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I have completed my graduation with English honours and currently pursuing M. A in English language and literature. I love to write and coming from a well reputated family i eork with sincerity and dedication.i believe knowledge is power and work is worship

A brief analysis on digital marketing in today’s world by Debalina Mukherjee.

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing in which people use online and digital platforms to sell and promote their products and services. It is becoming an integral part part of today’s life. Over 8 billion people use internet on a daily basis,which means they are on social media platforms like Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.People search and prefer to buy goods on digital platforms because of easy accessibility without worring about safe transactions and home delivery options.
For small businesses man it is a very good option since one can closely monitor the profits and losses and can expect impressive return on their investment. Earlier people used to post adds on house walls or distribute leaflets or give roadside hoardings to promote their products in locality since it was the easiest way to get customers but now in the modern world one can easily do it online.
Digital marketing opens the window to a wide range of customers. Additionally the method reduces the cost of traditional advertising to a great extend. In digital marketing the businessman can easily solve the cutomer problems through mail or online live chats. Thus Communication becomes smooth and faster.Moreover it allows better visibility and tranperancy. A small businessman can easily make its presence felt in different platforms. The digital marketing platform allows the customer to rate it according to the service received and good reviews help to get more customers within a short period of time. It also provides scope for earning higher revenues. In business, different tactics are being used but which one gives more profit is difficult to locate. In digital marketing this is easy because it shows the success of each and every tactic.Everyone in today’s world is on social media platforms so a digital marketer can easily post an advertisement in these platforms and attract the target audience
. Moreover in this competitive world if one has to secure his/her place then, the more the business gets exposure the chances of being successful increasesHence digital marketing is absolutely a prefect platform to do so. Digital marketing has got a bright future it seems. Working in digital marketing is like working on marketing only. Canada,India ,UAE and America are some of the countries in which digital marketing is spreading its arms rapidly. It has numerous prospects and young talents are becoming successful through this as well. Now the very question that comes to one’s mind is that is it difficult to learn digital marketing? Rhe answer is, it completely depends on your efforts. If you are punctual, alert and ready to accept challenges then it would not be difficult in any way. Two things that are most important in this are active mind and patience. If you loose your confidence and fail to adopt different things and have mood wrings then digital marketing is not your cup of tea. So think twice before diving in to it. But if you are confident enough and have the potential then digital marketing will open greater prospects for you.

Is it better to be born rich or talented?

“If wishes were horses beggars would ride” This phrase is inconceivable as we can only wish to be born talented or rich. However if a chance was given to me then I would prefer to be born talented for having talent is more honorable, lasting and satisfying. Wealth can be temporary but talent is always permanent. It gives a different kind of satisfaction in an individual’s life.
To be born talented is tangible or real as it is inheritant in us. It is something by which we are recognised and appreciated throughout in our lives. It cannot be lost or abused where as wealth is transitory being there today and gone tomorrow. Moreover money can divert minds to other sides. It generates a feeling of proudness, fignity in one’s mind. Wealth declines if it is shared with others but for talents it increase with use, getting perfected.
Talent is bestowed on us for giving joy and happiness whereas riches are individualistic. Wealth can only be enjoyed with near ones. People possess different kinds of talents. Some can sing melodiously,Some can write well,ome may paint pretty well. There are many who have become famous through their talents. The famous personalities like Lata Mangeskar, Asha Bhoslay, Sourav Ganguly are the finest examples. There are many who had become immortal through their own talents. The plays and dramas written by Shakespeare has made him immortal. Rabindranath Tagore is immortal because of his exceptional talent of writing. Talents like these are not born everyday. They continue to inspire generations after generations.
Talent is pure. Wealth could be acquired by some unfair means but for talent it needs honesty, sincerity and dedication. Talent cant be weighed in beam balance. It can not be acquired in exchange of money for it is priceless. Had it been so all rich people would have been multi talented. Talent is like a diamond hidden inside a coal meal. We must recognize and inculcate it in front of the world otherwise it would be destroyed just as a machine gets rusted without its use.. Usually, talented people are never in want of money or fame. The only reason is that talent opens rather generate ways for money to come in one’s life. World has enough money but less talent. So if one has talent then one can give that talent to the world in exchange of money.World is in need of talent just like a thursty awaits for the well.So you can be that well for the thursty if you have the gift of talent in yourself. It also generates personality and reputation. In other words, talent calls money and reputation.
In conclusion I would like to say that if a chance is given to me then I would like to be born talented for William Shakespeare has rightly said in ‘Merchant of Venice’ -“Superfluity comes sooner by white hair, but competence lives longer”Moreover wealth and riches bring with it many worries that turn our hair grey but for the people who are talented, they have no such cause for worries and hence they live a more happy and content life.

Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting”

Are you looking for best rangefinder for long range shooting but still confused which one to choose? Then here I present to you some of the best rangefinders that will make your hunting super smooth and adventurous.
5 best rangefinders along with their details are given below. Have a look.

TecTecTec Hunting Rangefinder. (

TecTecTec Hunting Rangefinder comes with advanced speed technology. It measures the angle and true ballistic distance accurately
Regarding the speed, it easily measures the speed of fast moving objects with +/-1 m Laser Accuracy.
It has multilayered lens and allows continuous measurement with 6 times more magnification so there is no question of missing your target.
The scenning mode works effectively by providing ultra clear optics and consistent accuracy.
The rangefinder comes with a pouch CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber, cleaning cloth and guick
Additionally it provides 2 years of Warranty and Happy customer Warranty. If you dont feel satisfied with the service then within 30 days you are liable to return the product and complete refund will be provided in that case
Overall,TecTecTec Rangefinder is a very good option for you if you want to invest in a good rangefinder and make hunting enjoyable.

2) Halo XL450 Range Finder. (

HaloXL450Range Finder comes with 450 yard laser range finder and probides 6 times more magnification.
If you are a bow hunter then this rangefinder is just for you because its Angle Intelligence TechnologyTechnologymakes it perfect for bow hunting.
This hardy rangefinder has 450 yard reflective range and comes with eye pieces for focus which are adjustable.
Besides being light weight it provides distancereadouts in both yards and meters with accuracy of +/- 1 yard
Even when compared with big brands it stands with pride because of its dusk dawn display.
It is eater resistant and comes with 1 year of Warranty.
It has IIIA laser, 5mv or less and 2CR Battery.

3) Leupold TBR Laser Rangefinder-(

This rangefinder provides 6 times more magnification.
It provides accuracy in range ut to 1600 yard both in short and long distances.
It consists of Runnerized armour that provides secure grip in all conditions.
Completely waterproof and light weight.
It has Red OLED Display which gives bright and absolutely clear images.
It comes with 2 years of Warranty.
4) Bushnell 202208 Laser Rangefinder(

1) The bone collector laser rangefinder comes with in- view LCD Display and gives the exact distance between 10-600 yards.
2) It provides 4X magnification and crystal clear optics.
3) It has an efficient, compact and vertical design.
4) It is weather resistent, durable and travel friendly
5)It is used by the professionals and comes with battery life indicator.
5)Nikon 16224 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder(

It is an appropriate bowhunting laser rangefinder
Its 20. 3mm eye relief helps in viewing and ranging easy and smooth.
It is compact, light weight and travel friendly which makes hunting comfortable.
It is water proof and comes with 2 years of warranty.
Tru Target Technology helps to choose between two different ranging modes and this changing os very very easy. This technology helps to target subject behind bushes or large trees.
Nikon’s advanced ID (Incline/Decline) Technology provides the horizontal distance to the target, even when ranging at various incline or decline shooting angles.

