Loneliness by Debalina Mukherjee

When the whole world is behind their doors due to this covid 19 pandemic,many of you may feel lonely and depressed.. But let me tell you one thing, you are not alone.. We are all together in this.. Let us believe in ourselves and the fact that we shall overcome this one day.. Talk to your innerself fight against odds and lets come out successfully.. R.IP Sushant Singh Rajput.. He will be missed by each one of us.

Loneliness – the demon

One fears loneliness and so do I,
One faces loneliness and so do I,
Amongst the thousands one tends to loose the very identity and so do I,
Its like the demon who grabs the arms in dark,
It engulfs the ability to think, to desire,to prosper
It conquers the power  to imagine to proceed and to succeed,
When one night it penitrated inside me to the fullest,
I tried to resist but all in vain
I waited for the atmosphere to change;
But it changed for the worst
And all of a sudden a voice interrupted and resumed my consciousness,
And now as i behold i find my reflection,
Subconsciously i realize the very fact that
Am not alone,.
for i am encompassed by my own self that resides deep inside me that saved me that night..
Everyone has an inner self just as i possess
Grant her your friendship just as i do
And u will notice loneliness closes its doors for you…

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