“They Are Lucky Who Gets Their work”

The man is work oriented from origins from the roots of man evolution it is work which defines mankind makes him disparate from other species work is a sign of efficiency which shows humans endeavour and enthusiasm and a basic tool to survive in todays modern world makes him impeccable. work is a sign of pleasure, wisdom, happiness, and passion, for many it is a fun to have many hours in laborateries with instruements, chemicals, and tools .for many it is inner satisfaction to practice or to workout without being getting stop in nets or in playgrounds. someone enjoyed working hours on desktops online portals etc. but contrary to it, for someone working long hours is getting tedious, jejune, mundane, and dullsville or work might suit him or not hence the man who is trying to do work for which he is unfitted feels repressed gets totally bewilder or perplexed. working half heartedly without enthusiasm or keen interest produce drudgery outcomes which carried the man to stage where he hates his work its nonetheless melancholy ,gloom, despondency and it all brings unhapiness and sorrow creates a vicious circle of Misfit : inefficient : unhappy : more inefficient which might lead to some serious troubles like depression, anxiety, fear, phobia , crime and a kind of disease is generated which degrade person’s mental and physical health make him more worried and sick makes him hateful towards his work brings destructive ideas thoughts and feelings rather than constructive ideas therefore there is something wrong something abnormal happened. hence when question of choosing work arouse or invoked it is rare a man gets work what suits him the most more than 90 percent entered in a choice of work or profession which is totally unsuited for them that does not matches their domain, which is the primary reason for many sufferings choice one of the greatest handicaps of all classes today is that more than 80 percent of people had introduced to a work blindly irrespective of their interest liking or fitness or opportunities. this is mostly happened when a man wants ultimate leisure and it is well said “the almost universal cry for leisure is due to the almost universal unfitness of men and women for their task”. A wise man knows there is no actual pleasure feeling of inner satisfaction or happiness in leisure. happiness arouse when a man completely lost himself in the work without Repercussions of health time and other factors without caring for anything except his work completely lost in deep oceans swinging within it with complete enthusiasm energy and devotion without getting exhausted. so keeping conscious and cognitive abilities at par related to knowledge of self knowledge of others and knowledge of work and suitable combination of these factors brings out numerous possibilities of happiness. choice of work is an issue of utmost importance and great concern faulty choice consumes energy consumes times and leads to a situation of collapse where one feels Paralysed. people with right choice and right work are lucky and rare but they enjoyed various colours of work enjoying it with ease deeply entrenched within work.