Study For Knowledge, Not For Marks!

In today’s generation, students study to score more marks and not to gain knowledge. Exams are just taken to test our knowledge and marks are indicators that where we stand among our classmates and it creates a good competition. Scoring good marks is also important for a student but these marks cannot decide their life, happiness and future.
In modern life, students study for marks, which is as a villian for them. It has broken the relationship of few children with their parents. Scoring marks are not completely our life. In modern world, children life has become very busy. When they are only of three years, they start going to school which snatch them away from their childhood. They have to live away from their parents 5-6 hours. Their life become busy from their childhood. They suffer exams. Marks and exams have made the modern day children coward.
Exams are just a medium to know one’s understanding in a subject. If a person scores low, it just means that the person has not yet understood the concept, it doesn’t mean that he/she has less understanding power or less potential. Some students are very talented but they get bad marks and become demotivated due to which they feel bad. Parents should also understand these things. Some parents make pressure on their child to get good marks but they should understand that knowledge is more important. Understanding of a subject matters. Some students rote and get good marks but they cannot be successful in future. The competition level of modern world is very tough. Sometimes a student who scores 50-60% in 12th becomes successful in life, but a student who scores 90 above cannot get success because they do not have knowledge.
But exams are also important too, from the knowledge point of view. There is a positive side of examination as well. In todays generation, the reality of students is that around 80-85% of them do not study regularly. Studying regularly is a proper way. If exams are completely removed from the system, these type of students will never study, which will spoil their future. So, we can say examination is  a tool which helps in maintaining an appropriate level of knowledge among the average students.
Then there is a confusion that exams and knowledge both are related to each other, which one is important. It can be solved. While studying, when no exams are near,the students have freedom to go into depth of the topics and get details and knowledge about it. During studying for examination, they need to be very specific. Students should stick to the topics needed and the portions most important from the examination point of view. Students should be pragmatic in their approach towards gaining knowledge and then utilise it for gaining better result.