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“Sustainable Development A dream Or A Reality”

Increasing population over the years had posed some serious concerns over the years particularly for the Subcontinent increasing population growth in India is challenging how such a large number of bellies will be fed how nation will furnish even the basic necessary fundamental things which are required like education electricity power drinking water cheap clothes transportations and shelters etc. because number of resources are bounded resources are not abundant they are limited but consumers over the decades are proliferating may be the energy sources like coal, petroleum , etc. as we Analyse the situation it puts a serious question about future existence or survival of this population ?

technology no doubt is mark of excellence it had made human life more comfortable and provides breathtaking pace to the evolution of human civilization provides ways to march the life with better and efficient ways. it was technology who escapes mankind from caves urge them to built shelters it was technology of transforming metal piece into weapons which are used as tools for hunting and other purposes mankind learned to use different techniques of combining the different sentences to point out something meaningful and metaphorical which provides mankind the ultimate power to communicate and therefore to merge in a large groups that is what we known for. In modern world mankind used the space technology to escape from the earth orbit to lend on the surface of exploration mankind escapes to keep its footsteps on unknown celestial body , mankind learned to fly Aeroplanes, mankind created the significant industrial revolution which provides many ways to feed the nations on low input of resources getting maximum output this is the most significant revolution which had changed the course of growth perspective globally, categorization of nations gets started on the basis of growth nations with new identity based on development came into picture like developed, Developing or under developing. Nations with status of under developing tends to shift under status of developing and developing nations tends to be developed.

Today, we aspire to be developed somehow we need a tag of developed nation. But this will costs us degradation of ecology for better economy committing deforestation, liberating toxic and hazardous gases in environment and chemicals in rivers and canals making this globe heated adding extra temperature every year climate is changing showing irregular patterns glaciers are melting increasing sea levels a lot of species got extinct and more are on the verge of extinction. this is little bit acerbic to hear but reality recline in it the better technology we are adopting the more degradation to ecology we are doing. and this leads us to an emblematic question which arouse before us Can we think of sustainable development with emerging and growing trends of populations ? What is more important for us Ecology or Economy or somehow can’t we manage a marriage between the ecology and economy ? can we cost our environment and ecology for better development ?

As population increases it brings many demands hopes and aspirations with it therefore consumption in every aspect will increase for the sake of satisfying the needs new technologies more resources will utilized which deplete the natural resources directly or indirectly bringing sufferings to ecology and this quintessence development is nothing but concrete development alienating the mankind from nature. And today we are performing is far beyond the concept of ‘sustainable development’ that means meets the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ‘Sustainability lies in the concept of marriage between ‘economy and ecology’, without depleting the natural resources beyond a certain limit caring about forthcoming generations. but modern economic growth perspectives and trends to be developed somehow and increasing population placed the concept of “Sustainable development” under a serious challenge and marks a big question mark is it a dream ? ent

“The Concept Of Philosophy”

who am I? what are the factors determining the life existence ? what the rational reason behind the nature secrets ? what is it that bounds us in a group ? what are the beliefs in a religion what are the religious traditions, are scientists use one set of formulae to determine the result or they use different sets of formulae for determining the results all these questions can be sort out only by philosophy Philosophy ( philosophia, ‘love of wisdom’) is the study of fundamental questions about life reasoning of life existence art science and governing factors in philosophy these questions are answered but there is an emblematic concept about philosophy it regards every question as a research work wether it is sorted out or wether there is no explanation regarding the research.

The Beauty of philosophy lies in its failure to explain until a question is not answered it is the part of philosophy and when using the philosophical concept question gets its explanation it came out of scope of philosophy. Philosophers used philosophical methods: Arguements , critical concepts, rational questions, rational logics and well arranged structural representation of concepts to solve What is Virtual what is real ? what is significant what is not significant ? what is life ? what is its significance ? and much more than that from the ancient times philosophy studied astronomy, science, natural observations etc. Newtons 1687 book of Mathematical principles of natural philosophy later became book of physics.

