Internet & teens: The growing problem

How many hours do you stay connected with your favorite device, maybe the phone or your PC from which you are currently reading this post? A rough average can be not less than three hours up to nine hours or even more than that if you’re a social enthusiast or a gamer, these limits can go beyond that. Don’t you feel something is wrong? Also though time passes by, these little things go unnoticed, and we enjoy our life chatting and sharing photos, videos with them. But not everyone is capable of doing so, or their life is on the verge of destruction due to technology. Cyberbullying and harassing are prevalent, and also this pandemic has made every one of us spend more time on our devices. The transactions we do can be unsafe, and recently we see bans taken up the Government of India to highlight the nation’s potential security threat to steal user’s data and use them for their benefit.

A user accessing images on the tablet.

According to the new research done on around 2800 teens aged 8 to 11 from 17 different high schools in Australia, keeping two points in consideration about the internet and emotions, are they interconnected? Although web access is easily reachable to them, their parents do need to need to monitor their activities. But this isn’t easy for them; also, any wrong intention by an attacker can persuade the mind of the small children quickly through audios and visuals. The effect is minor though keeping them engaged in good education is also a must.

You may remember the case of Cambridge Analytica, where ads were shown to American users from 50 million user datasets of Facebook without any user permission. Eventually, GDPR for EU citizens made their online presence safer, and now users can know what data they are giving to them. You may notice now that most of the websites ask the consent for cookies of the site you are visiting when you go through them.

Some of the regular social messaging apps we use regularly.

A group of students from the University of Indonesia, after three months of effort, finally came up with a device known as Nettox, which can measure the levels of oxygen in your body along with the variation of heart rate factor or the HRV. The device will notify if the levels substantially dropdown beyond the regular rate due to prolonged usage on the devices. They are on the way to patent their creation.

If one is self-reliant, we don’t even require such devices. One should develop good habits, spend quality time with family and relatives or roam inside the room instead of being stuck to the display. The virtual age is growing and spanning everywhere if the uses are proper; it’ll help more in the future. There is so much news around the world, some are positive by using the technology appropriately, or else it can be dangerous too by getting addicted to it. One can inhibit the actual values of self-love and explore the hidden talents within you; you can polish them and outshine for a decisive lead in society.

The world of code can save your life or turn into a holocaust.