Increasing Terrorism

Terrorism, which is increasing day by day in the whole world is very dangerous. Terrorism means to raise the status of fear by different ways using destructive power. By any type of terrorism whether they are regional, national or international, due to all these there is a raise of status of insecurity, fear and problem in the country.

The counter terrorism is not any state, country or region. Today it is emerge as a international problem. If a country attacks on another country, then the problem can be solved by the talks of the government of both countries, but there is no solution of terrorism. The goal of terrorism is just to spread terror.

To detonate the bombs in movie theatre, railways, pinch-points has become a common occurance to spread terrorism. In movie theaters, thousands of the audience die due to detonation of bombs. In railways or airways, the travellers travelling to their destination finish their life due to bomb detonation.

Due to terrorism the life has become uncertain. Anytime anything can happen. What is the objective of terrorism? What do terrorist get from this practice? This answer is very simple. The objective of terrorists is just to spread terrorism. They do not get anything from it, only the loss occurs. This spoils their organization’s name. They spread terror due to the feeling of despair.

It is unfortunate that even in independent India, police and other law related organizations persecute innocent people. The disenchanted youth by many political powers have to fall prey to the police bullets in so-called ‘encounters’ after the work is over. In this many innocent people lost their life and the criminals escape.

It has also seen that many innocent people become terrorist due to the deaths of their bothers, friends in the terrorist attacks. In the country, where a protector becomes a eater, the terrorism in that country increases.

Every citizen of India is against terrorism. Nothing is gained from it. But some countries believe that they are a response to the terrorism of the government machinery. In these countries criminals, corrupt politicians, smugglers roam freely, there is no evidence of law to catch them. Many times criminals along with politicians spread terror in the country. Criminals are never caught in this type of corrupt governance.

It is believed that frustrated individuals pick up a gun in a state of utter despair. Idi Amin’s rule in Uganda is an example of how change of power comes at gunpoint and to what extent people can misuse power. In this type of situation the criminal sees no difference in life and death. He holds on to terrorism in the hope that he will receive a respectable death, but this is his mistake. The life of terrorists is short and death is very terrible. Sometimes they even commit suicide for fear of being caught.

The only way to prevent terrorism is to let the governance system understand its obligations and try to ensure that every section of the society has equal rights and equal protection of the law.
It is the duty of the people whose representatives have been chosen by their valuable support, to provide good life and security to the people. If all citizens are treated equally, their backwardness is improved by constitutional methods, then to a large extent this problem can be solved.

Nobody knew about terrorism in ancient times. It has taken a terrible shape in the last few years. Terrorism is undoubtedly a distorted form of anti-regime. No matter how reasonable the demands of the terrorists are, but the way of persuading them by spreading terror is very cruel and cowardly. This destroys the lives and public property of innocent people. This is the reason that efforts are being made to solve terrorism at the international level today.