The first historians studied the philosophy under three branches Natural philosophy ,Moral philosophy ,Meta physical philosophy, under the segment of natural philosophy all natural observations are studied factors responsible for physical transformation, change in the composition of physicality etc. under the segment of Moral philosophy all the issues questions and works related to basis of morality are studied what is wrong what is right ? what is justice ? factors which derive an authority to reach a conclusion deciding between the two who is rational and logical and hence right who is irrational and illogical and hence wrong ? And third branch of historical philosophy dealt with meta physical world the world of myths, mystic factors, beliefs, gods and supernatural powers abstract form of concepts. but todays world of dealing with different forms of philosophy like political philosophy ethical philosophy social philosophy economics biology cosmology all these are articulated and emerged from the three segments of historical philosophy for example physics and mathematics emerged from the concept of metaphysical philosophy moral philosophy gives birth to aesthetics social science ethical concepts etc. and concepts or subjects like cosmology astronomy etc. emerged out of natural philosophy.

Indian philosophy :

Indian philosophy (Sanskritdarśanalit. ‘point of view’, ‘perspective’) emerged from the very ancient period dealing with different philosophical concepts and aspects .Two forms of Indian philosophy ‘Jainism’ and ‘Buddhism’ originated to bring about the change in Indian Society suffering from myths different conceptions and Superstision and passive beliefs during the Vedic period then after ‘Hinduism’ emerged as fusion of diverse traditions. Hindus believes in ‘Vedas’ accepts the authority of brahmins gives birth to two philosophical concepts ‘nastik’ or ‘Aastik’. Aastik thought of school is followed by believers of ‘Hinduism’ while Nastik thought of school is followed by believers of ‘Buddhism’ and ‘Jainism’. ‘Ahimsa’ the concept of non violence ‘Karma’ the concept of performance ‘Dharma’ the concept of beliefs ‘Kama’ the concept of desire etc. are the philosophical concepts emerged in india. Philosophy is a subject of utmost importance which answers every question.

“A Historical Match”

Cricket in india is considered to be the religion people all over the country not only feels the sensation created by cricket but enthusiastically participated in every edition in every format skips their meals skips every important chores head their long journey to witness the every single ball every single decision made by TV empire Every single word spoken by Harsha bhogle it is not just a sports but a center of prayers people do for their heroes for their teams it is the center of emotions of lakhs of fans. and cricket too offered beats to their fans with every cracking sound made by bat when a long six hit over the head of bowler it is just like with ease. every single ball every single spell every single innings produces thrilling moments where Audiance tend to bite their nails. wether it is classical centuries by tendulkar bombastic fours and sixes by veeru sixes by yuvraj or hammering power of dhoni every single shot provides a moment to live once more. Times comes times flows but one of the awaited moment which drags every single cricket lover over the globe to participate with their teams which is not only the dream of a player but dreams and aspirations of many who coloured themselves in the name of their heroes, teams and do fasts, pray, cheers with the amazement of players with winning shots , weeps with the losing moments of team it is WORLD CUP a long wait for many for which every single player every single fan waits with curiosity. it was 2011 India was organizing the world cup it was 28 years ago under Kapil Dev captaincy, India lifts world cup but the whole country was waiting since 28 years a moment which every Indian wants to live again a dream which every single fan want to live again. India had completed its tournament successfully beats Pakistan in Semi final in a thrilling match but the real thrill is yet to come it was final of world cup India has to face Sri Lanka Sri Lanka won the toss and choose to bat first sangakara the Srilankan captain decided to bat first srilankan

The Sri Lanka captain sangakara  chose to bat first after winning the toss.sri Lanka started slow for the first 17 years both openers had departed without significant contribution. Although wickets kept falling on regular basis but jayawardhane shows a tough battle with the conditions .srilanka reached to a score of 274 with the classical knock of jayawardhane.

Now it was time for India a big chance to repeat the history India was on the verge to repeat and the history and there was a chance to conquer the world whole country had awaited for 28 years viru and Tendulkar entered with the aspirations of 135 million people. Although sart For India was tough viru had departed on the second ball now every eye was there on Tendulkar but he also got departed but gambhir shows great piece of endeavour gots stagnant shows great struggle with Virat scored a best and wonderful knock of 97.but soon Virat departed and Someting happened which world of cricket will remembered for decades dhoni the magic arrived to bat Someting unorthodox and out of the box happened and he shows great hammering endeavour and delivered the best finish ever hit a six and chase down the biggest ever aspiration and dream which was awaited for long time India lift the world cup after 28 years and repeated history. A historical moment for India.

