Icy planets with rains of diamond

Ever wondered why diamond is so precious? What makes it so unique? Is it a marketing strategy or rarity in nature as around 250 tons of Earth ­­­­­get removed to find a carat of a diamond? We don’t know exactly, but we do know that both diamond and graphite are pure carbon. What exactly makes it distinguishable is the internal molecular structure. A diamond can be so powerful that it cannot cut by any other object; instead, it gets cut by another diamond, which makes it so unique. These diamonds made it reach everywhere, making it globally like a social status to show.

A hypothesis says that the information collected from Voyager 2 depicts the abundance of diamond-like structures on the planets Neptune and Uranus. This phenomenon happens due to extremely high pressure and temperature on these icy planets and maybe found in deep in the core too. More than 40 years after the mission, now finally can demonstrate the same by the researchers under similar conditions and factors in the controlled environment.

Diamonds or crystals?

These diamond formations can be due to methane present, and also, it can be found on other planets too in the form of pure diamond, even in the stars. Why are we restricted then? This problem is because the Milky Way itself has many undiscovered planets, and it is almost 3-4 billion kilometers away from the Earth. Also, Uranus is nearly four times the Earth in size.

Imagine you gather diamonds, but how do you distinguish between a fake one out of a bunch of collected objects? The answer is simple, and there are many methods, one of them is a fog test; blow a few times to the diamond, if it doesn’t remain foggy for long, you can keep it in your collection. The findings mention about high powered optical lasers to heat polystyrene to its maximum. But there is no such item in the actual planets, and it was a substitute to the methane deep down at 8 thousand kilometers or more, by using two shockwaves to generate heat up to 5 thousand Kelvin and pressure close to half of the force present at the core of the Earth at 150 GPa.

The solar system

As diamonds are more massive in density, it isn’t easy to find them, and so now the artificial diamonds are being created by explosives, although lasers can help if there are some new findings. The gemstone made artificially is perfect in shape. Marvin Ross, in 1981 wrote the article describing the possibilities of diamonds on these planets.

To conclude, diamonds can be shiny bright, but the actual component is still black. Carbon itself has so many usages, it is one of the major parts on Earth found abundantly, but a diamond is always rare. Be a diamond, not to discriminate, no matter how dark your future is, you can still outshine and be a model. You won’t need diamond rains when life itself is showering diamonds in your life when you’re successful.