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Advertising is necessary.

Advertising or publicity has today gained phenomenal significance. Naturally, it is wrong to negative it’s used.
In fact, the modern age cannot do without advertisement. Formerly the newspapers, house magazines and other printed media of advertisements were the chief vehicles of communication. But with the advent of the television advertisement has involved human life and culture as it did never before. Education, Science, Competitions, Domestic living and even kitchen menu are now under the remote control of the advertisers.
The world today has not only come closer due to the bonding progress of science, but human life on earth has also become myriad patterned. Commercial competitive spirit has generated a culture in which each product claims to hold it’s own. Naturally, man today is up against an array of competitive products that seek to influence him.
The taste of the pudding is in the eating. The proverb implies that an intrinsically good thing calls for no advertisement. But today the commodities of use have become scientific, and have to be properly advertised. The hygienic values of food, their components and the process of preparation have to be driven home to users through sensible advertisement. Again the earth’s environment, today suffers from an imbalance resulting in various kinds of fatal diseases. Advertisement is exceedingly needed to warn men about their habits and evil consequences. Only through advertisements like cartoon pictures, photographs and intelligent visual strips on TVs can such health hazards be avoided. Again these days the manner on which the importance of iodine on food to prevent goitre and the importance of triple injections for newborn babies that are telecasted shows the importance of advertisement.
But the on the negative side purely commercial advertisements ought to be checked. There is a tendency in traders to launch their bad or indifferent products through advertising gimmicks. Men, in general, are credulous. The sly advertiser often pushes in his stuff by out the good stuff. The usual technique is the high commission to retailers. It follows the general Gresham’s Law that bad money turns good money out of circulation. Unless our national government is alert enough and puts a check on such malpractice’s, we shall reap live the evils of advertisement.
Lastly, advertisement helps us in having a knowledge of the larger world of educational opportunities. Knowledge today is opening new and ever new fronts. Many traditional modes are being progressively relegated. It is a feature of this century where modern science is the greatest contribution, computer assessment of merits, computer in railway reservations have successfully made human living smoother. Now the results are more accurate and corruption free. Naturally, if there were no advertising media,the largest cross section of human beings that live in rural or non urban areas would have remained in the dark.So advertising has proved itself to be necessary,nay an indispensable component of a healthy societyBut as the advantages are many the disadvantages of its missuse are no less.Change is the only constant and inevitable so in near future we might get to see more changes in the advertising sector.


A brief discussion on Romantic essayists.

The autobiographical exploitation of personality manifests itself in a great variety of ways among writers of the late 18 th and 17 the century. It is symptomatic of a significant change in the relation between the writer and society. The change is a complex one and can not be early defined as resulting from the tradition that shows society as enslaving and the free exercise of the uninhibited individual imagination as liberating. Perhaps it can be said that in the Romantic period the tendency was far for the writers to draw on his own personality either as an illuminating case history or as a gesture of defiance or scholarship or alienation rather than to objectify it in terms of s cause or a system. The growth of the familiar essay, with its highly personal often whimsical, flaunting of the writer’s tastes, prejudices presents another aspect of the Romantic exploration of personality. It is not unknown in earlier writing.
Charles Lamb himself, the master and in some degree the founder of the genre is a subtler and more interesting one to respect. He is not the cultivated gentleman of leisure relaxing in easy chat, harsh and even tragic. He was in large measure self-educated His views on life were worked out with an almost desperate geniality in order to preserve and develop a relish for the colour and individuality of experience which for him was the only alternative to despair. His sentimentality seen at its strongest in much in early work as ‘A Tale of Rosamund Gray'(1798), a melodramatic story of a girl ruined by a villain-is largely a defence mechanism: Lamb rejected the rational and Utopian systems so popular in his youth, and cultivated a mixture and restrained hedonism and humane feeling which appears in his essays, in his appreciation of certain physical pleasures, his zest for the picturesque and the oddly individual in human character.
Lamb was essentially Londoner, though had sympathy with and admiration for the moral views of his friend Wordsworth, he had nothing of Wordsworth’s feeling of nature. He was born in 1775 and died on 1834.’ last essays of Elia'(1833) artfully artless in their personal curious persons and places, his relish of the colour and variety of London life and characters or humorous amusing of roles and his carefully manipulated sentimentality. Recollection and nostalgia a very important role in his plays. The works for children which he produced together with his sister Mary un an effect to provide something less crudely moralising than the children’s literature of the period include ‘Jales from Shakespeare'(1807) and ‘The Adventures of Ulysses'(1808). They are not as far removed from the memorializing as he seems to have believed. Lamb’s essays remain his most characteristic and most important works.
Then comes William Hazlitt, another exceptionally talented writer was born in 1778 and dies in 1830. He is more vigorous and less mannered essayist than Lamb, an independent spirit who maintained his radicalism throughout his life. His political views brought savage reviews of his work from such critics as William Gifford of the Quarterly Review, who deliberately confounded personal and political with literary criticism of contemporaries but Hazlitt found it as hard to keep good terms with his friends as with his enemies throughout his troubled life.