“Constitutional morality vs Social morality”

“we the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign socialist secular democratic republic and to secure to all its citizens Justice social economic and political liberty of thought expressions belief faith and worship, equality of status and of opportunity and to promote among them all fraternity assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation in our constituent assembly this 26th day of November 1949 do hereby adopt enact and give to ourselves this CONSTITUTION”. it is what indian constitution Gaurented to every citizen very well stated in preamble of indian constitution which offers not only states the power or independent authority to a state this is the autonomy to legislate on any subject but provides fundamental rights to its citizens provides them ways to proceed and propagate their lives with dignity, equality and with liberty. hence constitution is the building block for the nation provides rules and regulations and sight for propagation of system with integrity equality and provides every single individual a fair chance and opportunities to perform their duties. on the other hand social morality which consists of several traditions which might be motivated by narrow thoughts and ideologies controlled by several heads of groups propagate their own agenda and in the name of construction of social structure and society several myths and ideologies which are not based on equality reasoning freedom reasoning or dignity reasoning destroyed many aspirations and chances and opportunities of many individuals because of biasness. we today had encountered with several examples like triple talak, religious practices, inter caste marriages , caste system dominant ideology of male these all are motivated with social morality. but these all social morality based norms rules and regulations deprived of equality dignity and freedom does not provide equality and liberty to foster the lives. on the other hand our constitution has peculiarity of transformation our constitution is transformative in nature, have power and authority to transform and to execute. may it was abrogation of triple talak to provide every muslim lady to foster their lives with dignity and freedom, or wether it was abrogation of #377 to provide equality and dignity even to homosexuality, apart from it our constitution had offered us six fundamental rights,

right to equality (14 to 18) ,right to freedom (19 to 22), right against exploitation (23 to 24), right to freedom of religion (25 to 28), culture and educational rights (29 to30), right to constitutional remedies (32 to 35). these all fundamental rights are fundamentals for an individual for any citizen where he can flourish his aspirations with equality freedom and liberty. these fundamental rights provides freedom to express freedom to gather freedom to religious choice and played a significant role in one’s life. hence constitutional morality does not allowed any practice which is biased and which makes one’s deprived and another prosper. constitutional morality provides channels to integrate and bound the nation in single belief that is nation provides equality freedom and dignity to every single citizen without any discrimination. hence choice between constitutional morality and social morality goes in favour to constitutional morality over social morality.

“Dyanamics of change in india”