Analysis and Research Work on Larkin’s poetry by Debalina Mukherjee

The compound qualities of “dignity” and “greatness” pervade Stevens’s thoughts throughout the novel “The Remains of the Day.” Early in the novel, Stevens discusses the qualities that make a butler “great,” claiming that “dignity” is the essential ingredient of greatness. He illustrates the concept with a number of examples, finally concluding that dignity “has to do crucially with a butler’s ability not to abandon the professional being he inhabits. “Professional principles are the driving force in James Stevens’s life. Over decades of service, he has immersed himself in his profession, dedicating his existence to the principles of dignity, duty, and loyalty. His ultimate goal is to be recognized as a “great” butler.
Dignity is foremost among the principles which Stevens links to greatness in a butler. It requires placing service to his master above all else and binding his own destiny to his master’s. Dignity requires restraint; to not “run about screaming” at the slightest hint of trouble. It demands he wear his professionalism “as a decent gentleman will wear his suit,” taking it off only when he wishes to do so and in privacy, when he is entirely alone. However, once Stevens achieves this level of dignity, it leaves no room for intimacy and separates him from his humanity. All ability to bestow or receive human warmth is blocked. In the presence of others, he must always deny and displace his real feelings.
Again, devotion to the principle of duty becomes the outward expression of Stevens’s struggle for dignity and greatness. He works hard to please his employer and takes pride in his subservience. When he stoically carries out his duties during the great conference of 1923 while his father is upstairs dying, Stevens experiences “a large sense of triumph” at the end of it all. In the face of everything, he had displayed dignity worthy of a great butler. Similarly, he feels a sense of triumph on the evening he loses Miss Kenton forever because he has submissively served his lordship well, “in a manner even my father might have been proud of.”
Loyalty is linked to duty and according to Stevens it is another aspect of greatness. Loyalty as an unquestioned principle does not permit Stevens to examine the actions of Lord Darlington as his lordship becomes deeply mired in international affairs. He stubbornly represses any feelings of curiosity or doubt, trusting in his lordship’s good judgment. In his desire for greatness, Stevens dedicates his loyalty to a gentleman whom he perceives to have fine and noble intentions. This blind loyalty, which Stevens believes he has “intelligently bestowed,” proves ruinous and casts doubt on the life path he has taken.
The art of bantering is something Stevens lacks, but it is a skill he wants to improve. Bantering is a theme which holds the novel together, as well as making the novel more comical, and throughout the story Stevens practices bantering. A good example of it is when he meets the locals at the pub the Coach and Horses in Taunton, Somerset (p. 138) This is where the lack of Stevens bantering-skills becomes obvious. The conversation(p. 138) ends up with Stevens expressing his feelings of disappointment as the reaction to his apparent witticism he recieved from the locals was not what he had hoped for .
The art of bantering can also be connected to the theme of butlers and dignity. This is because that if Stevens learns the art of bantering he may please his master Mr. Farraday, and it will make Stevens more professional, according to Stevens himself and his image of ‘the perfect butler’. During the journey Stevens undergoes personal change, and bantering has a great deal of importance for the processes. He considers the modification necessary for his employment as well as a significant pre-requisite for his profession.
Another detail of importance is the fact that the theme bantering opens up as well as ends the novel. In the beginnig of the nove Stevens and Mr Farraday are having a light conversation. As they speak of Miss Kenton, Mr Farraday involves witticism and Stevens reaction is total embarrassment. Stevens is not used to those kind of words from his employer, though he says: ‘The most embarrassing situation, one in which Lord Darlington would never have placed an employee’. At the end of the novel though, Stevens sees the bantering as a start of his future life. Stevens makes the conclusion of bantering as the solution of pleasing his master and becoming the ‘perfect’ butler.
Bantering provides an element of lightness and humor in the narrative, yet it is still one that ultimately demonstrates the degree to which Stevens has become an anachronism. Stevens repeatedly tells of various failed attempts at bantering, and muses over why Americans like his new employer, Mr. Farraday, like to speak in such a casual and seemingly meaningless manner. By the end of the novel, Stevens cedes that perhaps bantering can be a way to exhibit warmth, and he resolves to try again with renewed zeal. The fact that Stevens uses the word “bantering” instead of “joking around” or “sense of humor” in itself shows how old-fashioned and formal he is.

Advantages of being a teenager

By Debalina Mukherjee

“His best companion, innocence and health. And his best riches ignorance and wealth. How happy he who crowns in shades like these. A youth of labour with an age of ease”These words were said by Oliver Goldsmith.
A teenager has the best of both worlds.If a teenager commits a mistake he or she is easily forgiven. Well, it is something to alin to, enjoying the fruits of adulthood without having to shoulder its responsibilities.
The best thing about being a teenager is that the elders and teachers take then seriously. Their individuality is respected and are taken for granted. Their life tends to changeA change is observed in their life. While beng children they wee asked to go and play while something important was being discussed, being a teenager they are often called up togive their views and opinions. This boosts their confidence and generates the feel of being important. In this stage may teenagers bend towards various sports and activities which in future becomes their profession as well. This is the stage when they get opportunity to excel in different fields. The can enjoy abandunt freedom without worry. But besides this they have to take may serious decisions of their life as well that can have a major effect on their future.They have to sit for various competitive exams as well. They always have a keen desire to achieve something big. The spirit of challenge and competition makes them more energetic and enthusiastic. They learn to be patient and to endure many things.They are least afraid of new challenges and accept life the way it comes. They can learn new things very easily.Teenage life is full of new experiences.They can accept and adopt new environments very easily. Maturity develops and a sense of responsibility grows within them. There are many examples where people have chosen their professions based on the passions that they had during their teenage like. Namely ,Sourav Ganguly and Sudha Chandran.According to me this phase can be called the golden period of anyone’s life and it should be thoroughly enjoyed before its brighness fades away with passing time. This is the time to gather knowledge and get ready to accept opportunities and swore like a golden eagle in the deep blue sky of learning and tend to fly through imagination. This stage of life is just like the Autumn season when everything is very beautiful and colourful.
To conclude the teenage life is the most beautiful and crutial stage of a person’s life but just as time and tide waits for none similarly this phase is very limited and short lived.I am pretty sure that if chance is given many of us would like to go back to our teenagr life and remain there only. But sadly rhat is not possible..We all have great memories of our teenage life which we all will be cherishing throughout our life.Every individual should utilize it to the fullest because it comes but only once.