Man and Women should have equal rights.

The topic is almost a platitude today. Its basic concept cannot be denied and in the present-day context, the equality of status between the two genders is no longer a debatable issue. On the contrary aggression presumptuous behaviour among women sometimes oversee society. One feels that the age-old classifications of patriarchal and matriarchal society to be redefined.
Men have dominated, nay, even exploited their superior status through centuries. Some tribes like the Amazonians or some African ethnic varieties and aboriginals in the North East of India are matriarchal. But, perhaps, their women domination does not betray that kind of atrocity of human behaviour as in cases of male domination.
In short, women are still on the darker side of the penumbra. But their awakening today can not be gainsaid, although undoubtedly our society lacks the courage and charity to concede them their rights in the parliament.
Women have been grossly neglected in the race for life through social injustice and because of rank social laws and customs. But today they are not content to remain indoors. The greater world of life and light has drawn them out of their dark confinement and they have struck. The renaissance has changed and is still changing the complexion if the nations.’ socio-political’ life.’ Fast-food’, ‘fast-life’-characteristic phrase of today that is used with as lighting sneer-is, in fact, a sequel to this changed life. Women rub shoulders with men in offices, games and agitations, and in consequence, kitchen -culture is not able to retain its old essence.
How this feature of ‘equality -in-status is emerging as a great matter for sociological research, no doubt. But the goal is yet afar. It will not do merely to concede rights to the weaker section. The great need is far a consciousness among them of their importance in society. They need to be educated, to be initiated into the great truth that their enlightenment is the first and foremost step in the building of a healthy civilisation.
Another important facet of the issue needs emphasis. The phrase in the proposed question is not so innocent as it looks. The rudiments of civics entrail that rights and responsibilities are interrelated; it applies to both sexes. Here the males appear to be defaulters. Right to families, on institutions, to education, to justice and many other bodies that constitute our life at large in this world.imply also duties and responsibilities towards the same. Women have long been relegated into the shunt-yard in life’s journey. They have borne silently this dumb cattle-like existence. But now there. is a thaw, a deluge that has broken into their suicidal sleep.
It is impossible to bring about this equation as in the two halves in a sum of the equation. The plus-minus factor is here inevitable. The. days are not far-it maybe a century or half a century- when the neglected and harassed partner in the race would ride roughly shod over its another half. It is not due to any revolution. It is the law of evolution that had as its watchwords the struggle for existence’ and ‘the survival of the fittest’.No longer can men bask in their rights; they have to be vigilant lest women steal a march on them. And in this vigilance will achieve a balance and harmony that is the most ideal kind of existence.

Greed is the main cause of unhappiness in life.

