Is it better to be born rich or talented?

“If wishes were horses beggars would ride” This phrase is inconceivable as we can only wish to be born talented or rich. However if a chance was given to me then I would prefer to be born talented for having talent is more honorable, lasting and satisfying. Wealth can be temporary but talent is always permanent. It gives a different kind of satisfaction in an individual’s life.
To be born talented is tangible or real as it is inheritant in us. It is something by which we are recognised and appreciated throughout in our lives. It cannot be lost or abused where as wealth is transitory being there today and gone tomorrow. Moreover money can divert minds to other sides. It generates a feeling of proudness, fignity in one’s mind. Wealth declines if it is shared with others but for talents it increase with use, getting perfected.
Talent is bestowed on us for giving joy and happiness whereas riches are individualistic. Wealth can only be enjoyed with near ones. People possess different kinds of talents. Some can sing melodiously,Some can write well,ome may paint pretty well. There are many who have become famous through their talents. The famous personalities like Lata Mangeskar, Asha Bhoslay, Sourav Ganguly are the finest examples. There are many who had become immortal through their own talents. The plays and dramas written by Shakespeare has made him immortal. Rabindranath Tagore is immortal because of his exceptional talent of writing. Talents like these are not born everyday. They continue to inspire generations after generations.
Talent is pure. Wealth could be acquired by some unfair means but for talent it needs honesty, sincerity and dedication. Talent cant be weighed in beam balance. It can not be acquired in exchange of money for it is priceless. Had it been so all rich people would have been multi talented. Talent is like a diamond hidden inside a coal meal. We must recognize and inculcate it in front of the world otherwise it would be destroyed just as a machine gets rusted without its use.. Usually, talented people are never in want of money or fame. The only reason is that talent opens rather generate ways for money to come in one’s life. World has enough money but less talent. So if one has talent then one can give that talent to the world in exchange of money.World is in need of talent just like a thursty awaits for the well.So you can be that well for the thursty if you have the gift of talent in yourself. It also generates personality and reputation. In other words, talent calls money and reputation.
In conclusion I would like to say that if a chance is given to me then I would like to be born talented for William Shakespeare has rightly said in ‘Merchant of Venice’ -“Superfluity comes sooner by white hair, but competence lives longer”Moreover wealth and riches bring with it many worries that turn our hair grey but for the people who are talented, they have no such cause for worries and hence they live a more happy and content life.