Anatomically modern humans First arrived on the soil of India from Africa between 73000 and 55000 years ago by the 4500 BCE the life begins to spread with proficiency and gradually evolved into the ‘Indus Valley Civilization’ civilization was flourishing with its full might but due to drought floods etc. Indus valley population starts to migrate from large urban shelters to the villages. Aryans tribes shifted to Punjab migrated from northwest then came the Vedic period marked with the significance of Vedas preexisting religious cultures traditions gives birth to a significant Religion HINDUISM caste system was introduced with categorization of groups. Janapadas were came into existence more Urbanisation took place but amid of it JAINISM AND BUDDHISM with unique religious concept and practices came into existence. then emergence of Maurya empire ,Gupta empire known to be the golden age of India during this period the culture administration religious activities perspectives of Indian civilization spread within its territory but abroad too in Asia and beyond it. Southern part of Subcontinent witness the emergence of Cholas, Pallava, Chera, Pandyan etc. it was 1192 when due the foolishness of our own people ‘Jayachanda’ who met with the first Islamic invader to defeat the great warrior “Prithvi Raj Chauhan” his son in law to take his revenge this was the first ever defeat Indian soil witness by any foreign Invader otherwise India was flourishing with its economic capability and military might and Cholas went to Columbia to Cumbodia to flourish its flag. But India never bent down down before any foreign invader protests keeps going on across the country wether it was Maharana Pratap, In ‘Rajputana’ leading Mewar wether it was rise of Maratha Shivaji the Maratha Vijayanagar empire Ahom dynasty and Gajapati etc. across every part of the Subcontinent battle and protests keeps going on to save the Motherland India from foreign invasions. Even with small fleets with limited arms but with great patriotism towards their land Indian Warriors challenged foreigners at every point because they want change they did not like to flourish the flag of any foreign invader. Mughals were given Tough challenges and suffered defeat also Wether by Shivaji , Mysoreans, nawabs of Bengal etc. Instead of great and powerful invaders India produces change by sacrificing by bravery by Devotion of great Warriors but We Came across change, and therefore Islamic invaders were failed to conquer whole of India because every part puts effort to change. During mid 18th and mid 19th century East India company annexed large regions of India but they also faced the great might of Indian warriors faced tough challenges given by them Mangal Pandey ignite the light of change against cartage made up of cow beef Vellore mutiny produce a great significance of change, then after it “THE RISE OF GREAT REVOLT OF 1857” ‘Rani Laxmi Bai’ , ‘Nana ji Deshmukh’ etc. leads the way to challenge the British empire to progress the way for change. then it was great ‘Subhash Chandra Bose’ with the rise of AAZAD HIND FOUJ ‘Bhagat Singh’ ‘Chandra Sekhar Aazad’ and many more sacrifices their lives for the change with the rise of ‘Aazad Hind Fouj’ Britishers got indications to leave India because Macauley once said the India rise to its military might it will be the indication to leave India exactly what happened was the same because history of India clearly mentions that it is very tough to challenge them physically. And India Witness the biggest change on 15th of august 1947 when India awake to its freedom and life. And even after independence we had witness great revolutions in infrastructure or foundation for modern India one of interesting incident a form of change Ocurred in Mrs. Indra Gandhi tenure as prime minister after the emergency when elections were declared Europe Russia Usa all predicted that without any doubt Indira is going to win the elections because the democracy flourished where Stomach are full people are educated but Indira Gandhi was defeated his son also suffers the defeat whole country witness a change , and one of significant change which open many doors of economic prosperity was Occured during tenure of Narshima Rao government when India ends Licence raj open its market for foreign direct investment made market economy the core gave up his socialism and a profound change came India grew at 9% GDP after post independence but the man who produce change for the prosperous India suffers change in his election he gets defeated Throughly his party strength was reduced to half. and in our current Scenerio we had seen the change prime minister Narendra Modi swept twice became first non congress Pm to win Consecutively. But can he bring some significant change ?

“They Are Lucky Who Gets Their work”

The man is work oriented from origins from the roots of man evolution it is work which defines mankind makes him disparate from other species work is a sign of efficiency which shows humans endeavour and enthusiasm and a basic tool to survive in todays modern world makes him impeccable. work is a sign of pleasure, wisdom, happiness, and passion, for many it is a fun to have many hours in laborateries with instruements, chemicals, and tools .for many it is inner satisfaction to practice or to workout without being getting stop in nets or in playgrounds. someone enjoyed working hours on desktops online portals etc. but contrary to it, for someone working long hours is getting tedious, jejune, mundane, and dullsville or work might suit him or not hence the man who is trying to do work for which he is unfitted feels repressed gets totally bewilder or perplexed. working half heartedly without enthusiasm or keen interest produce drudgery outcomes which carried the man to stage where he hates his work its nonetheless melancholy ,gloom, despondency and it all brings unhapiness and sorrow creates a vicious circle of Misfit : inefficient : unhappy : more inefficient which might lead to some serious troubles like depression, anxiety, fear, phobia , crime and a kind of disease is generated which degrade person’s mental and physical health make him more worried and sick makes him hateful towards his work brings destructive ideas thoughts and feelings rather than constructive ideas therefore there is something wrong something abnormal happened. hence when question of choosing work arouse or invoked it is rare a man gets work what suits him the most more than 90 percent entered in a choice of work or profession which is totally unsuited for them that does not matches their domain, which is the primary reason for many sufferings choice one of the greatest handicaps of all classes today is that more than 80 percent of people had introduced to a work blindly irrespective of their interest liking or fitness or opportunities. this is mostly happened when a man wants ultimate leisure and it is well said “the almost universal cry for leisure is due to the almost universal unfitness of men and women for their task”. A wise man knows there is no actual pleasure feeling of inner satisfaction or happiness in leisure. happiness arouse when a man completely lost himself in the work without Repercussions of health time and other factors without caring for anything except his work completely lost in deep oceans swinging within it with complete enthusiasm energy and devotion without getting exhausted. so keeping conscious and cognitive abilities at par related to knowledge of self knowledge of others and knowledge of work and suitable combination of these factors brings out numerous possibilities of happiness. choice of work is an issue of utmost importance and great concern faulty choice consumes energy consumes times and leads to a situation of collapse where one feels Paralysed. people with right choice and right work are lucky and rare but they enjoyed various colours of work enjoying it with ease deeply entrenched within work.

