Importance Of A Woman In Life

In our society, women play an important role from birth to death. Despite showing proficiency in all their roles, in today’s modern era, the woman stands behind the man. In a male dominated society, the ability of a woman is seen less than that of a man. Despite the government running several programs to spread awareness, the life of a woman has become quite complicated compared to the life of a man. The woman has to take care of her life, as well as the whole family. She faithfully pursues relationships such as daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother all her life. Even after fulfilling all these relationships, she works with full power to make the future of herself, family and country bright.
Women play an important role in the development and progress of society. Without them, a developed and prosperous society cannot be imagined. There is a famous saying by Brigham Young that ‘If you are educating a man, then you are educating only one man but if you are educating a woman, you are educating the entire generation.
It is very important for the development of the society that girls should not get any kind of lack of education because they have to give a new direction to the society with boys in the coming times. If the truth of Brigham Young is considered true, according to that, if a man is educated, then he will only be able to develop himself, but if a woman gets the right education, then she has the power to change the whole society along with her.
Human life cannot be imagined without women. It would be called insanity that his talent should be ignored only on the basis that he is less powerful and less quality than a man. About half of India’s population is represented by women. If their capacity is not taken care of, then it clearly means that half of the population of the country will remain uneducated and if women are not educated, then that country will never be able to progress. We have to understand that if a woman despite being illiterate manages the house so well, then how well a educated woman will handle the society and the country.

Women build families, families build homes, houses make societies and society itself creates countries. It simply means that the contribution of women is everywhere. It is futile to imagine a society ignoring the woman’s potential. Without education and women’s empowerment, family, society and country cannot flourish. The woman knows when and how to deal with her troubles. The need is just to give freedom to his dreams.
Earlier, the condition of women was worse than that of slaves. If a woman gave birth to a girl, she was either killed or beaten by members of the household. It was considered a sin to give birth to a girl. They were only expected to give birth to a boy. But the situation changed with the changing times. Now people are more aware than before and have started coming forward to help women. There is still much to be done in this direction