“I Still Wish” by Debalina Mukherjee

Even though i khow that the day would die soon,
I still wish to see the pleasant afternoon…
Even though I live in the jungle of bricks wood and stone,
I still wish to inhale the sea breeze..
Even though i face the male dominating society every  now and then,
I still wish to be the voice of the nation…
Even though I know that the world is detoriating day by day,
I still wish to believe that this is the best place to live in….
Even though i know that the world is so cruel,
I still wish to search for kindness and humanity
Even though i know its difficult,
I still want my little queens to stand up and and fight…
Even though I know that its impossible to change the world,
But i still wish to have the courage to change atleast one opinion,
Even though i know that I am surrounded by monsters,
I still wish to search for good people around me,
Even though i have very little to achieve,
But I still wish to hope for more…
Even though i know that the whole world is going though a turmoil,
I still wish to believe that we will regain our peacesome day…
Even though I know that I am facing the longest night,
I still wish to wait for the dawn to come….

“She”-The untold story of every xx chromosome


They all started their journey together,
Fate goverened their lives with good and bad
She celebtated life while others enjoyed it,
She cherished every moment while others criticized,
She faced obstacles,while others feared,
She accepted life,while others complained,
She struggled while others asked for help,
She fought against odds,while others left,
She own the battle,while others watched

,she celebrated her experience,while others celebrated her victory,
She shared her views while others gathered them,

She stood up while others saw,
She spoke,while others listened,
She lead,while others followed,
She became an example while others became a story teller:
On the stage of life all preformed as mere actors but she reflected herself as the true epitome of life….

The saga of every xx chromosome in this world.. “Think, Believe, Achieve”

Loneliness by Debalina Mukherjee

When the whole world is behind their doors due to this covid 19 pandemic,many of you may feel lonely and depressed.. But let me tell you one thing, you are not alone.. We are all together in this.. Let us believe in ourselves and the fact that we shall overcome this one day.. Talk to your innerself fight against odds and lets come out successfully.. R.IP Sushant Singh Rajput.. He will be missed by each one of us.

Loneliness – the demon

One fears loneliness and so do I,
One faces loneliness and so do I,
Amongst the thousands one tends to loose the very identity and so do I,
Its like the demon who grabs the arms in dark,
It engulfs the ability to think, to desire,to prosper
It conquers the power  to imagine to proceed and to succeed,
When one night it penitrated inside me to the fullest,
I tried to resist but all in vain
I waited for the atmosphere to change;
But it changed for the worst
And all of a sudden a voice interrupted and resumed my consciousness,
And now as i behold i find my reflection,
Subconsciously i realize the very fact that
Am not alone,.
for i am encompassed by my own self that resides deep inside me that saved me that night..
Everyone has an inner self just as i possess
Grant her your friendship just as i do
And u will notice loneliness closes its doors for you…

Science is a blessing as well as a curse by Debalina Mukherjee

Science is a blessing as well as a curse.

Science is a special knowledge that is vast and huge. We have always used it for the betterment of ourselves and for nation. It has made our life more comfortable and has fulfilled our basic requirements. Development in different parts of science has changed our life completely but still it has its own disadvantages.
Science is a blessing because it has helped us to meet basic requirements and has changed our living style to a great extend. Science has gifted us calculator, mobile television, phones and Internet.. In today’s competitive world we are far ahead because of the scientific discoveries. Difficult calculations are done within no time. News reaches us directly. Gone are the days when people used to wait for newspapers. When all are busy with their work washing machines, chimneys, vacuum cleaners,mixergrinders save us in our everday life. Moreover the e books that are available in different websites for free have reduced the burden of the students to a great extend. Earlier people used to wait for their favorite theater dramas to be staged as there was limited entertainment but all thanks to internet that now there is abundance of entertainment. Today we get to see our near ones who stay far away from us just by clicking a video call button. Satellites are now providing us accurate information just before the calamities and are able to save thousands of lives. The weather forecast is becoming better day by day.. Chemotherapy, radiation advanced ventilation facilities are saving millions of life every day. Again many chronic diseases like sugar and blood pressure that are life threatening are treated with medicines like insulin Losar 50 etc.. Development of science is helping many to have their bp and sugar under control.

