Black magic in layman’s term ,is the use of magic/supernatural power for evil purposes. We  need to understand that black magic  is nothing but energy. Energy could be either divine or evil. It’s up to us how we take it. A beautiful example of this is electricity. Electricity is used by us for our daily life  purposes like cooling, heating, etc ,while on the  other hand it can be also be used for giving electric shocks to people in order to torture them.

The Story

A house in my neighbourhood which was reportedly rumoured haunted, had been shut for years. Until recently when a small family of four people moved into the city. It was only  after  a few days of stay, that they’d seen a skull on their door, filled with blood. As expected ,it scared the hell out of them and tried contacting the local “tantriks”, suspecting it could be a case of black magic. The tantrik visited the place, and said it’s been surrounded by negative spirits. All this eventually led to the downfall of the family ,as they got affected badly and faced a financial crisis. As a solution to the problem, he demanded Rs.50000 to perform the rituals. Months passed by, but when the family condition didn’t improve, they decided to shift. Later to the amusement of  all, it  was found that this was a prank played by the teenagers in neighbourhood. It was not because of the  black magic, but because of getting psychological affected that their condition deteriorated.

A lot of people may think that West Bengal is the hotspot, but looking to the number of rising cases of black magic in Kerala, it can be called a rumour. In order to curb the growing number of black magic cases in Kerala and to spread awareness across the country  ,they brought “The Anti-Superstition And Black Magic” bill. The basic right of people were exploited, specially menstruating girls who were isolated in name of Black Magic. According to the bill, anyone doing anything in name of black magic would be punishable by law. The penalty under the offence is imprisonment up to 1 year, or a fine ranging from Rs. 5000 to Rs.1 lakh .In case of death ,it would be reported under the section 300 of IPC. The popular tantriks of kerala have agents, who have their packages planned for clients.

Not a lot of people are aware that lately, Bengaluru is in the process of being the next hub of Black Magic ,besides being known as the “IT Capital of India”. It’s common not only in the corporate culture, but also amongst the lovers. Owing to the high demand, people are ready to pay  anything sum of amount. Black magic do exist, but to some extent. There is not much science behind it though. It could only affect us to some extent, the rest is up to us. If we’re mentally and physically string we can easily overcome ,without coming under pressure. Black magic can even be used for positive purposes like transforming lives, health. However, in a country like India where people are influenced by age old sayings, the negative influence is more than the positive influence. We can however protect ourselves from black magic,be focusing on the right type of energy.