“Mankind Known For Exploration”

It is the story of mankind the story of exploration which made mankind the the ultimate predominant species the conquer the trounce vanquishing the possibilities of unimagined world diving deep into the limitless shores of space. And when the words of JKF famous speech whispers in the ears produces many motives to push the limited boundaries up-to the infinte aspects of life exploration life beyond this planet  “we meet in an hour of change and challenge in a decade of hope and fear and in an age of both knowledge and ignorance the greater our knowledge increases the greater our ignorance unfolds no man can fully grasp how fast how far we have come but condense it you well the fifty thousand years of man recorded history in a time span of per half a century stated in these terms we know very little about the first fourty years accept the end of them advanced man had learned to use the skins of animal to cover them then about 10 years ago under this standard man escapes cave to built other kind of shelters only five years ago man learned to ride use cockpit wheels the printing press , steam engine ,provided the source of power newton explore the meaning of gravity last month electric lights and telephones and automobiles Aero planes became available we develop television, nuclear power this is a breath taking pace such a pace create new opportunities. SO, it is not surprising  some would have a stat where we are a little longer to rest but what the history of progress teaches us it is that the man and his quest for knowledge is determinant and can not detern we shall send to the moon two hundred and Fourty thousand miles away a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall on an untried mission to an unknown celestial body and then returning safely to earth but why some say the moon ?why choose this is our goal and they may well ask why climb the highest mountain why we are exploring Atlantic “we choose to go the moon in this decade and do the other things ‘not because they are easy but because they are hard’ because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our energies and skills because that challenge is one which we are willing to accept one we are unwilling to postpone”. It was Russia laid foundation for space exploration sends ‘yuri Gagarin who flew vostok 1 spacecraft launched on 12 april 1961. But the mission which had changed the course of human beings aspirations the most emblematic mission which adds another glory in the basket of mankind that was the ‘APOLLO MISSION’. Which was remarked as “one small step for man one giant leap for mankind” demonstrate spirits and tendency of mankind to reach at a pedestal which was far from common imagination of mankind. This was the most Adventurous, this was the most significant step for mankind and his quest for exploration. it was the epoch when mankind witness the earth from a different celestial body. The moon which was the part of tales Indian mothers used to tell their Offsprings and creating a world of imaginations in which they got sleep. But after the bold steps by astronauts, the youths, the inspiring minds, lot of hard work, enthusiasm and efforts of whole mankind and hopes makes it come true. Mankind reaches in the unknown world and returned safely to earth and celebrate the most adventurous event that sets a benchmark for the whole mankind civilization, the story of Exploration.

“Virat Kohli vs Steven smith”

Two Legendary Characters of world cricket masters of their game, best leaders of captivating just easy as you like and its peculiar when they both came and bat it is like just sit back and watch with calm . they both are phenomenal produces magic on the field showing their muscle powers work hard physically practices robust to aspire their skills for winning for their contries . Fervent enthusiastic assiduous with high spirit of leadership shows great Endeavour with skills techniques class and performances. These two personalities goes under immense pressure and competence emerging as the best characters in the world showcasing the great mental edge and mental toughness to deliver adamant response to their opponents wether it is jofra archer or jimmy at lords with clouds or wether it is patty and josh in perth with swinging and fast surface they both showcase tough battle overcome every hurdle like a leader produces occult. They both wins games for their respective countries but also wins emotions of lakhs of fans around the world.

But a question frequently arise in mind of every single cricket lover is it Virat Kohli or is it Steven smith ?

