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International Tiger day

The Tiger is one of the largest cat in the world. Having black and orange strips with beautifully marked face makes his distinctive and amazing image. To aware the people about tiger conservation, 29th July is celebrated as a International Tiger day. The motive of this day is to spread the awareness to save the Tigers and their habitates. There are plathora of issues are facing by tigers across the world. Some of the issues include poaching, conflict with humans, and habitat loss. Only around seven percent of the historical range of a tiger is still intact today. That is an incredibly small and worrying numbers. A lot of people are not aware about these major losses but a little knowledge and through spreading awareness can make them aware and it leads to protection the lives of Tigers and their habitates



Over the time, the scientists and doctors have developed ways to test new products or medicines over the animals. Whenever the doctors come up with a cure for something, they try the medicine or the concerned products over the animals first. The product is tested on a number of different animals and only when it gives a helpful and positive outcome, it gets recommended for humans. Not only medicines but various different experiments are also conducted on animals.

Over the years, the different groups of people have either supported or criticized this system this system of animal testing. The opinion of the world is generally divided on whether the animal testing is right or wrong? Whether animals should be made the escape goats for the advantage of human race? A major class of people stands rightfully against animal testing as according to them it is an injustice being done to animals. These people say that if the lives of the humans are important, then the lives of the animals are also equally important. Just because humans are superior than animals don’t give them any right to consider the lives of others as being mere. There are many organizations like PETA(People for Ethical Treatment Of Animals) or PFA(People for Animal)etc. which are strictly against animal testing and have been trying to make it unlawful.On the other side according to the people who support animal testing , it is very important to create the right type of drug or medicine to save human lives. They believe if the humans are superior species and they have the power to dominate the over other life forms, they should dominate them and use them when required.

Some people believe since the act is cruel to animals, animal testing should be practiced only in extremely needed cases and in such ways they do harm as less animals as possible.