Bad Affect Of Cartoon Shows On Children

Watching cartoons has its own fun and benefits, but when this cartoon which entices children becomes an addiction, the matter is different. Do you know how cartoons affect children? Read to know more. Cartoons are becoming an essential part of the daily life of today’s children.
Numerous studies have shown that the habit of watching cartoons has a very bad effect on the imaginary power of children. They move away from the real world and real life.
It is better to sit on the couch and watch cartoons than to go out and play, which may be of some benefit. Here we will discuss how cartoons impact children.
Most cartoons do not use proper words. Because of this your child also follows them. Instead of talking, he prefers to sound like his favorite cartoon. Cartoons thus affect children.
The constant light coming from the computer or tab is not good for your child’s eyes. Spending too much time in front of these screens can affect your child’s vision.
They spend more time indoors due to the cartoon canache. They never understand the excitement of playing outside. Playing outside gives them an opportunity to understand nature and by this they remain active and energetic. Cartoons also affect children in this way.
A major reason for isolation and apathy among children is their excessive time spent in front of cartoons. They do not know the things happening around them. It also affects their social behavior.
Children who are used to watching cartoons eat only in front of the screen. This is also a major reason why children feel wrong and unhealthy habits of eating. The eating habits that children develop in childhood affect them throughout their ages.
Cartoon habit affects the social life of children. They do not like to play with children of their age and due to this they get separated from social life. When they get a chance to get mixed up with the society in the future, they get in trouble.
Children are more modern than their parents! We also once liked Tom Jerry, but our children are crazy about cartoons and video games that are based on violence. This is a serious impact of cartoons on children.

All the cartoon shows are coming on TV, children watch them keenly. Children are very happy to see Doraemon’s Gazettes, Ninja hammer feats, Perman’s slaves. Many children get entangled in this web of cartoons in such a way that they sit in front of the TV for hours and forget to eat and drink during this time. Some children eat only on condition of watching cartoons.
Overall, the cartoon show has become an important part of children’s lives, but the parents have to consider what the children are seeing in the name of the cartoon, what is affecting their soft brain.
Cartoon shows create such a world of imagination that children start seeing themselves as a character in it and then their gestures, actions become like that character. Parents understand that the child is being entertained, but they are unaware of how deeply this entertainment (?) Is happening on the child’s mind


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