Illiteracy – A Big Problem In India

What is illiteracy? It means a lack of knowledge or ignorance in any specific topic. For example, a person goes to school but he\she doesn’t know how to start a computer. In this type of person, there is no literacy in computer and he is considered as illiterate in computer education.
Today in workplace, due to digitalization most of the activities needs a computer literacy. Not only in computer, if a person is not able to read and write any lesson then he/she will be illiterate.

A mistake in reading and writing is the speciality of an uneducated person and this can also called the illiteracy.
Unless a person is educated or illiterate, they cannot read newspapers, notice, advertisement, poster etc. Female population is a big part of illiterate population.
In India, female literacy rate is about 65% and male literacy rate is about 82%, so to remove illiteracy, it is important to educate females.
Illiteracy is mainly seen in SC/ST and OBC castes, which is not only poverty, but also unaware, uncertain and reluctant in their improvement. Illiteracy not only makes people deprived of economic development but also in the darkness of poverty makes them deprived of education, reading, writing and many other things.

It’s a a good thing that Indian government is showing awareness in this field and establishing thousands of primary schools as possible. Through which every citizen can be educated. For this Indian government has announced free primary education in government schools.
In India there are many reasons of illiteracy. The first reason is uneducated parents. parents of some children are uneducated who cannot read and write. Today it is truth that in some areas where people of older generation live have not get formal education.
There are many more reasons of illiteracy like no support from parents any many other. Modern generation is made up of science. Today every people are busy in their own work due to which they cannot give information to each other. Due to this reason today everything is written on a board.

In this scientific generation, nothing can be done without education.
To stop illiteracy Indian government has made possible solutions like free education, awareness, grants, night classes, free education materials and books and my other things.
In India, it is much need of reduction of illiteracy rate, so that unemployment and poverty can be reduced. Everyone should take benefits from governmental organizations for education. They should be aware of it. Not only government but also every educated person should try to remove illiteracy. Every practice done by the educated person can help in reduction of this. So everyone should practice for it because it can make our India a developed country and help in removing poverty and unemployment.