Interesting ‘Psychological Facts’ Everyone Should Know

1- Our thoughts have an effect on every cells of the body. If there is more negativity in thoughts then the immunity of the disease decreases due to which you remain very sick.
2- If a person sleeps more then he is more depressed.
3- Going into depression is the result of overthinking. At this time, our brain starts creating problems that do not exist.
4- If a person laughs more even on trivial matters, then he feels alone from inside. 5- Our mind moves faster than the day it moves at night. Apart from this, the body alone consumes the most energy. 6-According to psychologists, people who know other languages besides their mother tongue, they are able to make better decisions.
7- The more you sleep in a cold room, the greater the chance of having a nightmare.
8- To laugh at a Joke, our brain has to work in five different parts.
9- 60% of people listen to music to get away from the negative things in their life.
10- The last person who takes care of you before sleeping, is the cause of your happiness or sorrow.
11- According to psychologists, normally 6000 thoughts run in our brain daily and 80 percent of all these thoughts are negative. Then whether we are thinking negatively about our career or about our family.
12- Stress, Depression is less for those who spend more time in morning sunlight.
13- People who have low Self Confidence often find many shortcomings in others. 14- According to psychologists, when you are tired, your brain works in a more creative way.
14- According to psychologists, when you are tired, your brain works in a more creative way.
15- Studies have shown that on average women cannot keep any secret talk for more than 47 hours and 15 minutes.
16- If a person talks about someone the most (good or evil) then it means that he is influenced by that person.
17- Many times the person in front of you does not reply to you because he feels that you are not able to understand him.
18- Our Favorite Song is associated with an Emotional Event of our life.
19- A study has revealed that 72% of the people have creative ideas in their mind while taking shower in the bathroom. 20- The mind that answers silly questions immediately with sarcasm is more healthy.
21- We cannot see anything with our eyes but with the help of our mind. The eye only works to take information and reaches our brain.
22- 85% of people in the world think of what they want to do in their life before sleeping.
23- If you always keep worrying about “what people will think” then you can never be happy.
24- You should use his name while talking to someone, so that he will start liking you more.
25- If a person is forbidden to do any work, then that person must first think about doing the same work.
26- Pain and loneliness is the process of only one part of our brain.
27- The person who is trying to make everyone happy, finally he is most sad. 28- If you make your favorite song your alarm then you start disliking it.
29- People who have high IQ level are solving some problem in their mind all the time, so they are not able to be social, their friends are also very less. 30- It has come to notice that people quickly believe a rumor more than a true event.
31- A psychology study has found that millionaires who have earned their wealth themselves are happier than those who have inherited it.
32- If no one can cry then he is weak from inside.
33- The first tear of happiness comes from the right eye and the first tear of sorrow comes from the left eye.
34- When we meet someone with folded hands, it has a scientific logic – when the top of all the fingers come in contact with each other and they are pressurized, then due to acupressure, it has a direct effect on our eyes, ears and brain. And we can remember the front one for a long time.
35- Psychology says that when you meet someone, you have 7 seconds to set your Powerful Impression.
36- Some people fall in love in just 4 minutes. This thing has been proven psychologically.
37- 70% of our brain keeps trying to create a good environment with the help of old memories only.
38- From 18 years to 33 years of age, the person is most stressed.
39- You never like to lie to the person you love very much.
40- Most people speak the truth when talking late at night because being tired, the brain does not think much and answers honestly.