“A Historical Match”

Cricket in india is considered to be the religion people all over the country not only feels the sensation created by cricket but enthusiastically participated in every edition in every format skips their meals skips every important chores head their long journey to witness the every single ball every single decision made by TV empire Every single word spoken by Harsha bhogle it is not just a sports but a center of prayers people do for their heroes for their teams it is the center of emotions of lakhs of fans. and cricket too offered beats to their fans with every cracking sound made by bat when a long six hit over the head of bowler it is just like with ease. every single ball every single spell every single innings produces thrilling moments where Audiance tend to bite their nails. wether it is classical centuries by tendulkar bombastic fours and sixes by veeru sixes by yuvraj or hammering power of dhoni every single shot provides a moment to live once more. Times comes times flows but one of the awaited moment which drags every single cricket lover over the globe to participate with their teams which is not only the dream of a player but dreams and aspirations of many who coloured themselves in the name of their heroes, teams and do fasts, pray, cheers with the amazement of players with winning shots , weeps with the losing moments of team it is WORLD CUP a long wait for many for which every single player every single fan waits with curiosity. it was 2011 India was organizing the world cup it was 28 years ago under Kapil Dev captaincy, India lifts world cup but the whole country was waiting since 28 years a moment which every Indian wants to live again a dream which every single fan want to live again. India had completed its tournament successfully beats Pakistan in Semi final in a thrilling match but the real thrill is yet to come it was final of world cup India has to face Sri Lanka Sri Lanka won the toss and choose to bat first sangakara the Srilankan captain decided to bat first srilankan

The Sri Lanka captain sangakara  chose to bat first after winning the toss.sri Lanka started slow for the first 17 years both openers had departed without significant contribution. Although wickets kept falling on regular basis but jayawardhane shows a tough battle with the conditions .srilanka reached to a score of 274 with the classical knock of jayawardhane.

Now it was time for India a big chance to repeat the history India was on the verge to repeat and the history and there was a chance to conquer the world whole country had awaited for 28 years viru and Tendulkar entered with the aspirations of 135 million people. Although sart For India was tough viru had departed on the second ball now every eye was there on Tendulkar but he also got departed but gambhir shows great piece of endeavour gots stagnant shows great struggle with Virat scored a best and wonderful knock of 97.but soon Virat departed and Someting happened which world of cricket will remembered for decades dhoni the magic arrived to bat Someting unorthodox and out of the box happened and he shows great hammering endeavour and delivered the best finish ever hit a six and chase down the biggest ever aspiration and dream which was awaited for long time India lift the world cup after 28 years and repeated history. A historical moment for India.