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Battle of Tibet for a sense of identity

Tibet is one of the biggest victims of Human Right Violation to date. It was once an independent state headed by Dalai Lama (Spiritual and political Head of Tibet) but was forcefully annexed into China by then ruling of the People’s Republic of China. Since 1959, people of Tibet have been struggling for their rights such as Freedom of Expression, Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of Identity.
“These 50 years have brought untold suffering and destruction to the land and people of Tibet. Today, the religion, culture, language and identity … are nearing extinction; in short, the Tibetan people are regarded like criminals deserving to be put to death … However, the fact that the Tibet issue is alive and the international community is taking a growing interest in it is indeed an achievement. I have no doubt that the justice of Tibet’s cause will prevail, if we continue to tread the path of truth and nonviolence.” – The 14th Dalai Lama, 2009.
Tibet is a region on Tibetan Plateau in Asia, covering 2.4 million square kilometres, about ¼ of Total Chinese territory. It is the highest region on earth with a mean elevation of 4900 meters. Tibet holds strategic importance due to its proximity with India, the type of terrain it holds and It also is a centre of Buddhist Religion.
Tibetan dispute dates back a century, Tibet declared independence after falling of Qing Dynasty and kept function as Independent protectorate till 1959.
Tibetans signed a seventeen point agreement, handing over their sovereignty to the People’s Republic of China. Now China uses this very document as their validation over Tibet.
1959- In Lhasa full-scale uprising broke out, tens of thousands die in brutal suppression by Chinese. Tibet was invaded by some 30000 Chinese troops who tortured, molested and raped an estimated 1.2 Lakh Tibetans. Dalai Lama’s government was exiled.
Dalai Lama was offered refuge by India. About 1 lakh people followed Dalai Lama to India and took refuge here, they were made to lose their homeland, to preserve their cultural and religious identity.
1965- Chinese authorities recognized Tibet as T.A.R. (Tibetan Autonomous Region). China retaliated the Indian move of providing Dalai Lama refuge by waging war against India.
1987- Dalai Lama asks to establish Tibet as a zone of peace and reinitiate dialogue for betterment of Tibet and it’s people.
1988- China imposed martial law in Tibet after a serious of riots as the initiations of Dalai Lama failed considerably.
1989- Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as the International community recognized his contribution and selfless efforts to establish peace.
• Present Scenario
This region is administered by China as T.A.R..Tibetans accuse China of carrying large scale Human Rights Violation and changing the outlook of the region by promoting large scale migration of Han people.
Chinese authority always responds to demonstrations by Tibetan people by further restricting already strict norms and snatching basic rights such as freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of religion. Journalists and Reporters are not allowed to report matters of Tibetan people, their grievances often fall on deaf ears.
It is a famous saying that to destroy any society one needs to destroy their faith, this very plan was appointed by China and about 6000 monasteries were destroyed.
In recent turns of events, United States planned to recognize Tibet as Independent as a way out to pressurize China, this move is purely political but still, it serves its purpose of concentrating Global Attention on Plight of Tibetan People for Independence.
By Shubham Yadav

Is media oversueing its freedom?

No matter how much people love to read the newspapers early mornings, with lukewarm tea, there’s always a keenness among the personages to get updated information, at every point of time. And they look up towards the digital media to get all the world’s knowledge. Apart from the media platforms that have come today, that, somewhere, are more unbiased and neutral, people still appeal towards the news channels that are being telecasted on the television due to less popularity of those on social media platforms and that can only be accessed through internet and digital media.

In such an era, as this, news channels have become the best medium to convey the news of every minute, even seconds. They are always try to find interesting ways to give the best to the audiences through debates, showcasing interesting news, and speaking up equivocally. Today most of them have all the world’s freedom to speak up and provide every pros and cons of any happening around the world, and they actually does. But, unfortunately, they have surpassed all the limits of freedom and autarky, and those end up showing the news and the information that is in favour of their sponsors and government whom so ever they have sold themselves to. Always wondering the reason behind such doings? Found out, it is actually for the sake of popularity, as well as to “be the good guy of the room” whether we believe it or not, in some way or the other, they show us, at last, what they really want us to believe and perceive.

