Board games not only kill time, but also entertain. This statement was of no worth  to people before the lockdown. Only on been locked inside our houses for 2 months along with our families, it felt like we ‘re  going  back in flashback  to our fun-filled summer holidays in childhood .In my opinion , this lockdown was the best time for my family to gel along with each other, and play some of the best board games. There is a list of my personal favourite board games to kill time.

Monopoly-Monopoly is  one of the most popular board game  played,  having license in over 103 countries. It is  a 2-8 players game, for anyone above the age of 8 years. The players roll over two six sided dice, to buy and trade over the properties. The players go on to place their  houses and rents over their properties, with the hope of the opponent landing there and paying more. It comes in around 21 unique editions, and it’ s price  varies from Rs.350-Rs.3000.It’s actually based on the economic concept of “Monopoly”, which means a single identity dominating over the market.

Cluedo(Rs. 649)- Cluedo is a murder mystery game ,for either 2-6 players or 3-6 players depending upon the variation. This is for anyone above the age of  8 years. There are six players, where each one play one suspect, and everyone with the help of clues , collected from moving around the board game object of the game have to determine the victim, and the weapon used to murder. This game involve strategically thinking , and narrowing down by deducing the culprit.

Scrabble(Rs.749)-Scrabble is a word game played in 121 countries,  and available in 29 languages. The game is played by 2-4 players, in a square shaped 15*15 grid, where players with the help of letters embedded tiles, have to make works crossword. The words should be of a standard lexicon, and can be placed either horizontally in a row, or vertical as in columns. At a time, there should be 7 tiles with them ,nothing more or less than that. Each letter have different points. At the end ,the players to  have the highest score wins the game.

Sequence(rs.999)-This is one of the best and easiest card games to play for 2-12 players. It is the best for all ages. All we need here to win this game is a little bit of strategy , and loads of luck. The players have to make a sequence , a row of five chips, similar to the ones used in poker, on  top of the card pictures. It’s a simple,yet challenging board game for fun.

The Game Of Life-This board game is sometimes referred to as the “Life” game. In this game ,2-6 players have to travel down their path ,choosing their own actions. It has a spinner in the center, where each one would be taking turns and cruise through life. Each player has to collect money with their own token money . At the end, when all the players have retired, the one with most amount of wealth, wins the game.Depending on the quality ,the price varies in the range of Rs.899-Rs. 11200.

What has brought together families this pandemic, may also be useful in our future. The board games culture could give the parents a ray of hope, wishing their children lead their lives normally, away from the fear of  being addicted to mobile phones. This game’s   will surely reinvent our lives, and make us  forget our quarantine for sometime.