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International Friendship Day

“True friends are never apart, may be in distance but never in heart.”

International Friendship Day is a day in several countries for celebrating friendship. It is celebrated on July 30 every year across the globe. The day is celebrated to mark the importance of friendships and friends in promoting peace in various cultures across the globe, to cherish friendship and value the people in our lives.

The idea of World Friendship Day was first proposed by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho in 1958 in Paraguay. He coined this term when he was having dinner with his friends in Puerto Pinasco. The dinner hosted by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho gave rise to the World Friendship Crusade, which is a foundation that encourages friendships across the world irrespective of race, color, religion, and ethnicity.  In 2011, the Friendship Crusade, on April 27, 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30 as official International Friendship Day. It was initially promoted by the greeting cards’ industry, evidence from social networking sites shows a revival of interest in the holiday that may have grown with the spread of the Internet, particularly in India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Mobile phones, digital communication, and social media have contributed to popularize the custom. It is also celebrated by exchanging gifts and planning outings with friends. In India, people celebrate this day by giving colorful friendship bands and flowers to each other.

Those who promote the holiday in South Asia attribute the tradition of dedicating a day in the honor of friends to have originated in the United States in 1935 but it actually dates back to 1919. The exchange of Friendship Day gifts like flowers, cards, and wrist bands is a popular tradition on this occasion.

Friendship Day celebrations occur on different dates in different countries. The first World Friendship Day was proposed for 30 July in 1958, by the World Friendship Crusade. On 27 April 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 30 July as official International Friendship Day with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures, and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. However, several countries celebrate friendship day in before and after the UN-designated date. In India, Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of every August. In Nepal, Friendship day is celebrated on 30 July each year. In Oberlin, Ohio, Friendship Day is celebrated on 9 April each year.

“Friendship is the base of every relation. It is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.” 

According to the United Nations’ website, “Through friendship — by accumulating bonds of camaraderie and developing strong ties of trust — we can contribute to the fundamental shifts that are urgently needed to achieve lasting stability, weave a safety net that will protect us all, and generate passion for a better world where all are united for the greater good.” The UN resolution places emphasis on involving young people, as future leaders, in community activities that include different cultures and promote international understanding and respect for diversity. To mark the International Day of Friendship the UN encourages governments, international organizations, and civil society groups to hold events, activities, and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of the international community towards promoting a dialogue among civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding, and reconciliation.

“Freindship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”


15 Date Ideas that you can do at home during lockdown

Yes, you heard it all right. I am here with yet another article to make love blossom between you and your partner. With the nationwide lockdown still going on, we presumed that there might have been a temporary hault to the intimacy & romance because you can’t step out for fancy dinner dates or weekend getaways. It must be frustrating since the summers are already here and you just can’t travel. But as they say, Love isn’t just about all fancy and over-the-top things but it is more of those little gestures which make your hearts beat faster for each other because the fairytale has to end one day and the normal life would soon commence so why not try getting used to it from now only by taking pleasure in simple joys of life.
So no more worries when we are here to the rescue.
Here below are enlisted 15 Budget Friendly Date Ideas that you can do at home and keep the romance brewing. So what’s the waiting for? Let’s get started…

Oh yes who would have thought that planting saplings together could turn out to be so romantic and eco-friendly. If you don’t think so, go try it out for yourself. You can sneak cute, lovable glances while you plant the sapling together, hands closely intact in mud as if solidifying the bond between you two. And if you’re more of a naughty one, try throwing off the mud on your partner and notice the magic of love and romance taking over you.
Make an effort to water the plant together each day and watch your love grow alongwith the plant.

All you need is to get your bathrobe on and your partner in his towel. You can sway your hips to some romantic music together and embrace each other under the shower. A glass of wine and rose petals would be like an icing over the cake. Typically bollywood na? Still sounds just oh-so-romantic!