It leaves no space for argument that science is a blessing but simultaneously it has some disadvantages as well. For example when we talk about mobiles we always highlight its positive side but research is saying something else. It was actually invented to save us but it is now destroying our mother nature. Now a days we hardly get to see pure fresh coconuts and sparrows are getting extinct day by day. Its heartbreaking but it is the mobiles who are responsible for this. Cyber crime is reaching its peak at an alarming rate. The radiation emitted from the mobiles even when they are switched off is affecting human brains and animals around. Getting brain tumour and Cancer are becoming common among the youth and one primary reason behind this is mobile and laptops. Atomic theory or to be specific atom bombwas discovered by Albert Einstein.His intention was to breakdown huge mountains so that roads and tunnels can be made and communication and transportation becomes easier. But now it is becoming a show of power..It has destroyed many places and many lives. Ironically the thing that was discovered to save the world has actually destroying the world in a way.

In conclusion I would like to say that the damages that has happened and that are happening are all the consequences of our desire to meet ouur personal requirements. “No man is perfect” goes an old saying.. Similarly nothis is perfect just like science. It comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It is our responsibility to accept its good sides and reject the bad ones.. We all should use it for our betterment and for the progress of our nation.

Having problem in choosing which one is the best hair dryer for you? We present to you the solution. 5 best hair dryers in India along with their details are mentioned below.

In today’s competitive and busy world we hardly have time for ourselves but you can still take very good care of your hair by using a good hair dryer.. It will help to keep your hair healthy and enhance your beauty which will further add to your confidence level.

5 best hair dryers are listed below:-
21&linkId=8290ce6162ce40f3ce21cf6c900b0de9&language=en _IN#

1)The 1000 w hair dryer provides optimum level of air flow and gives you amazing everyday natural look.
2) Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer (Purple) contains 2 flexible speed settings which allows you to adjust the speed as you want.
3) The thermo protect setting gives additional protection to your hair by providing optimal thermal temperature.

4) Compact design, easy storage hook makes the hair dryer perfect for use daily use.. It is light in weight and thus can be easily handled and becomes travel friendly..
21&linkId=c6f1cd20118e3ef6995347522bd8bc38&language=e n_IN#

1) The 1200W trendy Syska Hair Dryer comes with 2 pre selected heat and speed setting which allows you to control the amount of air flow into your hair.

2) The heat balance technology takes extra care of you hair and distributes the heat in appropriate quantity.

3) Its unique design and low noise making quality makes it perfect for everyday use and u can easily carry it with u wherever u want.

4) It also comes with the over heat protection and prevents the extra heat from going into your hair.

5) Moreover you get 2 years warranty along with the dryer which makes it a perfect choice for you.
21&linkId=0f5cda2bcea0bf78c97d7d6b341152a5&langua ge=en_IN#

1) The 1600 w havells cool shot hair dryer comes with heat balance technology which allows equal heat distribution and protects your hair from heat damage.
2) Cool shot button allows cool air flow and provides a relaxing felling.
3) Due to its unique design it is travel friendly and the storage hook helps to store it perfectly.
4) It comes with 2 year warranty and provides gentle drying by making your hair look smooth and healthy. DryerBlack/dp/B01IDAOXQK/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&t ag=hzhairdryer-


1)CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer (Black) can be a perfect dryer for you because of its easy grip and it comes with adjustable speed buttons..
2) it can be considered as a perfect dryer because it manages your hair beautifully and has long thick chord which provides extra protection from shocks and extra heat.
3) It contains 3 heat setting and 2 speed setting along with Detachable black filter and special rubber cable protector
4) Additionally it comes with 2 years of warranty
Dryer/dp/B0123G8CZ8/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1& tag=hzhairdryer-
21&linkId=1ceae60848b74909cae0f146b193fbb9&language=en _IN#

1)Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hot and Cold Foldable
Hair Dryer (Black)contains the thermoprotect technology which helps in setting the correct temperature
2) It is very flexible and provides Ehd+tetechnology so that the heat is distributed uniformly.
3) Its unique design make it easily handalable and eye catching and the ionic conditioning technology also protects the hair while styling and keeps it smooth.