The Increasing Harmful Effect Of Mobile Games On Children

The way in which mobile gaming dominates children day by day, it can be estimated from this that the child is ready to do anything. In addition to harming themselves, they do not shy away from hurting the people around them. A student studying in third grade of eight years commits suicide. At the last minute, it comes to light that the room goes away while playing a mobile game. When the mother calls for breakfast, the child is found hanging from the fan.
Experts say that mobile gaming is affecting children’s education. The craze is such that children are not going to school. Even if you are going, you are bunking class or leave homework. If you say something, you get irritated. Negative effects are taking place.
– Gaming disorders are triggered due to changes in the neuro-transmitters in the brain of. Similar changes to get to see the changes in children’s behavior.
– Repeatedly is the idea of ​​the same kind and have diseases like Sspektrm disorder.
– Due to these games many times children feel themselves in overburden or over pressure.
– They become stubborn with anger. Due to lack of sleep, their performance in education is also weak.
– Having sleep problems
– Disconnect from society
– Loss of concentration, amnesia
– Increase aggression from the game
– Irritability in the nature of children
– Lack of time to do creative work
– Eyesight is being affected.
– Problems like obesity, blood pressure and diabetes by sitting continuously.
– To harm oneself and others.
– The child lives separately (alone) from the group and people
– There is less anger in the child, but irritability
– Normal in studies but weakest in sports
– Physical thin and suffering from seasonal diseases
– Mental States Examination.
– Clinical Evaluation.
– Psychological test and brain imaging.
– Psychotherapy, behavior therapy and medicines.
– Parental time for children.

Many children play games because they feel lonely or frustrated for some reason. Such cases are aggravated by seeing each other, so now there is a need to be more vigilant for children. Consider the negative changes in children’s behavior while playing harmful games.
If children are using mobile, then keep an eye on what they are more interested in. Explain if the child is playing games, pubg or any other game in mobile. Try to distribute his energy slowly. Use it for other work. Delete the game.
Many students pay less attention to studies and keep playing games or running social networking sites on mobile. This wastes a lot of their time. Mobile phones come in the market with new features in a very short time and people make up their mind to buy them. Many people have to face financial troubles due to changing mobile phones so often.
Sometimes to entertain the children, sometimes due to their stubbornness, the parents give them their mobile, nowadays the smartphone has become a child’s toy, but do you know that the mobile can make your child’s brain weak. What happens to the use of mobile more on the brain of children?
So keep your children away from mobile phones and try to give your more time to them and don’t use mobile phones more in front of them.

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