“Dyanamics of change in india”

Anatomically modern humans First arrived on the soil of India from Africa between 73000 and 55000 years ago by the 4500 BCE the life begins to spread with proficiency and gradually evolved into the ‘Indus Valley Civilization’ civilization was flourishing with its full might but due to drought floods etc. Indus valley population starts to migrate from large urban shelters to the villages. Aryans tribes shifted to Punjab migrated from northwest then came the Vedic period marked with the significance of Vedas preexisting religious cultures traditions gives birth to a significant Religion HINDUISM caste system was introduced with categorization of groups. Janapadas were came into existence more Urbanisation took place but amid of it JAINISM AND BUDDHISM with unique religious concept and practices came into existence. then emergence of Maurya empire ,Gupta empire known to be the golden age of India during this period the culture administration religious activities perspectives of Indian civilization spread within its territory but abroad too in Asia and beyond it. Southern part of Subcontinent witness the emergence of Cholas, Pallava, Chera, Pandyan etc. it was 1192 when due the foolishness of our own people ‘Jayachanda’ who met with the first Islamic invader to defeat the great warrior “Prithvi Raj Chauhan” his son in law to take his revenge this was the first ever defeat Indian soil witness by any foreign Invader otherwise India was flourishing with its economic capability and military might and Cholas went to Columbia to Cumbodia to flourish its flag. But India never bent down down before any foreign invader protests keeps going on across the country wether it was Maharana Pratap, In ‘Rajputana’ leading Mewar wether it was rise of Maratha Shivaji the Maratha Vijayanagar empire Ahom dynasty and Gajapati etc. across every part of the Subcontinent battle and protests keeps going on to save the Motherland India from foreign invasions. Even with small fleets with limited arms but with great patriotism towards their land Indian Warriors challenged foreigners at every point because they want change they did not like to flourish the flag of any foreign invader. Mughals were given Tough challenges and suffered defeat also Wether by Shivaji , Mysoreans, nawabs of Bengal etc. Instead of great and powerful invaders India produces change by sacrificing by bravery by Devotion of great Warriors but We Came across change, and therefore Islamic invaders were failed to conquer whole of India because every part puts effort to change. During mid 18th and mid 19th century East India company annexed large regions of India but they also faced the great might of Indian warriors faced tough challenges given by them Mangal Pandey ignite the light of change against cartage made up of cow beef Vellore mutiny produce a great significance of change, then after it “THE RISE OF GREAT REVOLT OF 1857” ‘Rani Laxmi Bai’ , ‘Nana ji Deshmukh’ etc. leads the way to challenge the British empire to progress the way for change. then it was great ‘Subhash Chandra Bose’ with the rise of AAZAD HIND FOUJ ‘Bhagat Singh’ ‘Chandra Sekhar Aazad’ and many more sacrifices their lives for the change with the rise of ‘Aazad Hind Fouj’ Britishers got indications to leave India because Macauley once said the India rise to its military might it will be the indication to leave India exactly what happened was the same because history of India clearly mentions that it is very tough to challenge them physically. And India Witness the biggest change on 15th of august 1947 when India awake to its freedom and life. And even after independence we had witness great revolutions in infrastructure or foundation for modern India one of interesting incident a form of change Ocurred in Mrs. Indra Gandhi tenure as prime minister after the emergency when elections were declared Europe Russia Usa all predicted that without any doubt Indira is going to win the elections because the democracy flourished where Stomach are full people are educated but Indira Gandhi was defeated his son also suffers the defeat whole country witness a change , and one of significant change which open many doors of economic prosperity was Occured during tenure of Narshima Rao government when India ends Licence raj open its market for foreign direct investment made market economy the core gave up his socialism and a profound change came India grew at 9% GDP after post independence but the man who produce change for the prosperous India suffers change in his election he gets defeated Throughly his party strength was reduced to half. and in our current Scenerio we had seen the change prime minister Narendra Modi swept twice became first non congress Pm to win Consecutively. But can he bring some significant change ?