Greed is a recognised vice and it is born of an excess desire for something. It may be of power, wealth, ambition, name, fame, and whatnot. It brings in its wake tension and unhappiness. But apart from these, there are one or two kinds of desires which can not be summarily rejected as bad. It is what we might term as access to desire to be nobly great. I shall discuss this exception to the rule at the end.
The basis of greed is desire but all desires are not greed at all. One must remember this. To be desireless is to be dull and inactive. Only when our desires are based on base selfish motives, we can call it greed. Then we are not satisfied with the fulfilment of our needs but want to have much more than our needs. We develop a desire to grab and the more we grab the more we become selfish and proud. This passion or excessive desire to have more is nothing but greed. A man then becomes shameless and pitiless. He spares none to achieve his end. We can cite some celebrities in whom this greed reached its worst form.
History presents the worst examples of greed and power in Hitler. He wished to be the supreme ruler of the world through the foulest and cruel method. He is still considered to be a dictator. A similar example of the greed of wealth today is Harshad Mehta, of ambition and power Saddam Hussain.
There goes an old saying, “greed begets sin and sin is the cause of death. The above-mentioned examples bear out the truth of the proverb. Even in normal life greed cause unhappiness as well because this fell desire is a suicidal passion. It never rests until it’s the target is achieved. It sets the mind on to invent foul methods. The greed of wealth tempts him or her to cheat others and to steal. The greed of power tempts him to show his might on the weak and the innocent. It is a proven truth that the greedy fulfil their desires by exploiting the weak, the poor and the innocent. He is always afraid of the strong and the alert person, for the latter may resist.
Unwary lies the head that wears a crown. Too much of power or wealth steals away a piece of mind. The man is always afraid of robberies and rivals of power. The opposite of greed is contentment. The latter is a spiritual asset for any man. But greed multiplies like wildfire. The greedy man can not accord to rein his desires. Naturally, he always remains at the mercy of his dangerous desires. He remains mentally restless and like a founder down the hill, goes down committing sin after sin. If this is not an unhappy state then nothing else can be.
It is now conclusively proved the merely an excess of desire is not greed. A man can suffer from an excess of desire as well. Milton suffered from an ardent desire to write great epics. Sinilarly great leaders nurse vehement desires to rise in life.But they do not fall in to the category of greed because these are nourished by wealthy and noble intentions.These give strength to the spiritual man whereas greed generally flatters his meterial ambition.

Theatre of Absurd and Modern Dramatists.

Immediately after the second world war, French theatre was associated with a short lived corruption of surrealistic drama which came to be known as the Theatre of Absurd.The sudden outburst of French absurdism was partially nihilistic reaction to the recent atrocities,had chambers and nuclear bonds of the year.Theatr of Absurd revealed the negative side of satire and express the helplessness and fatality of a world which seemed to have no purpose.
Samuel Beckett drew upon the contents and techniques of the music hall, the techniques of mime andaspectd of comedy to represent the business of everyday living.The characters of Beckett’s two famous plays -“Waiting for Vodot” and “End Game”-Vladimir, Estragon, Pozzo and Lucky, Hamm and Clove, Nag and Nell are essentially pairs of comics or clowns who divert themselves and also their audience with double acts of cross stock, tumbling, falling asleep,switching hats.The tramps who wait for Godot quarrel, eat, try go sleep, even attempts suicide- all the fashion of such performersand loss of dignity implicit in the antique itself becomes an absurdist image of life.The activity of these characters is not action in the sense that it works to develop a story,it is merely performance,the visible presence of an entertaining character Hamm and Clov wait for the end that does not come like figures curved in time,but they also do so with a pathetic animation and at the same time it is also funny to watch them.As in farse,cause and effect are discounted,time is speeded up or slowed dowm,fat is unpredictable and anything can happen.This is how Beckett sketches the absurd form of drama.It seems that the universe is an international one.Eachcharacter is ridiculously dependent on the other but the laughter is without mirth.
Harold Linter is another fine writer who was indebted to Backett as he himself said and this can be seen in his bleak settings and in the occasional patterns of pair dialogues in some of his early plays.Pinter’s extraordinary characteristic for a suggestive obliqueness is in his dialogue.Part of Pinter’s achievment has been to find a dramatic way of revealing the thread behind everydaylife and to convey tension between people who think they know each otherThis obvious in his later plays.In ‘Betrayal’needless mystery and violence was incorporated, suggesting the dramatist’s passion for this method.
Pinter’s typical props like a bucket, a kettle and the electric heater may not be symbolic but his dramatic treatment of reality is certainly symbolic.He does not build his dramatic treatment of reality is certainly symbolic.He does not build his drama on any current philosophy of the absurd but he is concerned to show people engulfed in trivia, in their dialogues, actions or nature.” A Nightout”,”The Home Coming” shows another element of Pinter’s drama that of sexuality when the relationship between a man and a woman are examined by Pinter each little fear of rejection and loneliness,each hint of threat to security and identity is as amusing as before,but much more painful.Pinter’s perception of human behaviour is acute and his ability to convey objectively what he sees through character and dialogue makes him a freat playsright.Although Pinter publicly shunned applying the term’political theatre’ to his own work in 1981,he began writing overtly political theatre’ to his own work in 1981,he began writing overtly political plays in the mid 1890 reflecting his own political interest and changes in his personal life,due to his leftwing political activism.

