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Science – A Blessing Or Trouble

Today science flag is fluttering all over the world. Life and science has become synonymous with each other. Science has provided unlimited power to humans.

Today with the help of science, humans can fly in the sky as birds. Can breathe in deep to deep water and can cross mountains and can overcome miles of distances in few hours. Today humans have got success in many fields with the help of science like treatment, information revolution, space science, tourism, etc.

Science is a wonder for humans. It has provided many facilities to them. Fuels, notice and computers, etc are many things which is given by science to humans that has made the life of humans easy and done. Many electric appliances like fan, AC, cooler, TV, refrigerator, etc are provided to humans through science.
In today’s world science has made many gadgets that has made the life very easy, like vacume cleaner, solar gas, mobile phones, heaters etc. The discoveries of science has proved as a blessing to humans. Every fields are affected by science.

When we walk, there is a science in this. If we eat something there is a science in this. In today’s world science is everywhere. In daily life, if we pay attention on everything what we do, there is a science in everything. When we walk, the physics is there. Science is not only about gadgets it is for the daily life that we do. With the help of science scientists are inventing new gadgets which has made the life of people easy. As we all know, science has cutting distance between two people, as before humans need many years to travel from one place to another, today the science has provided mediums to travel which has made the travel and tourism easier. We can talk with our relatives face to face, it doesn’t matter how far we are from each other. Science has provided treatment to humans. As before, many people died because there was no treatment of diseases but today there is treatment of every disease. It has also made the agricultural system technological due to which there is no shortage of food according to population of India.

Science has taken India far ahead which is a matter of pride. Along with the benefits of science, there are also many disadvantages that people have made. Science has invented many destructive weapons which can destroy everything in a second. Laser bomb, cobalt bomb and many other destructive weapons has raised the possibility of destruction of humans. So science should be used in limit means it should be used only for goodness not for destruction.
Along with this, it has taken the laziness in human’s life. Today everything is available at home. There is no need to go outside of our home. Shopping, food, office work and everything is available at home, which has taken laziness in our life, which is very harmful for all of us.
Science should be used only for right purpose. Today if any world war happens, all the countries have many powerful weapons which can destroy the whole world in just a second. So it is in our hand that how we should use science, in a wrong way or right way. So don’t use it in a wrong purpose, use it for your growth.

India’s Big Victory In Incomplete Journey Of Moon – Chandrayaan-2

If everything was fine, then India had became the first country to land it’s spaceship on the south pole of moon. Before this, America, China and Russia had also done soft landing on the but not on the South pole. It can be said that it is difficult to go on South pole so that the mission moon left 2.1 Km less away from the lunar surface. When Chandrayaan-2 was just to land on the surface of the moon that Vikram lander lost contact with it.

PM Narendra Modi was also arrived to ISRO Banglore headquater to become a witnesses of this historical moment, but at the end the journey of Chandrayaan-2 of 47 days left incomplete.

Was this a failure or there a success in this failure? Why the journey of Chandrayaan-2 left incomplete at the end moment? Was there any technological problem?

At the end moment, Vikram Lander lost the contact with ground station. Chairman of ISRO told that when the Vikram Lander of ISRO was 2.1 km away from the lunar surface of moon, at that time it lost the contact with ground station.

PM Narendra Modi discussed with the scientists of ISRO’s control room and indicated that Vikram lander was in hurry to land on the moon’s surface. At the end moment, there was any defect so that they cannot get success.
There was a disappointment from Vikram Lander but this mission was not failed, because Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is working on the moon’s surface. In this orbiter there are many scientific equipments and they are doing well. Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover were used and it has definately suffered a setback.
There is a success in this failure. India has reached the orbiter before, but this orbiter was more modern than before. Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter was more modern and equipped with scientific instruments than Chandrayaan-1 orbiter.

The use of Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover was for first time. But the chairman of ISRO Dr K Sivan said that it doesn’t matter that it’s Southern pole or equitorial plane, difficulties are same for each. He clearly said that be it is Southern pole or even other, in all there are same challanges for each.

It is true that Chandrayaan-2 was sent at a new place so that new things can be seen. There was no benefit to go on older so new place was selected.
Orbiter is still working. The discovery of water on moon was a main aim of India and is continued by orbiter. In future it’s data will also be seen.
That was a scientific mission and it had taken 11 year to be completed. It’s orbiter was successful and lander rover was unsuccessful. Due to this failure, ISRO won’t go back ad Pm Modi also repeated this.

America, China and Russia got success in soft landing to moon’s surface. Soft landing means to land a satellite through a lander protectively and it will work smoothly.

