“The Great Indian Army”

The Indian Army is one of the best in the world, having freed the enemy’s sixes if the opportunity arises. Among the 10 major armies of the world, India’s Army is in second place while China’s Army is in first place.
There are 14 lakh soldiers in the army of India. Indian Army has 3 parts – Air Force, Navy and Air Force. Indian soldiers are known for their heroism and bravery. The Indian Army was established on 1 April 1895.
It currently employs 1237117 active jawans and 960000 reserve jawans. The Commander in Chief of the Indian armies is the President. The current Indian Defense Minister is “Nirmala Sitharaman”.
The first objective of the Indian Army is to protect the country and its borders. But nowadays some other tasks have also been given to Indian forces, such as internal security, peace keeping in Jammu and Kashmir and North Eastern state etc.
Its main goal is to immediately respond to any attack on the country. Our country’s military is so large that it can do many types of tasks.
Training of Indian soldiers is done by the Indian Military Academy Dehradun, Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Apart from this, the Indian Army is also trained in branches of Army War College – Madhya Pradesh, Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir.
Indian soldiers who have displayed bravery during the war are awarded with awards such as Paramvir Chakra, Mahavir Chakra, Veer Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra, Ashok Chakra. These types of awards include cash in addition to a citation and a medal.
Most of the weapons used by the Indian Army are indigenously manufactured with indigenous technology. DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) makes weapons for the Indian Army. The institute makes radars, weapons, Arjun tanks for the Indian Army.
Indian Army intercontinental ballistic missile, anti tank missile, cruise missiles, guns, rocket, mortar, chetak, helicopter, ak-47 assault rifle, insas rifle, sniper rifle, snake anti tank guided missile, prithvi missile, prahar missile, valor missile A wide range of weapons such as, BrahMos missile, Nirbhay missile, Agni-5, Agni 6 missile exist.
The expenditure of the Indian Army in 2019-20 is 4,31,011 crore (US $ 60.9 Billion).

Some great facts about the Indian Army–
For fighting in the jungles, India’s army is considered superior to the world’s armies. To know the specialty of Indian Army, the armies of countries like Britain, Russia, America come to India and take training and information.
For the protection of the President of India, a contingent of the Army of India stays in Rashtrapati Bhavan, which protects the President for 24 hours.
In 1982, the Indian Army built the “Bailey Bridge” (which is the highest bridge in the world) between the Dras and Suru river in Ladakh.
The Indian Army has a contingent of cavalry. At present, only 3 countries have cavalry. India is one of them.
The Indian Army exercises exercises on the Siachen Glacier (the highest battleground in the world). This battleground is 5000 meters above sea level. The Indian Army conducts war exercises here under extremely adverse conditions.
The Indian Army has 53 cantonments and 9 army bases across the country.
India’s army is the second largest army in the world.
Indian Military Engineering Services is India’s largest arms manufacturer.
The Assam Rifle is the oldest paramilitary force of the Indian Army. It was founded in 1835.
According to the peace operation of the United Nations, India’s forces are sent to war in another country of the world.