First of all , we need to understand what is “doomsurfing”. Doomsurfing is  a a newly discovered lexicon, which has been quite trendy  in the news articles and social media accounts during this pandemic time. Doomsurfing is basically a tendency to continuously keep scrolling or surfing through bad news, without having much control over themselves to step back/stop. Despite of showing disheartening and depressing content, user’s keep on surfing. This term was first used by someone in twitter  where it gained popularity two years back, in October 2018.

 Another term which have been gaining rounds is “Doomscrolling”. It is referred to as the overuse of screen time , in absorption of depressing news. This news was recently mentioned by Los Angeles Times in their article about how Covid-19 have given rise to new lexicons. Doom means evil, or dark. Eventually , it is referred to as someone’s fate, the kind where we’ll are headed to in our future. Surfing, on the other hand is referred to as the term used for browsing the internet. It has become so popular that Merriam Webster  have kept these two terms in their watchlist ,as they’re yet to clear the criteria. These were the most searched terms on the internet globally.

It’s human tendency to pay more attention to negative news, over positive news. You might not be the only ones who ‘ve become night–owls, there are many people like us who surf the internet for every minute detail possible about the news. We’re  making ourselves fall into deep, manmade rabbit holes, filled with coronavirus tention .This results in agitating ourselves to a extent that we loose our peace of mind, and the comfort of night-sleep. This pandemic have led a lot of people including me , to think that we’ve literally  got hold of the disease due to overthinking .We keep on scrolling because it’s human tendency to prioritize bad news .It has been successful  in creating illusion like situation.

It had been proved in the  2019 study that Doomscrolling effects may not necessarily be bad.For people who are phone addicts, social media could prove to be a great chance to overcome their weakness by communicating. While , on the other hand people who are poor at communicating by the medium of  social media platform may be in a state of stress, anxiety. The way we comprehend the information depends upon our mental state.

Over this short span of time, there has been constant stream of media  whether it is for Covid-19 ,protest over racial discrimination or talks about India’s relation with China and Nepal , the list has been never-ending. However, we can eventually get over these by bringing small changes in our lives. If we restrict ourselves and makes schedules for surfing like twice a day, our lifestyle can get back on track. After  having read the information online, we should find ways to exchange those news with our peer groups and family, in order  to get hold of their viewpoint on such issues. We should try and switch over to offline modes of entertainment like television, reading books, spending quality time with nature, etc.