In the whole world, less than 50% mission got success. Who understands the space science they will definitely give encouragement to this practice of India. Now the next mission of ISRO is Gaganyaan in which an astronaut will be sent.

Increasing Terrorism

Terrorism, which is increasing day by day in the whole world is very dangerous. Terrorism means to raise the status of fear by different ways using destructive power. By any type of terrorism whether they are regional, national or international, due to all these there is a raise of status of insecurity, fear and problem in the country.

The counter terrorism is not any state, country or region. Today it is emerge as a international problem. If a country attacks on another country, then the problem can be solved by the talks of the government of both countries, but there is no solution of terrorism. The goal of terrorism is just to spread terror.

To detonate the bombs in movie theatre, railways, pinch-points has become a common occurance to spread terrorism. In movie theaters, thousands of the audience die due to detonation of bombs. In railways or airways, the travellers travelling to their destination finish their life due to bomb detonation.

Due to terrorism the life has become uncertain. Anytime anything can happen. What is the objective of terrorism? What do terrorist get from this practice? This answer is very simple. The objective of terrorists is just to spread terrorism. They do not get anything from it, only the loss occurs. This spoils their organization’s name. They spread terror due to the feeling of despair.

It is unfortunate that even in independent India, police and other law related organizations persecute innocent people. The disenchanted youth by many political powers have to fall prey to the police bullets in so-called ‘encounters’ after the work is over. In this many innocent people lost their life and the criminals escape.

It has also seen that many innocent people become terrorist due to the deaths of their bothers, friends in the terrorist attacks. In the country, where a protector becomes a eater, the terrorism in that country increases.

Every citizen of India is against terrorism. Nothing is gained from it. But some countries believe that they are a response to the terrorism of the government machinery. In these countries criminals, corrupt politicians, smugglers roam freely, there is no evidence of law to catch them. Many times criminals along with politicians spread terror in the country. Criminals are never caught in this type of corrupt governance.

It is believed that frustrated individuals pick up a gun in a state of utter despair. Idi Amin’s rule in Uganda is an example of how change of power comes at gunpoint and to what extent people can misuse power. In this type of situation the criminal sees no difference in life and death. He holds on to terrorism in the hope that he will receive a respectable death, but this is his mistake. The life of terrorists is short and death is very terrible. Sometimes they even commit suicide for fear of being caught.

The only way to prevent terrorism is to let the governance system understand its obligations and try to ensure that every section of the society has equal rights and equal protection of the law.
It is the duty of the people whose representatives have been chosen by their valuable support, to provide good life and security to the people. If all citizens are treated equally, their backwardness is improved by constitutional methods, then to a large extent this problem can be solved.

Nobody knew about terrorism in ancient times. It has taken a terrible shape in the last few years. Terrorism is undoubtedly a distorted form of anti-regime. No matter how reasonable the demands of the terrorists are, but the way of persuading them by spreading terror is very cruel and cowardly. This destroys the lives and public property of innocent people. This is the reason that efforts are being made to solve terrorism at the international level today.

Illiteracy – A Big Problem In India

What is illiteracy? It means a lack of knowledge or ignorance in any specific topic. For example, a person goes to school but he\she doesn’t know how to start a computer. In this type of person, there is no literacy in computer and he is considered as illiterate in computer education.
Today in workplace, due to digitalization most of the activities needs a computer literacy. Not only in computer, if a person is not able to read and write any lesson then he/she will be illiterate.

A mistake in reading and writing is the speciality of an uneducated person and this can also called the illiteracy.
Unless a person is educated or illiterate, they cannot read newspapers, notice, advertisement, poster etc. Female population is a big part of illiterate population.
In India, female literacy rate is about 65% and male literacy rate is about 82%, so to remove illiteracy, it is important to educate females.
Illiteracy is mainly seen in SC/ST and OBC castes, which is not only poverty, but also unaware, uncertain and reluctant in their improvement. Illiteracy not only makes people deprived of economic development but also in the darkness of poverty makes them deprived of education, reading, writing and many other things.

It’s a a good thing that Indian government is showing awareness in this field and establishing thousands of primary schools as possible. Through which every citizen can be educated. For this Indian government has announced free primary education in government schools.
In India there are many reasons of illiteracy. The first reason is uneducated parents. parents of some children are uneducated who cannot read and write. Today it is truth that in some areas where people of older generation live have not get formal education.
There are many more reasons of illiteracy like no support from parents any many other. Modern generation is made up of science. Today every people are busy in their own work due to which they cannot give information to each other. Due to this reason today everything is written on a board.