Comparison between two masters of their games is parching produces sensational and felling of apprehension. is it judicious having comparison between two pioneers ? over the years wether it is bilateral series an ICC tournament T20 world cup, Test series or world cup they both had shown great piece of performances and leadership produces magic in some of the nail biting matches and without any doubt and any question both are masters of spin pace turning tracks demonstrate best character against the best attacks around the world but what statics said because they never lies reflects what is it as like. Virat Kohli had played 86 test matches ,248 ODI matches,81 T20 I, and 177 IPL matches scored 7240 run in test cricket, 11867 in ODIs, 2794 in T20s and 5412 In IPL with average of 53.63 in tests, 59.34 in ODIs , 50.8 in T20I and 37.85 in IPL these stats speaks more aloud than anything what the king kohli is he is remarkable maintains average above 50 in every format of the game and this is not less than any amazement what he does when chasing down the big scores he is emblematic wether delivering a knock of 133 against Srilanka chase a total of 321 off 40 overs getting India home with more than 2 overs to spare or 35 runs inning during 2011 world cup having a fine partnership with gambhir when India was in desperate need or consecutive hundreds in SA , AU, NZ or England. Great showcase of his batting class abroad against red ball He single handed wins matchs for his country gives tough call to the best pace attackers in their home wether it is England ,Aussies or Proteas he is outstanding with leadership quality and with stats too. And besides it he had transformed his corporeal deriving a campaign of physically fit. Through analysis and consistent performance with remarkable records make him the ‘KING KOHLI’. when he slapped Cover derive against Spinner or Pacer its look like eating butter on ‘Favourite Paratha’ when He shows aggression through bat its like roaring lion making everyone scared and terrifying. Many bowlers former best players and what we had witness all over the years said He Is Unique someone not came like him before he is phenomenal he is Sensational. Coming to Steven smit is also engrossing and he is giving a tough competition to Virat but look at his stats what they said Steven Smith had played 73 test matches 125 ODIs 39 T20I and around 81 IPLs scoring 7227 In tests 4162 in ODIs 681 in T20I And 2022 in IPLs with average of 62.84 in tests 42.47 in ODIs 29.6 in T20I and 37.4 in IPL.He is best test batsman just terrifying assiduous passionate and unorthodox player with batting style out of the league no doubt he had his own empire in test era produces best innings and spirit of a legend player against best attacks across the world may it is jofra wether it is Jimmy or whether jasprit bumrah or rabada or Trent boult he showcase best mental edge with huge leadership quality to lead his team to great wins. He is outsmart in game of red ball frustrates every single captain every single strategy and bowling attack weather it is lords double hundred or hundred against India on the most turning track.. He is a feather in the cap of test era. And clearly he is a step ahead of Virat in tests but apart from it he had also demonstrated best performances in ODIs also may it was making India out of world cup in semis by hammering a hundred or making hundred in every country in their home. But Analysis and through comparison shows he is far behind Virat may it is T20I or ODI.No doubt both are legends the two pioneers of world cricket.And every single fan no matters which nation he belongs to love to watch them when they bats.

“Corruption The Cancer for Nation’s Health”

The major hurdle which is stopping INDIA from being superpower in the world is ‘corruption’ which had corrode the strength and aspirations of the nation to be a super power. corruption had became a serious challenge for the progress of an individual up-to national level. and how it is degrading us ? is a serious concern to know about, there are many facts and figures supporting the Arguements above made deeply effecting us in many aspects from day to day life to long run, when there will be corruption the country foundation of development will be served with substandard goods for example lets look at nearby surroundings Even the best and developed cities of our country did not have good Roads People dyed because of falling in Pottols. Roads are considered to be the life lines of country provide channels for the transportation and considered to be the backbone for Buisness and hence emblematic for economic prosperity of the Nation. But we are unable to laid down even the basic requirement of building roads, and it is not that we can not built good roads just go to Malesia Nigeria Even Iraq we had built the best roads means Indian contractors had done beautiful work abroad but here in India roads are laid and with the passage of one monsoon roads are washed away and soon the next tender come and it is the repeating pattern country is witnessing . Corruption had effected us even on personal level Adulteration of food stuffs, The children the youths and every individual consumes adulterated foodstuffs liquors etc. deteriorating the healths and health expectancy of People. Apart From it One of the biggest Impact What Indian Economy Witness Is our Investment Priorities, corruption had completely distorted our investment priorities there is a significant percentage of people are under poverty line but instead of producing chief goods and basics goods for them we have most of our investment priorities for luxury items like we produced steel but it goes for building of Air Conditioners and these investment priorities are totally unsuitable for country like India. And Because of corruption there is a serious impact on what it is capital output ratio because when there will be corruption the transaction cost of country goes up and more insignificant will be the capital output ratio, (it is like if it is 3 it Means today if 3 rupees are spent than you will get 1 rupee as income perpetually it means more higher the number is more insignificant your production). why this number is so important to note down ? Take the total rate of investment divided it by GDP result will be the capital output ratio, the rate of investment in percentage divided by Capital Output ratio you will get your GDP a sign of production Rate, Which shows how much country is progressing a sign of progress. Hence Progress of the country is Inversely proportional to Corruption.

