well through music. Its use has been very successful in the treatment of eye disease and heart disease. Digestion related diseases are also used to treat music.
As a man gets lost in the melody of music, his attention gets away from everything and he starts feeling relaxed.
Music is like yoga. It makes us happy and also maintains hormonal balance in our body. Along with this, it also works to give relief to body and brain. Due to which it helps us to keep our body healthy both physically and mentally. It also works to protect us from obesity and mental problems.

I love music very much and I love listening to music every morning. Music is also very important for our heart and it also helps us in getting a good sleep.