In this scientific generation, nothing can be done without education.
To stop illiteracy Indian government has made possible solutions like free education, awareness, grants, night classes, free education materials and books and my other things.
In India, it is much need of reduction of illiteracy rate, so that unemployment and poverty can be reduced. Everyone should take benefits from governmental organizations for education. They should be aware of it. Not only government but also every educated person should try to remove illiteracy. Every practice done by the educated person can help in reduction of this. So everyone should practice for it because it can make our India a developed country and help in removing poverty and unemployment.

Importance Of Yoga In One’s Life

If someone wants to live healthy in the whole life without any problems, yoga is a best, safe, easy and healthy way for it. For this, one should need the regular activities of body and right way of breathing. The regular practice of yoga connects the mind, body and spirit. It protects the body from the bad situations and unhealthy lifestyle. It helps in maintaining health, knowledge and internal peace. It fulfil the physical requirements by providing the better health, by the medium of better knowledge it fulfills the mental requirements, and by the internal peace it fulfills the internal requirements. By this way, it helps in maintaining consistency between all.

The regular practice of yoga in the morning protects one’s life from numerous physical and mental diseases. The different ‘Aasanas’ of yoga makes a person healthy, mentally and physically with the emotions of goodness. It makes the mind of a person fast and alert, improves the intellectual level and keep steady our emotions at a high level. Emotion of goodness builds nature of help in ones life and by this way, it increases social goodness. Improvement or concentration level helps in care and provides an internal power to mind.

Yoga, not only in India, also in the whole world, has become an important part in everyone’s life. If they want to be healthy, yoga is the best way to be healthy mentally, physically and internally. Practice of yoga can be done by anyone. It improves discipline and power feelings and provides a healthy life without any physical and mental problems. To aware the whole world the prime minister of India has suggested to announce 21 June to be celebrated as International Yoga Day in the general meeting of United Union, so that they can know about this and they can take benifit of yoga. Yoga is a historical tradition of India, which has founded in India and practiced regularly by yogis in old time to be healthy and to meditate. Seeing the benefits of yoga United Union had announced to celebrate 21 June as International Yoga Day.

There are many yogas like Raj yog, Karma yog, Gyan yog, Bhakti yog, but when a numerous number of people in India and foreign countries talk about yoga, Taaraasan, Dhanuraasan, Bhujangaasan, Kapalbhanti and Anulom vilom, this type of yogas are involved. Yoga is an important system of complement or alternative treatment.

Some people face many problems in moving their body or in moving their toes. When persons start yoga regularly, they feel the importance of it. In rich person joint pain is normal. It makes people healthy in natural way which makes the body of a person flexible and alert.

We can’t count the benefits of yoga, we can only feel it, which is provided by God as a gift to humans. It maintains physical fitness, reduces tension and keeps aside from negative thoughts, which improves the sense of a well being, makes mentally fresh and increases our confidence.
So we can say yoga is a gift given by God to humans.

Cyber Crime Through Internet

As we all know, it’s the world of Internet. Today in the whole world, some criminals are stealing information of other persons through online Internet which is called a cyber crime. Internet is a medium through which many people and companies in the whole world are connected to each other. Technological advancements has made humans totally dependent on internet. It has become an easy way through which everything is available sitting in one place. Social networking, online shopping, transfer of information, gaming, online learning, online jobs, all these things that a person can imagine is available just by one click through internet.
In today’s generation internet is used in every field. The use of Internet has many advantages but along with it, cyber crime has taken a terrible form. Cyber Crime is committed by many ways. Some years ago internet was not too famous but today it has but it has become an important part in person’s life. Cyber crime or crime through computer is a crime in which a computer and a network is involved. In cyber crime, the modern communication system (internet, mobile phones) is involved, which is used in a wrong way to do crime on a people or a group of people, and to torture them, intentionally to harm them mentally and physically.
Cyber crime is of two types:
1. First in which computer is used as a goal.
2. And second in which computer is used as a weapon.
Cyber crimes are continuously increasing in India as well as in the whole world. Many types of crimes are there like unauthorized use of internet and hacking, web hijacking,  child abuse and many others. 
Unauthorized use of hacking is a crime in which a computer is used without permission of it’s owner and hacking is a crime in which computer organ is harmed through illegal ways. Web hacking is a crime in which the website of a person is hacked. Due to this the owner of the website lost his important information.
Increasing cyber crime is is a disadvantage of technological advancements. It has spoiled the life of many people. It has become necessary to remove cyber crime. There are some ways which can reduce it. Computer users should use firewall to safeguard their computers from hackers. They should use antivirus softwares in their computers. According to cyber scientists users should use only trusted websites for shopping and they should not their information of credit to any fraud websites. They should use strong passwords on their accounts and they should regularly check it. Children should not use internet too much, it should be limited to them. The security settings of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc should be properly maintained.
In short cyber crime is increasing very fast, so be safe to social sites and try to reduce cyber crime and make your accounts safe frome criminals . it will help in reduction of cyber crime.

