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2020 – An Unforgettable History In Future

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a history for the coming generation. 2020 will be a part of history in coming next years. A small virus has shaked off the world. Everyone has a fear in their mind of coronavirus. The whole world is deserted due to lockdown. It caused death of lakhs of people in the world. It is named COVID-19 as:-
CO – Corona
Vi – Virus
D – Disease
19 – because it came in 2019
It started spreading from China and to grip the whole world. In starting, its cases were less but as the time passes, it spread all over the world. It is an infectious disease which can cause the death of a person. If the immune system of a person is better, then they can fight against it. Mainly, it attacks the lungs, but it can also strike anywhere from brain to toes. It spreads when a coronavirus infected person comes in contact with a healthy person.
Coronavirus has caused lakhs of deaths, which will be a history for furure. The whole world is affected by it. The government of every country has shut down all their works. The system of world has been shaked off. It has ruined the economic conditions of whole world. It has affected many of the big countries that have best health facilities. As compared to whole world Italy and America who have an excellent health and economic system are not able to fight against it. In Italy coronavirus caused thousands of deaths and in America, deaths reached upto 1 lakh which is very intimidating. It has affected many countries like China, Britain, America, India, Italy, Iran and many other.
The government of India imposed lockdown at the right time. If India was not locked down, the condition of India would also became as other countries. The health facilities of India is not too good, but it has a very good control over it.
Coronavirus in upcoming years, will be read as a history in the books because it has created a scary scene in present life. Everyone has a fear to come out of their houses.
It has spoiled  the life of many people who are living on thier daily wages. These are very difficult days for them. Many of them died due to hunger. Due to lockdown they have nothing for labouring, so they can’t get wages and food. It is the most struggling time for them.
No one knows that when they will have no fear from coronavirus and the whole world is engaged in making the vaccine of coronavirus. So to be safe, stay at home.

India – A Developing Country

What is the difference between developed and developing country?
A developing country is a country which is still trying to create an advanced civilization. In a developed country, it has an advanced civilization.
India is a developing country and in some upcoming years, it will become developed. India’s democracy is considered as the biggest democracy in world. It is also known for the world’s second most populous country. Areawise, it is at seventh place in world.
India is developing in every field. It is economically, socially and politically better than before.
Education standards in India are still low, especially in the northern states. Education plays an important role in development. India is still struggling with the problem of illiteracy in some parts of country and low literacy is dragging the economic progress. Due to illiteracy, the problem of low income level arises. It also affects the employment level. People in many areas are unemployed. It is also a big reason for economic conditions.
Poor health facilities is also a big problem for India. India has an elaborate health system but it is not accessible to every citizen at affordable rates. It has affected the mortality rate especially in rural areas and in northern states.
India’s high population is also a great cause of development agenda. As india is at the second place in population, it’s bigger population creates challenges like hunger, mortality and many other problems and slows down its development. It’s a great need to control the increasing population to make India developed.
In the terms of technology, India holds a strong position. India has an existence of its many institutions related to science and technology which come with qualified and trained manpower.
India is developing in a good manner in field of higher education, scientific research and development, advancement of agricultural system, communication technology, various fields of engineering and many more.
To make India developed, there is a need to eliminate poverty. It is a major cause. Government of India has made several plans to improve the conditions that are not good in India. PM Narendra Modi has recently started Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan which is a best way to make India developed. It will help to reduce unemployment and will use the product of India which help in improvement of India’s economy. If economic conditions will be good, then India can become developed country, not only developed country but also a super power.

Effect of COVID-19 and Lockdown on Education System

As we all know India is facing a pandemic situation due to coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all the systems not only in India but also in the World. It has affected the educational system all over the World. Most government around the world has closed the educational system of their country to reduce the spread of coronavirus.
As in present situation, it is spreading very fast. 8000-10,000 new cases tests positive for coronavirus daily. In this situation, the reopening of schools, colleges and universities is uncertain. It is not safe for students. No doubt, this is an important time for education sector because entrance exams of several universities and competitive exams are held during this time. Many state boards and cbse board exams are pending, which is an important part of a students life. Exams of all universities are pending.
The immediate solution of coronavirus is necessary because of these days passes, it will not only be a short term impact in India but also can cause social and economic consequences. Closure of schools and colleges has affected round 600 million learners across the world.
The lockdown has generated uncertainty over the exam cycle. University may face impact on the internships and placements of the students and lower fees collection that can create hurdle in managing the working capital.
According to government instructions, schools has started online teaching. Technology has played an important role in this lockdown period. Students had gone away from the studies. They are not able to understand online as they understand in their schools. Low-income private and government and private schools may not be able to adopt online teaching methods. As a result they had completely shut down due to no access to e-learning solutions. Due to this, the students are in a great loss.
Central and State government need to take some measures for the progress. Time never waits for anyone, it will pass. It cannot be forget that capacity building of young minds is necessary. So there is a need to improve online teaching methods for a better of students.