Tired of cooking everyday with no domestic help available  given the current circumstances? Bring that guy along into the kitchen who vowed to stand by your side always and then cook something special or maybe experiment on an altogether new recipe. What could be more romantic than putting flour onto each other, tasting the food through each other’s fingers and savouring the taste of LOVE with some nice music playing at the background!

Thanks to the Indian daily soaps that I don’t need to brief you about this one. I am sure everyone of you is well aware of how the decorations should be, the type of music, the outfits and the couple dance steps. Lastly imagine self-cooked dinner being fed to each other, gazing at the twinkling stars in the bespangled sky and then ending the night in each other’s arms. Ohh! How romantic!

(To be continued…)

Simple Joys Of Life: Shoaib Ibrahim & Dipika Kakar Ibrahim

Firstly, a very happy birthday to Shoaib! May Allah bless you with good health!

Now, this article is a result of the “loads of appreciation” embodied within me since long which just kind of overflowed after I saw this video titled as Shoaika Se Sawal on YouTube.

Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar Ibrahim need no introduction for they have been the loved faces in one of the highest rated TV shows of that time Sasural Simar Ka and are known for their notable performances in many popular daily soaps. But still, for first time readers, let me start with a brief recap. Dipika was a divorcee. Shoaib and his family whole-heartedly accepted her which should not even raise a question of surprise. I mean, it isn’t fair to judge people based on their past right? What matters is that she is such a loving soul. All of us know this well but not many of us are able to truly implement.

Dipika, despite of being brought up in a contrasting family background (as compared to Shoaib’s), she adjusted herself and became domesticated, living in a joint family, binding the whole family together and mind it, she did not do any of it compromisingly but she says she’s living her dream of being a full-time housewife. And she didn’t do anything special for it is the duty of every wedded woman to spread happiness wherever she goes. Why does it have to be too hard to nurture a bond with in-laws? It’s very simple and should be like that only, Dipika is a living testament to this. How organically she adjusted herself in an environment which could have otherwise been so non-negotiable, all because of her husband’s love and support. That’s how marriage works.

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Where there is Love there is Life ❤️

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How humble is that of her? She won Bigg Boss 12 (though I didn’t follow the season) but ofcourse have heard things about her journey growing by leaps and bounds. And also, how “some’ people found it difficult to resonate with her because she was too kind or seemed too gentle and “perfect”. Haha! Who is to blame here? None obviously, because those people are embedded in deep roots of darkness (negativity) that their eyes hurt when exposed to the light (positivity) and they yell hard in pain. They deserve compassion not outrage. Says the Greatest, Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

And #Shoaika, the power couple knows this well. Shoaib himself hails from a very humble background and is wary of the struggling days. And what amazes me rather pacifies my heart is that how grounded these two individuals are. I haven’t been following them since forever but I can say that they have always been living a life full of genuine simplicity. They live for just those pure moments of joy and bliss with family. I relate to mammoth extents to this couple and there’s a lot to learn from them. How do they manage to strike a work-life balance almost so effortlessly. Sometimes Shoaib isn’t working but Dipika is but should that make him an object to attract trolls? Well, sadly it happens. “Biwi ki kha raha hai”.

We talk of mental health so openly or rather we have started to talk of it post Sushant’s demise. But these social media bullies are the true culprits taking potshots at someone just because they find others’ happiness too hard to digest. Shoaika talk so wonderfully about this and how they have been dealing with the constant negativity.

But amidst all of this, I’d make a confession here that they have become my “feel good” people especially after Shoaib’s sister chose to upload that video. Watch it here: Shoaika Se Sawal . They radiate so many shades of being amazing human beings. Vitality, Respect for elders, Prioritising Family, Finding happiness in simple joys of life, Keeping the ego at bay, striking a work-life balance, staying motivated and passionate to work ( Dipika reluctantly agreed to do Bigg Boss because HER family, yes, Shoaib’s family was in need) and Shoaib works out so relentlessly hard so that whenever an opportunity strikes his door, he doesn’t lose it, because of being out of shape. You see, how challenging can Entertainment industry be. They aren’t two massively successful people but what matters is that they are happy, at peace, satisfied, guided by mutual love & respect and forever grateful to the almighty and living their life with grace, dignity and LOVE. It just feels nice to see that humans like these exist witnessing all the negativity around. But I was wrong, and I am happy to be proved https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt29ygThSRs/?igshid=cuf4q8jqxzzo wrong.https://www.instagram.com/p/By0Xkxol10L/?igshid=91lcrpsiani9