Interview – An Important Personality And Attitude Test To Get Qualified For A Job

In today’s time, if someone wants to join a company or a better job, they have to qualify the interview. Interview is a conversation between interviewer and interviewee. The interviewer asks the question and the interviewee responds. To get hired for a job, an interviewee’s experience and knowledge is important, but a good personality, skills, the way of talking, dressing sense and attitude of that person also matters. In today’s generation, a person can clear all the exams through Jack and cheating, so big companies interview before hiring, which is taken by the chief officers, but it is not only limited to companies, it is also taken in many government jobs as no one can hire with the help of cheating.
In 95% interviews, the first question asked is to tell about yourself. This question seems to be very easy, but it’s very difficult. In this question, the person in front of you notices your way of talking, confidence and communication skills. Many people answer in stutter and speak thoughtfully. To qualify this question they should tell their name first, then their parents name, from where they belong and at last they should tell about their education and from where they completed it. They should tell these all information feel free.
The second question may be that what you know about our company? Where you listen about this? In this question interviewer tries to know that how much you have prepared yourself and how much you researched about it. He tries to know that really you are prepared or you come without any preparation. To answer this question, firstly prepare yourself with the whole history of the company and tell them everything you know about it like the company is how many years old, which awards it has got.

The third question may be asked that how much you know about this work ? Why you choosed this work ? Why you want to make your carrier in this. Through this question, the interviewer wants to know that how much you are serious and interested in this job. Many people replies like we have to fulfill parent’s dream or there is more money in this job or they have to marry their sister. This type of replies puts a false impression on interviewer. Interviewer thinks that he/she is not self interested in this job and they came in the temptation and forcedness. The interviewer can reply like I am interested in this field from my school life, and I like this work, I want to make my career with this job and I will play an important role in growth of your company.

Fourth question that may arise is that why should the company hire you? By this question the interviewer tries to know that how much you are positive and tries to know your emotion. Many people replies in this way like I am very hard worker, I can work more in holidays etc. This answer looks very odd and seems that you cannot manage the time properly. The answer should be like I plan before working, I always try to make my work correct and better. I do all my work with my full effort. If answer is like above then the interviewer will impress.
Fifth question that may arise is to tell about your any weakness. By this question your weakness is predicted. If you reply that I become angry immediately or I feel starved, it will also put a false impression, so answer should be like I do all my work with planning so sometimes it takes some more time. It will put a better impression on interviewer.
So, be confident in an interview. If you are not confident, you will be rejected.

Major Earthquake May Rock Delhi

From last some days, Delhi is suffering from earthquakes. As experts of IIT (ISM) Dhanbad’s department of applied of geophysics and seismology department said that Delhi and the National Capital Regio(NCR) may see a major earthquake in the coming days.
P K Khan, professor of the institute’s applied geophysics department said ” Recurrent tremors of small magnitudes indicate a bigger earthquake”. He also said that the time has come for the union and Delhi government to take preventive measures and create awareness.
Earthquake is a most hazardous disaster which completely destroys the region in which it occurs in a high magnitude. So the government should be aware for the next coming days to prevent the area.
Khan said ” The entire region of Delhi NCR experienced 64 tremors with magnitude ranging between 4.0 and 4.5 and eight with 5.0 and above over the last two years, which shows an increase in the accumulation of strain energy in the region, particularly near Delhi and Kangra”. 11 tremors from the total were felt in the region in the last two months with the latest near Noida on June 3.
Khan alson said ” NCR is just 370 Km from Kangra and 260 Km from Uttarkashi, which is known for severe earthquakes and a bigger earthquake in this fault line is bound to affect NCR”. The witness of earthquakes are Chamba and Dharmashala near Kangra, which has experienced earthquakes of magnitude 6.3 and 7.5 in 1945 and 1905.
Although the clustering of the recent seismicity is relatively small and apparently an area of quiescence is noted in Garhwal near Uttarkashi, it has witnessed earthquakes of 7.7 magnitude in 1803 and 6.8 magnitude in 1991. In the present times of increasing urban densification and failure of governments in making builders adhere to earthquake prevention rules, a tremor of a higher magnitude can prove to be catastrophic for the NCR, Khan opined.
He said seismicity is also being clustered along the strike of the Delhi-Haridwar Ridge (DHR) and the relative plate movement has been recorded at 44mm per year which should be a matter of concern for all.Still there is no prediction modal for earthquakes available, the Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS) designed on previous azimuth and slowness based algorithm is a must for Delhi and NCR. Delhi government should always be alert of earthquakes. No prediction device is still found, so prevention is better idea for it.