English literature -Pre-Raphaelites

The Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, originally consisting of a secret group of seven young men, was formed in 1848 in London and lasted effectively for about five years. It was an artistic group of young student painters in the Royal Academy Schools and some of their friends, a very small part of the revolutionary spirit then motivating change throughout Europe that pointing the history known as the year of Revolutions. In Britain, where Marx had settled and lived for the remainder of his life, events were less dramatic and did not result in the overthrow of the monarchy or government. Although the young Queen Victoria who came to the throne in 1837 was not yet secured on her throne or as loved and adored by the populace as she later became; never the less there were disturbances arising from the repeal of the Corn Laws and the growth of the strong national public feeling for government reforms led by a group known as the Chartists, the nearest that Britain cane to invert active revolutionaries.
It is important to emphasize that an artistic movement or revolution was this contemplated. The movement that quickly originated from youthful enthusiasm was one of the most significant in the formation of a new philosophy of painting, the desire of the short life of the movement, it did initiate changes that had a profound effect on British painting after the mid-nineteenth century. By the time the pre raphaelites were formed in 1848, there was considerable uncertainty within the art establishment as to the future direction of the painting. Some positive direction was needed, some standards were established. The pre raphaelitie brotherhood with its mysterious cryptogram PRB appearing on its paintingsprovideda different if unspecified direction. It seemed to be concerned with a new form of realism, parts spiritually motivated, part presenting a new sense of actuality. One of the difficulties inherent in any study of the Brotherhood derives, for instance from the fact that what the pre Raphaelities inaugurated was so quickly adopted or assimilated into the generality of later victorian painting that it is not immediately evident to the observer which are pre raohaelite paintings, which are influenced by the movement, and which have absorbed sufficient of the technique and philosophy for different pictorial ends.
It is something of a surprise to encounter in 1848, the formation of the pre raphaelitie. Brotherhood secretly devoted to a revolutionary artistic program that became in the event, the first of the significantly influential art movements of the century. Had pre raphaelitism as an idea, philosophical, and technical artistic inspiration or approach depended entirely on the original group of seven, it would almost certainly not have attained the public recognition, respect, and regard that it currently holds. The brothers were joined by friends and followers and the result was a large and wide-ranging body of work created during the middle and later years of 19 th C.
The most important members of the brotherhood we’re John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel, Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, James Collins(who resigned in 1850), Thomas Woolner, F.G Stephens, and William Michael Rossetti.
The brotherhood lasted for five years at most and was clearly a youthful development. It was enthusiastic,energetic,iconoclastic,irresponsible aggressive self-assured and hard working.

Life of Christopher Marlowe and his works.

Marlowe who was the son of a shoemaker was born in Canterbury less than three months before the birth of Shakespeare. He was educated at King’s School, Canterbury, and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Where he acquired heterodox views on religion. After going down from Cambridge, he became a secret service agent of some kind and traveled abroad in this capacity. He settled in London in 1586 and soon joined the Lord Admiral’s Company of Players. His career as a dramatist must have begun soon after his career as an actor. On 30 th May 1593 he was stabbed in an inn at Deptford by a shady secret-service agent of the name of Frizer and died at the age of twenty-nine years and three months.
The dramatic activity of Marlowe comprises of six years starting from 1587 to 1593. During these years he has written six exceptionally beautiful plays that reflect his essential spirit and nature mainly full of passion and poetry. Each drama mainly reflects some wild intemperate passion that eventually reaches height until it destroys itself. The lust for empire, power, lucre, knowledge forms the main background of all the plays. Some of the works of Marlowe are illustrated below.
“Tamburlaine” was Marlowe’s first powerful play. It is the story of a Scythian shepherd who dreams of world conquest and achieves his aspiration magnificently. But the drama also has many drawbacks like a weak plot. The scheme seems to be nay and absurd. Tamburlaine symbolizes indomitable human will, strength, and courage. His fearless vision charms everyone Overall Tamburlaine is considered to be one of the most beautiful works of Marlowe in which the morning starts of his poetry sing together.
Then comes “The Tragical History of Dr.Faustus which is another masterpiece. The story revolves around Faustus, a scholar who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for gaining universal knowledge. The story contains conflict, failure, intense. emotions. The central theme is the loss that comes repeatedly again and again.
” The Jew of Malta” is also considered to be Marlowe’s most popular work where Barbaras, the Mediterranean moneylender with its evil dreams of wealth foreshadows Shakespeare’s Shylock. Some say that it is dedicated to the spirit of Machiavelli. Overall when compared to the previous two plays, this play is way bitter and stronger than them.
“The Massacre of Paris” is generally considered to be Marlowe’s crudest work. The play bears some magnificent speeches emotional lines and glorious touches of tragedy. But the characters are finely developed and the plot is weak.
Finally Edward the Second which is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Marlowe in which we find certain touches of his highest point of excellence. It is a great historical and political play. It is different from most of his other plays in many ways. The plot is strong and the characters are perfectly well developed. It is absolutely capable of touching our emotions and imagination just like Shakespearean tragedies. Edward the Second is the artistic beauty of an exceptionally talented writer-Marlowe.