And in our country we had witness so many Corruption cases a big stigma on the identity of nation , From National Herald to Commonwealth coal mining Up-to Fodder Scam case, 2G spectrum etc. and even the culture of short and small bribes is also a part of it, we all are guilty of fostering a culture of taking , giving bribes and therefore definition of corruption varied from person to person it had deep rooted its foots among us like culture. these all series of corruption under a democratic government which accounts for transparent and good governance puts its liability under question mark ?it all had brings luxury Some Households who had committed it and committing it. But it brings many sufferings to the poor of country it makes hands of youths devoid of employment, skills keeps many children away even from basic education and making the pillars of the nation upon which country stands faltering. Now a big Question which arise before us Can’t we cure it ? How long it Will be the part of Our Culture ?

Biggest Irony exposed by Hidden Enemy ‘the COVID-19’

Charles dickens famous lines “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope , it was the winter of despair”…seems to be articulated with todays period what we are witnessing. The innovated globe of world developing at its full pace showing the output of best technologies and practices to transmogrify the this mankind civilization tending to make it the the most Intellectual the most forward the most advanced Planetary species. But at a sudden stroke an unknown intruder ‘covid-19’ without any weapon without any corporeal shook the most advanced civilization the countries which considered to be medically advanced compelled to fold its wings of high flying. The civilization which had purposed CRISPR cluster regulatory interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) is the most advanced gene editing technology, Artificial organs ,wireless brain sensors , even mankind in this era produced clones and perform multitudes of technically advanced and innovative medical solution falters against ‘Covid-19’ we seems to be like helpless before it. And this helplessness caused many sufferings destroying and degrading many lives across the globes tolls of deaths and infected ones surging day by day and instead of doing something to control or to stop it we can do only the thing and that is expressing griefs and grievances for the loss and sufferings this civilization is facing. The civilization which had might and capabilities to convict the nature and its life forms surrendered under lockdowns. This is an irony those who considered themselves to be ‘Autocratic’ are put under Quarantine for months. for many it is the spring of Hapiness who are with their families, but for someone who is struggling even to witness the face of their beloved ones is a season of dryness struggling miles daily with a hope to touch their homes and shelter. Announcing packages brings little hopes for the Poor at least they can have one or two time bites to feed their bellies. Money transfer and ration transfer for every poor worker and farmer through Jan Dhan Bank Account, Kishan Samman Niddhi Yojna etc. gives a little support and hopes for living when Every employment providing manufacturing unit was at standstill. Stimulus package Of 20 lakh crore brings hopes and support for MSME’s etc. Amid of all these hopes and supporting hands the idea of returing of prawasi majdoor and others seems to be foolish under meager number of cases people prohibited to route their destiny to their homes but now when tools are growing with emblematic growth rate doors for Journeys to their homes are opened. People Struggled miles barefooted on cycles through rickshaw to head their journey to their homes and when they were about to reach their homes everything had opened this brings a contradiction that it might be conducted in the beginning when country got a slight indication. Reverse migration had commenced people had lost their jobs there is no hope for more livelihoods manufacturing units are on standstill industries outputs are folding Analysts purposed a significant shrinkage in GDP Forecast for forthcoming financial year. A country which was supposed to be the most energetic because of its demographic dividend falter to produce employments. And apart from these wisdoms and foolishness The ‘social Animal’ broke its adhesive power with its companions by performing social distancing this is the most tragic moment we had witness and therefore “it was the the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair….”