MS Dhoni(Mahi): A Blessing To Indian Cricket

The whole world knows, the rocking captain of India’s cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, still the best caption among all the Indian captains. He is known by his nickname Mahi. He is a right handed batsman, known for the greatest captain for all time. He has gained more success than all the captains of India before.
MS Dhoni was born on 7 July 1981, is a blessing to cricket ground who made the India’s cricket team strong and arrived it among the best teams of the world. The Indian cricket team won the 2011 cricket world cup under his captainship. In his childhood, he studied at DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali, Ranchi, Jharkhand. He was interested in football and badminton from his childhood and was sent to play cricket in local cricket academy by his football coach. At this academy, he was impressed by his wicket keeping skills and became the permanent wicket keeper at the Commando Cricket Club. He focused on cricket after his 10th standard. Till 1998, he played only school Cricket and club cricket and no professional cricket. In 1998 he was selected by Deval Shayal for the Central Coal Fields Limited team. Deval Shayal used to gift him ₹50 for each six that he hits in tournament matches. He was impressed by his hard hitting shots and dedication for  cricket. He started his profession in 1998 by playing for Bihar U-19 group. In 1999-2000, he made an introduction for Bihar in Ranji Trophy.
In 2003, Dhoni was found by TRDO Prakash Poddar. He saw MS Dhoni play for Jharkhand at match in Jamshedpur in 2003 and sent a report to National Cricket Academy. In 2002-2003, he was picked for India ‘A’ crew for a voyage through Zimbabwe and Kenya. From there his journey started in cricket for India.
Dhoni took over the captaincy of the onday side in 2007 and led India to the Twenty20 (T20) World Title. He moved India to the top of the International Cricket Council (ICC) test rankings for the first time in December 2003. In Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, he signed with the Chennai Super Kings for $1.5 million, that was the largest contract in IPL at that time.
In 2016, the hit bollywood film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story is based on his life. In 2013, India became the first team in more than 40 years to whitewash Australia in a test series under his captaincy. MS Dhoni is really a blessing for Indian Cricket Team and for the Cricket lovers. He has leaved the captainship but he still lives in the heart of Indians. He is as a hero for Indian Cricket Team. He made many records and took India to a great level.

Study For Knowledge, Not For Marks!

In today’s generation, students study to score more marks and not to gain knowledge. Exams are just taken to test our knowledge and marks are indicators that where we stand among our classmates and it creates a good competition. Scoring good marks is also important for a student but these marks cannot decide their life, happiness and future.
In modern life, students study for marks, which is as a villian for them. It has broken the relationship of few children with their parents. Scoring marks are not completely our life. In modern world, children life has become very busy. When they are only of three years, they start going to school which snatch them away from their childhood. They have to live away from their parents 5-6 hours. Their life become busy from their childhood. They suffer exams. Marks and exams have made the modern day children coward.
Exams are just a medium to know one’s understanding in a subject. If a person scores low, it just means that the person has not yet understood the concept, it doesn’t mean that he/she has less understanding power or less potential. Some students are very talented but they get bad marks and become demotivated due to which they feel bad. Parents should also understand these things. Some parents make pressure on their child to get good marks but they should understand that knowledge is more important. Understanding of a subject matters. Some students rote and get good marks but they cannot be successful in future. The competition level of modern world is very tough. Sometimes a student who scores 50-60% in 12th becomes successful in life, but a student who scores 90 above cannot get success because they do not have knowledge.
But exams are also important too, from the knowledge point of view. There is a positive side of examination as well. In todays generation, the reality of students is that around 80-85% of them do not study regularly. Studying regularly is a proper way. If exams are completely removed from the system, these type of students will never study, which will spoil their future. So, we can say examination is  a tool which helps in maintaining an appropriate level of knowledge among the average students.
Then there is a confusion that exams and knowledge both are related to each other, which one is important. It can be solved. While studying, when no exams are near,the students have freedom to go into depth of the topics and get details and knowledge about it. During studying for examination, they need to be very specific. Students should stick to the topics needed and the portions most important from the examination point of view. Students should be pragmatic in their approach towards gaining knowledge and then utilise it for gaining better result.