Victorian women poets.

The term Victorian age is often used to cover the whole of the nineteenth century. Queen Victoria came into the throne in 1837. And this era gave rise to numerous exceptionally talented scholars. The two famous female poets along with their details have been discussed below.
Christina Georgina Rossetti was a victorian woman poet who wrote a variety of Romantic, devotional, and children’s poems. Rossetti began writing down from 1842, initially mostly imitating her favorite poets. From 1847 she began experimenting with verse forms such as sonnets, hymns, ballads, drawing narratives from the Bible, folklore, and the lives of the saints. Her most famous collections ‘Goblin Market and other poems’ appeared in 1862. It received widespread critical praise, establishing her as the main female poet of the time. With the death of Elizabeth Barrett Browning in 1861, Rossetti was her natural successor.’ Goblin Market can be seen as an allegory about temptation and salvation, a commentary on Victorian gender roles and female agency, and work about erotic desire and social redemption.In1892, Rossetti wrote ‘The face of the Deep’, a book of devotional prose. Her poetry collections include’ ‘ The prince’s Progress and other Poems,’ Speaking Likenesses’,’The Political Works of Christina Rossetti’etc. Some critics and scholars of the twentieth century and post twentieth century began to explore Freudian themes in her work, such as religious and sexual redemption. Her work strategy influences writers like Virginia Woolf, Ford Madox Ford, Philip Larkin, and Hopkins. Her fictions include Common Plays and other Stories’
Another famous Victorian female poet was Elizabeth Barrette Browning. She was one of the most prominent poets of the victorian era. Her first known poem was written at the age of six-‘On the Cruelty of Forcement to Man’Her first collection of poems essay on Mind with Other Poems was published in 1826 and reflected her passion for Byron and Greek politics. She opposed slavery and published two poems highlighting the barbarity of slaves and her support for the abolishionalist cause. The poems opposing slavery include’ The RunwaySlave at Pilgrim’s Point’, and ‘A Curse for a Nation’.In the first, she describes the experience of a slave woman who is whipped, raped, and made pregnant as she curses the slaves. In 1838′ The Seraphim and Other Poems’ appeared, the first volume of Elizabeth’s mature poetry to appear under her own name. Between 1841and 1844 Barrett Browning was prolific in poetry, translation, and prose. The poem’ Cry of the Children’ published in Blackwood’sMagazine condemned child labor and helped to bring about child labor reforms. In 1844, she published two volumes of poems which included ‘A Drama of Exile’, ‘A Vision of Poets’, and ‘Lady Geraldine’s Courtship’.Two of her most famous poems were ‘Sonnets from the Portuguese’ and ‘Aurora Leigh’.Much of her work carries a religious theme. She was interested in theological debates, had learned Hebrew, and read the Hebrew Bible. In ‘Aurora Leigh’ She created the character of a strong and independent woman who embraces both work and love. A five-volume scholarly edition of her works was published in 2010, the first in over a century.

Corona virus- a danger to the society. By Debalina Mukherjee.