Nobody’s perfect and so aren’t they but what matters is that they never give up on trying to become better human beings and “effort” is all that matters. My heart feels happy seeing people stay grounded, honest and true to themselves in the warmth & comfort of their loved ones’ embrace. Because Family is where life bgins and love never ends.

Need of the time: improving communication skills

Communication is transferring information to produce greater understanding.Communication is the 2 way process between speaker and listener that is, message flow from speaker to listener and back to the speaker as feedback. Communication skills allow you to understand and be understood by others.Communication is important aspect for both personal relations and in career related work place.

It can be done vocally (through verbal exchanges), through written media (books, websites, and magazines), visually (using graphs charts, and maps) or non-verbally (body language, gestures, pitch of voice, and tone). All of these means of communication are essential skills that are vital for a successful career. Being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn. Communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathising.

Importance of Communication skills in life and career-

Having strong communication skills aids in all aspects of life – from professional to personal life and everything that falls in between.Good communication skills are essential to allow others and yourself to understand information more accurately and quickly.

In contrast, poor communication skills lead to frequent misunderstanding and frustration.Communication is the foundation of any organisation. Whether it’s issuing simple instructions at work, sorting out a tricky situation with a subordinate, lifting flagging morale, working out a better way to meet productivity targets, briefing your team on customer feedback after a product launch, or as CEO, getting your employees to buy into your company’s vision – communication is the pivot of any business venture, from start-up to global corporation.Better communication increases relationship built-up among all areas of generation.

Skills necessary for improving communication in career work place and personal life-

  • Listening- Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication. To become a good communicator, it is important to be a good listener. pay close attention to what others are saying and clarify ambiguities by rephrasing their questions for greater understanding.Quite a lot of the time, we are not really listening to others in conversation, but thinking about what we plan to say next.Improve your listening skill to pay off improvement im your relationship both at home and work.
  • Speaking straightforward – Conversation is the basis of communication, and one must not neglect its importance. Convey your message in as few words as possible. Never be diplomatic in business related work place.
  • Understanding non-verbal communication- Much of any message is communicated non-verbally. Some estimates suggest that this may be as much as 80% of communication. Non-verbal signals are wordless communication, body position, facial expression, hand movements, gestures, eye contact, attitude and tone of your voice, muscle tension and the way you/we breathe.The way you look, listen, create, react, gesture, speaks far more about feelings than words will ever be able to.
  • Confidence- Be confident in what you say and in your communication interactions with others. Being confident can be as easy as maintaining eye contact, maintaining a relaxed body stance, and talking with concision. Try not to make statements sound like questions and avoid trying to sound aggressive or demeaning.Eye contact is important in communication – look the person in the eye to indicate that you are focused on the conversation. But make sure to not stare at the person as it can make him or her uncomfortable.
  • Open-mindedness- In situations where you disagree with what someone else has to say, whether it be with an employer, a co-worker, or a friend, it is important to sympathize with their point of view rather than simply try to get your message across. Respect the opinion of others and never resort to demeaning those who do not agree with you.
  • Emotional awareness and management- In communication, feelings play an important role. Making decisions more often affects the way you feel than the way you think. Guided by emotions, your nonverbal behavior affects the understanding of other people and how others understand and perceive you. If you are not aware of your feelings you are guided, you will not be able to express your needs and experiences. This can result in frustration, misunderstanding and conflict.

Improving your communication skills will almost certainly ease and improve all your interpersonal relationships, both at home and at work. It is an investment of time that will very definitely pay off. This pandemic time is important time for enhancing your communication skills. Now, communicate your way to success.