On 23rd of  June,2020 in a press conference held by Yoga Guru ,Ramdev Baba launched the “Coronil Kit”. As claimed by Baba Ramdev  ,the Coronil Kit is the only solution found till date against the pandemic. It is the first clinically  ,researched and tested medicine carried upon 280 patients in Haridwar, Delhi ,Meerut and Ahmedabad. The medicine which is  a joint effort by Patanjali Research Institute and National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur  has shown 100% recovery rate in 7 days ,while 69% recovered within 3 days of time. During the launch, he continuously talked about immediately releasing the evidence of the research.

Coronil Kit

The corona kit consists of 3 medicines ,one of which is in liquid form, while the other two are in tablet form. The main ingredients in the tablet are Giloy, Tulsi and Ashvagandha. The entire kit costs around Rs.545. The kit would be available for free ,for those below the poverty line. The dosage prescribed for patients aged between 15-80 years of age is 2-2 tablet every half an hour after food ,to be taken along hot water. Whilst for those between the age of 6-14 years, would be given half the amount prescribed. The medicine would be initially available in the  Patanjali stores, but they’re very soon going to launch the e-commerce app, “Order Me” for online delivery.

According to the Government prescribed rules, any effort made without the permission from Ayush Ministry, is worthless. The Ayush Ministry has called for the full details about the medicine, since it’s unknown to them. They’ve  restricted them from advertising or selling the product, without their approval. The full details of the name of the company of the medicine, sample size ,the hospital where research is conducted. They’ve even asked the Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority to provide copy of the license issued to them. The Uttarakhand State Licensing Authority reported that Patanjali at the time of applying for the license, didn’t mention about the Covid-19.Instead ,they’d only approved license for being immunity boaster ,and cough ,fever. As a result, the Ayush Ministry issued circular by claim of misleading information, fake claims and misbranding. Before commenting anything on whether Patanjali violated the Protocol or not, they ’re waiting for the documents.

Recent news have proved how Patanjali had planned it to be a strategic move to earn lots of money , but seem to be failing instead. They’re in a total mess right now ,like the proper protocol for such trials is completely missing, besides having discrepancy with the CTRI. Inconsistencies which’ve risen have proved that only 100 were there for the trial  ,instead of 280 patients as reported. Out of this 100,half had taken the placebo drugs and only those patients who showed mild to moderate symptoms were the chosen ones.

Ayurveda has been an age long belief of Hindus, believing it has power to  cure them of any disease they want. Ramdev Baba had even before claimed of curing homosexuality, and had offered medicine with the power to make women conceive male child. It is because of such beliefs that Patanjali is now valued at Rs.3000 crore, and every here and now comes out with schemes to make money at the cost of people’s trust.