Corona Virus disease is an infectious disease that is caused by a newly discovered virus called novel corona virus. It is an acute infectious respiratory disease. Most of the people who get infected develop mid symptoms withing 14 days and older people having underlying diseases like blood pressure, diabetes,chronic respiratory disease like asthma, cancer, cardio vascular problems become seriously ill. In many cases ventilation is required for severly affected people. Sadly there is no specific medication or vaccine to treat this disease. Symptoms may differ from person to person.
Common symptoms include fever, dry cough and tiredness. Less common symptoms include aches and pains,sore throat,diarrhoea,conjunctivitis,headache,loss of taste or smell,a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes. Serious symptoms include difficulty breathing or shortness of breath,chest pain or pressure,loss of speech or movement. The viris is transfered from the infected to someone theough droplets when the parient caughs, sneezes or talks.It t may also transfer if a normal person touches the surface having the virus. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ goes an old saying. So in order to protect oneself one hust wash hands with soap for atleast 20 seconds or use an alcohol based sanitizer frequently. Avoiding close contact and mass gatherings and wearing masks are best option now.Doctors are advicing not to touch mouth and nose unnecessarily.
Researchers and health experts are saying that novel corona virus has originated in pangolins and bats. The first infected was found in Wuhan, China. And after that it started spreading rapidly. Around 80%of people get cured with proper treatment and it is not as dangerous as cancer but it might kill people who are immunocompromised.Parients with mild symptoms can recover within two to three weeks but those who show severe symptoms may take more than six weeks to recover. On March 11 World Health Organization declared COVID 19 a pandamic. It has spread to more that 170 countries.It has affected the countries economically as well. The world economy has gone down and current the whole world is suffering loss in different spheres. Continuous research work is going on for discovering vaccines. Many developed countries are trying their best fo cope up with the situation.Globally 3,705,907 confirmed cases have been reported out of which 256,651 people have died. In India, the mortality rate is 3.42% approx. Till 31 st of March there were twelve countries who had no corona positive case. 7 countries from Africa and five countries from Asia.Corona virus has not spread in Europe, South America, and North America..African countries like South Sudan, Comoros, Malawi, Botswana, Burundi, Sierra Leone, and Sao Tome and Principe had no positive cases. Among the Asian countries, no cases were found in North Korea, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Yemen. Among all the negatives the only hope is that Bharat BioTech’s COVAXIN gets ready for clinical trials.Bharat BioteBiotech has said that the vaccine is safe and can be used. Not only India but the whole world is having an eye on the vaccine.

Loneliness and its consequences by Debalina Mukherjee.

When the whole world is locked within their rooms due to this covid 19 pandemic many of us are feeling lonely, sad and depressed.So I would like to tell each individual who is reading this that you are not alone. We are all together in this. We are not alone.Lets fight our fears and be happy. Talk to your inner self.. Believe that you are capable of fighting and we shall overcome this situation very soon..
Loneliness is something that we all suffer in today’s world. There is no age boundary regarding this actually.Usually students shift to hostels or different state and countries for higher studies or job. There in the new environment they take time to adjust and reciprocate. Loneliness is the common thing thing that grasps them. They feel loneny, out of their comfort sone and miss their near ones terribly. Depression is another dangerous disease that attacts them in most cases. Despite of having friends they suffer from anxiety and depression. People develop different addictions like consuming drugs and alcohol which have adverse effect on their health and career.
Again in case of aged people whose children live far away from then also suffer from loneliness. What our near ones actually want from us is love and our gime. Sadly in today’s competitive word people hardly have time for anything.All are running in a rat race in order to survive. Aged people need more care love and affection.when they faail to get it they become lonely sad and depressed. It affects their mental and physical health to a great extend.
When such things are going on all over the world we all must talk to ourselves as I have already mentioned.It will give satisfaction.It will help us to fight better. Doing meditation and yoga helps in this context.One can easily get bact to old hobbies like reading,writing, painting or browsing old photo albums. But one should never neglect such problems like depression, anxiety. Feeling lonely can create many problems ehich have bad consequences. It is said thatam empty and sad mind is a devil’s den. Do talking to exprets regarding this can really help. Fell free to consult a psychiatrist in such case.
Loneliness the Demon.
One fears loneliness and so do I,
One faces loneliness and so do I,
Amongst the thousands one tends to loose the very identity and so do I,
Its like the demon who grabs the arms in dark,
It engulfs the ability to think, to desire,to prosper
It conquers the power to imagine ,to proceed and to succeed,
When one night it penitrated me to the fullest,
I tried to resist but all in vain
I waited for the atmosphere to change;
But it changed for the worst
And all of a sudden a voice interrupted and resumed my consciousness,
And now as i behold i find my reflection,
Subconsciously i realize the very fact that
Am not alone,.
for i am encompassed by my own self that resides deep inside me that saved me that night..
Everyone has an inner self just as i possess
Grant her your friendship just as i do
And u will notice loneliness closes its doors for you…