A brief analysis on digital marketing in today’s world by Debalina Mukherjee.

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing in which people use online and digital platforms to sell and promote their products and services. It is becoming an integral part part of today’s life. Over 8 billion people use internet on a daily basis,which means they are on social media platforms like Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.People search and prefer to buy goods on digital platforms because of easy accessibility without worring about safe transactions and home delivery options.
For small businesses man it is a very good option since one can closely monitor the profits and losses and can expect impressive return on their investment. Earlier people used to post adds on house walls or distribute leaflets or give roadside hoardings to promote their products in locality since it was the easiest way to get customers but now in the modern world one can easily do it online.
Digital marketing opens the window to a wide range of customers. Additionally the method reduces the cost of traditional advertising to a great extend. In digital marketing the businessman can easily solve the cutomer problems through mail or online live chats. Thus Communication becomes smooth and faster.Moreover it allows better visibility and tranperancy. A small businessman can easily make its presence felt in different platforms. The digital marketing platform allows the customer to rate it according to the service received and good reviews help to get more customers within a short period of time. It also provides scope for earning higher revenues. In business, different tactics are being used but which one gives more profit is difficult to locate. In digital marketing this is easy because it shows the success of each and every tactic.Everyone in today’s world is on social media platforms so a digital marketer can easily post an advertisement in these platforms and attract the target audience
. Moreover in this competitive world if one has to secure his/her place then, the more the business gets exposure the chances of being successful increasesHence digital marketing is absolutely a prefect platform to do so. Digital marketing has got a bright future it seems. Working in digital marketing is like working on marketing only. Canada,India ,UAE and America are some of the countries in which digital marketing is spreading its arms rapidly. It has numerous prospects and young talents are becoming successful through this as well. Now the very question that comes to one’s mind is that is it difficult to learn digital marketing? Rhe answer is, it completely depends on your efforts. If you are punctual, alert and ready to accept challenges then it would not be difficult in any way. Two things that are most important in this are active mind and patience. If you loose your confidence and fail to adopt different things and have mood wrings then digital marketing is not your cup of tea. So think twice before diving in to it. But if you are confident enough and have the potential then digital marketing will open greater prospects for you.