Either they telecast such news that is all hot and debated amongst political parties, or nothing at all. The use of language in their headlines, is also something that is to be worried on, beyond imagination, too pathetic and so to say, low quality to handle. And it is because of such stuff, people come under believing in those news that are even not that tension worthy, leaving behind the happenings that are to be focused on. Again, if we talk about how they have created a mess among the people, who are no one, but believes what is being shown to them, sometimes they come up with such facts and datas that are nowhere in the history, nobody has ever mentioned that.

For instance, the recent incident of Chinese troops’ standoff on the Indian borders, is telecasted on and off the television again and again, claiming that the Chinese Army has been terrified by the revert back of the Indian Army. And they are proudly claiming and rejoicing that all the way in their news, which is a really worth appreciating. But, the picture behind the scenes isn’t made clear to the public yet; it is the Chinese cyber attacks that is also a big and a disaster for Indian IT sectors, that is unluckily not been promoted to show up on the television screens of millions of Indians, leaving them untouched from the reality.

Although,media did, does, and is doing such an appreciable work all the time, every single minute, faster it is than the print media and has given all the freedom to provide information, quality information to its viewers. But, certainly, their quality, the news that they display over the television screens have got limited with time and space;certainly due to enormous pressure of their sponsors. Which is why, “news channels must start wearing sponser jackets, like Nascar drivers, then we know who owns them.

Unshed Tears: The Pain of a Repressed Woman

When you’re sleeping peacefully at your home, some painful noises are being suppressed, or even lose their lives. Yes, the crime rates haven’t gone down even in this pandemic; instead, it has surged up a lot. Domestic violence, brutal behaviour towards women are prevalent these days. A girl roaming freely suddenly gets her wings cut and, in some cases, tied to someone who doesn’t even value her priorities and feelings. These women suffer a lot, made to work without any rest, misbehaviour among them is common, which we generally observe, but some people straightforwardly neglect them on the face when they ask for help. What’s wrong with society? Don’t they have a soul for those who want to enjoy and be part of the happiness shared in this world? Do the constitution rights make us so free that we can do anything we wish for ourselves? This behaviour is wrong, and the current generation mindset gets diverted to the wrong path.

A woman is crying and expressing her pain.
A woman is depicting her pain by clasping her face to hide tears.

Almost 35 percent of women have experienced some physical violence or mental tortures around the world. More than 58 percent of women get killed by their partners or family members. One hundred thirty-seven women die when their member of the family kills them. Nearly 49 percent of all human trafficking victims are adult women. According to an estimation, over 650 million women and girls in the world today get married before age 18 termed as child marriage, as mentioned in most country laws. These marriages often result in early pregnancy and social isolation; schooling gets abandoned; their opportunities get seized and increases more risk of experiencing domestic violence brutally every day. Globally, one out of three students get bullied by their fellow mates in the school.

A woman is screaming to express her pain.
A woman is screaming in grief.

The UN officially mentioned the above facts. There are many misconceptions across the globe. Sati, one of the historical practices followed in India, where women sacrifice their souls for their husbands’ death. Great enthusiasts like Raja Rammohan Roy, along with Lord William Bentinck, were able to stop the practice. But now, even if a voice gets raised, a thousand question is asked as a follow-up. One who’s already ashamed and shocked by the heinous crime made towards these women, how can they speak up for themselves? They need full support from society. What can we do to stop this? We can make people aware of the pain a woman suffers throughout their entire life. We can stand against the existing laws and create a revolution to curb such crimes, make stricter laws, and deploy faster court proceedings. They should get justice right on time. Just by rallying with candles across the streets won’t bring the change until the demons of the malpractices are caught and punished on time. These prisoners usually escape due to ease in the judiciary system and loopholes in the current policies. This issue requires a lot of attention before it is too late. Save the future and build a positive society around us. Otherwise, these will end up in a huge disaster.