“Corruption The Cancer for Nation’s Health”

The major hurdle which is stopping INDIA from being superpower in the world is ‘corruption’ which had corrode the strength and aspirations of the nation to be a super power. corruption had became a serious challenge for the progress of an individual up-to national level. and how it is degrading us ? is a serious concern to know about, there are many facts and figures supporting the Arguements above made deeply effecting us in many aspects from day to day life to long run, when there will be corruption the country foundation of development will be served with substandard goods for example lets look at nearby surroundings Even the best and developed cities of our country did not have good Roads People dyed because of falling in Pottols. Roads are considered to be the life lines of country provide channels for the transportation and considered to be the backbone for Buisness and hence emblematic for economic prosperity of the Nation. But we are unable to laid down even the basic requirement of building roads, and it is not that we can not built good roads just go to Malesia Nigeria Even Iraq we had built the best roads means Indian contractors had done beautiful work abroad but here in India roads are laid and with the passage of one monsoon roads are washed away and soon the next tender come and it is the repeating pattern country is witnessing . Corruption had effected us even on personal level Adulteration of food stuffs, The children the youths and every individual consumes adulterated foodstuffs liquors etc. deteriorating the healths and health expectancy of People. Apart From it One of the biggest Impact What Indian Economy Witness Is our Investment Priorities, corruption had completely distorted our investment priorities there is a significant percentage of people are under poverty line but instead of producing chief goods and basics goods for them we have most of our investment priorities for luxury items like we produced steel but it goes for building of Air Conditioners and these investment priorities are totally unsuitable for country like India. And Because of corruption there is a serious impact on what it is capital output ratio because when there will be corruption the transaction cost of country goes up and more insignificant will be the capital output ratio, (it is like if it is 3 it Means today if 3 rupees are spent than you will get 1 rupee as income perpetually it means more higher the number is more insignificant your production). why this number is so important to note down ? Take the total rate of investment divided it by GDP result will be the capital output ratio, the rate of investment in percentage divided by Capital Output ratio you will get your GDP a sign of production Rate, Which shows how much country is progressing a sign of progress. Hence Progress of the country is Inversely proportional to Corruption.

And in our country we had witness so many Corruption cases a big stigma on the identity of nation , From National Herald to Commonwealth coal mining Up-to Fodder Scam case, 2G spectrum etc. and even the culture of short and small bribes is also a part of it, we all are guilty of fostering a culture of taking , giving bribes and therefore definition of corruption varied from person to person it had deep rooted its foots among us like culture. these all series of corruption under a democratic government which accounts for transparent and good governance puts its liability under question mark ?it all had brings luxury Some Households who had committed it and committing it. But it brings many sufferings to the poor of country it makes hands of youths devoid of employment, skills keeps many children away even from basic education and making the pillars of the nation upon which country stands faltering. Now a big Question which arise before us Can’t we cure it ? How long it Will be the part of Our Culture ?