“Goal Of A Human Life”

Is there anybody among you who wants such a happiness which is not perfect or complete, which is incomplete or transitory? Does anybody wants such a life which should not always be; we should be living some time and not live at another time? Who wants such a life? Does anybody wish for a knowledge which is incomplete? We want such happiness which would never end. We want such life which should always be. We want such knowledge which is supreme and perfect without the least faint of incompleteness therein. Such a longing is in fact, the longing for the Supreme truth of life, God. Save god there is nothing which is eternal, perfect and absolute. We hush up the desire to seek truth by petty worldly desires and become happy or unhappy at times and intervals.
All the efforts are being made in the all-world – this pull, this beat-up, this jump-jump and this run-sun – their golden results may be whatever, but the ultimate goal is the destruction of humanity. Man is being homed only for humans. For the betterment of man, only by giving himself a special sense of life can the completion of life.
Distinction and opposition, different ideologies, different goals – all are upper things; The only truth inside is man and its true service – that should be the ultimate goal of our life. Whether we serve literature, or society: whether through commerce, or through the path of service – this common element ‘man’ will be found in all. For this, our only duty should be to collect maximum welfare resources.
We have to make our goal so easy with our practice that the “electric particles of power which are scattered in busy circles, are voidable. May all Vijayini become humanity in coordination. “
The only goal of a human’s life should be nation-service, human-service, social service. Our goal should be to ensure maximum welfare of the society by making our life successful.
The goal gives the person a right direction. Tells him which work is necessary for him and which is not. If the goals are clear, then we prepare ourselves accordingly. Our subconscious mind inspires us to act accordingly. If the goal is clear in the mind, then the path to achieve it also appears clear and a person moves in that direction.

Narration of Arnold H Glasgow, “Like football, even in life, you cannot move forward until you know your goal.”
I feel just right. So if you have not yet set any goal for yourself, then start thinking in this direction. Make goals, make big goals, and achieve them only!