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If the Mondays were come to alive

Ok tomorrow is Monday, the first day of the week and as usual everyone just hate this day. By just heard the Monday, the very first thing which comes in mind is Bloody Monday . And this is a fact, most of the cases of heart attack occures on monday, said in a report. Because there is a thinking behind this universe that Monday is not having that much work just like other days, so there is no point to go on work, this leads to be the laziness and after a week off, nobody like to move from their comfort zone and enjoys. But after all this fun the very first thing which made to come up on that day just our responsibility and it’s not bad at all, we all are responsible for someone, someone may be the family, company, students, patients, workers and for yourself.

The Smart Boom

A world without smartphones is a modern Shakespearean tragedy! It a gift by mankind to mankind to enable its smooth functioning. It has allowed the evolution of humans to take place on a technological scale, to equip them with the entire world at their fingertips. A smartphone is a powerful tool and its true purpose of design can be fully utilised only if one bends it to serve their purpose and extract its potential to fruition.

The smartphone has made our lives easier. Our alarming dependence on the smartphone goes to show how vital it has come become to our daily sustenance. From entertainment to information, the small electronic device has become a vital tool and an extension of ourselves. Though the smartphone has led to several problems like headaches, distractions and short attention span, there can be no denying the multiple uses of the device that has made our lives easier and better.

From switching off our electric devices remotely to researching on a topic and completing an assignment, the smartphone has revolutionised our way of life. From binge-watching Netflix to watching a documentary on youtube, the smartphone has kept us entertained in the comfort of our homes in this Corona pandemic. From working from home to doing an internship online, the smartphone has bridged the gap between the office and the home.

The smartphone allows the user to connect to others from different corners of the globe through video calls using applications like Duo, Zoom, Teamlink etc. People can see their loved one’s thousand of miles away in an instant through the smartphone screen. The smartphone has made the once seemingly impossible now a reality. The smartphone has allowed students to attend classes on a regular basis and stay updated with their class lessons. It has allowed people to stay safe whilst still earning from home. It has allowed people to stay connected to each other and allowed patients to consult with doctors online.

It has allowed candidates to submit job applications on various portals like Naukri.com, Indeed.com, Shine.com etc from the comfort of their homes without the unnecessary hassle of travelling to various offices to submit their CV. It has allowed customers to shop daily essential items on various applications, order cooked food online and shop for garments online too. The smartphone has necessitated and helped in the smooth transition from buying from brick and mortar stores to online stores.

Businesses can reach out to customers easily because customers have access to affordable smart devices. It has led to the boom of the capital markets, the startup culture and the various online courses. However, all things can be used to a negative effect. This can be explicated in the manner in which hackers hack the smartphones and can access easily available private data of users and blackmail and extort them. The amount of readily made sensitive data inputted by the users makes the users vulnerable to hackers. Like everything, even the smartphone should be used sensibly and in moderation so as to avoid any such unpleasant experience.