Science – A Blessing Or Trouble

Today science flag is fluttering all over the world. Life and science has become synonymous with each other. Science has provided unlimited power to humans.

Today with the help of science, humans can fly in the sky as birds. Can breathe in deep to deep water and can cross mountains and can overcome miles of distances in few hours. Today humans have got success in many fields with the help of science like treatment, information revolution, space science, tourism, etc.

Science is a wonder for humans. It has provided many facilities to them. Fuels, notice and computers, etc are many things which is given by science to humans that has made the life of humans easy and done. Many electric appliances like fan, AC, cooler, TV, refrigerator, etc are provided to humans through science.
In today’s world science has made many gadgets that has made the life very easy, like vacume cleaner, solar gas, mobile phones, heaters etc. The discoveries of science has proved as a blessing to humans. Every fields are affected by science.

When we walk, there is a science in this. If we eat something there is a science in this. In today’s world science is everywhere. In daily life, if we pay attention on everything what we do, there is a science in everything. When we walk, the physics is there. Science is not only about gadgets it is for the daily life that we do. With the help of science scientists are inventing new gadgets which has made the life of people easy. As we all know, science has cutting distance between two people, as before humans need many years to travel from one place to another, today the science has provided mediums to travel which has made the travel and tourism easier. We can talk with our relatives face to face, it doesn’t matter how far we are from each other. Science has provided treatment to humans. As before, many people died because there was no treatment of diseases but today there is treatment of every disease. It has also made the agricultural system technological due to which there is no shortage of food according to population of India.

Science has taken India far ahead which is a matter of pride. Along with the benefits of science, there are also many disadvantages that people have made. Science has invented many destructive weapons which can destroy everything in a second. Laser bomb, cobalt bomb and many other destructive weapons has raised the possibility of destruction of humans. So science should be used in limit means it should be used only for goodness not for destruction.
Along with this, it has taken the laziness in human’s life. Today everything is available at home. There is no need to go outside of our home. Shopping, food, office work and everything is available at home, which has taken laziness in our life, which is very harmful for all of us.
Science should be used only for right purpose. Today if any world war happens, all the countries have many powerful weapons which can destroy the whole world in just a second. So it is in our hand that how we should use science, in a wrong way or right way. So don’t use it in a wrong purpose, use it for your growth.