Sleep: A Different Journey

Zzz. Feeling sleepy? Every day you sleep during the night or maybe due to some work restrictions or perhaps day-night shift, you may also doze in the morning. Why do we do so? Isn’t it natural? But not everyone does sleep peacefully; some suffer insomnia, take sleeping pills, or maybe stay awake for some urgent work. Everyone does have a problem, and every issue has a solution.

A sleeping baby. You must have slept like this in your childhood. Isn’t this picture so cute?

You may know that bear hibernate around five to seven months, depending on the surrounding conditions. Do they sleep? Sleep and hibernation are different. During the stage in which a bear goes through is usually where it almost halts the body by reducing breathing, the heart rate goes done to conserve energy, and the noticeable difference you saw is that it is for a more extended period. How much should we sleep? According to research, a baby’s optimal sleep time is around 14 to 17 hours, whereas adults must nap for at least 7 to 9 hours for a good day start. A toddler or teenager may sleep an hour or extra for better results in proper body functioning.

The human body needs to relax, repair the damages, and also generate new hormones. The pineal gland of your body is responsible for the generation of the sleep hormone, generally known as melatonin, or called as the sleep hormones. These hormones are also responsible for skin color. Sleeping correctly in the right position is also a point to be considered as other body function takes place such as digestion unless you sleepwalk. This problem usually happens due to sleep deprivation, or else too much stress is taken. Sleeping helps to reduce stress, body pain relieves, and you can get smarter; also, yes, that’s true because the brain is actively working, and even your hearing is functional as you wake up in the morning after you hear the alarm clock if it is set. You may listen to your snore too. Snoring is usually due to several reasons like a blocked nose or due to alcohol consumption, etc.

Is that your friend? We usually mock saying that our friend sleeps like a monkey.

A new app is on the way created by the Finnish students named the app as AppneaTracker. The app is so smart that it uses the sensors present in the device to track your sleeping positions as well as record your voice to trace back how long you took snores. The beta development version of the app is in the Google Play Store to try out. Although, it won’t be accurate compared to actual devices as the sensors are well-calibrated for that specific purpose.

Sleeping has many proven scientific benefits like reduction in depression, and irregular sleep cycles may indirectly affect emotion as well as the state of mind. Hence, it is advisable by our elders when they say to us that a wise man accurately follows a schedule, goes early to sleep for a better day start. Hence, people can improve productivity too. This message is a call to everyone, one minor change, and you can neglect hundreds of problems in your life.

Everyone needs sleep, so do you. Sleep on time and make your body feel better.