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Battle of Tibet for a sense of identity

Tibet is one of the biggest victims of Human Right Violation to date. It was once an independent state headed by Dalai Lama (Spiritual and political Head of Tibet) but was forcefully annexed into China by then ruling of the People’s Republic of China. Since 1959, people of Tibet have been struggling for their rights such as Freedom of Expression, Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of Identity.
“These 50 years have brought untold suffering and destruction to the land and people of Tibet. Today, the religion, culture, language and identity … are nearing extinction; in short, the Tibetan people are regarded like criminals deserving to be put to death … However, the fact that the Tibet issue is alive and the international community is taking a growing interest in it is indeed an achievement. I have no doubt that the justice of Tibet’s cause will prevail, if we continue to tread the path of truth and nonviolence.” – The 14th Dalai Lama, 2009.
Tibet is a region on Tibetan Plateau in Asia, covering 2.4 million square kilometres, about ¼ of Total Chinese territory. It is the highest region on earth with a mean elevation of 4900 meters. Tibet holds strategic importance due to its proximity with India, the type of terrain it holds and It also is a centre of Buddhist Religion.
Tibetan dispute dates back a century, Tibet declared independence after falling of Qing Dynasty and kept function as Independent protectorate till 1959.
Tibetans signed a seventeen point agreement, handing over their sovereignty to the People’s Republic of China. Now China uses this very document as their validation over Tibet.
1959- In Lhasa full-scale uprising broke out, tens of thousands die in brutal suppression by Chinese. Tibet was invaded by some 30000 Chinese troops who tortured, molested and raped an estimated 1.2 Lakh Tibetans. Dalai Lama’s government was exiled.
Dalai Lama was offered refuge by India. About 1 lakh people followed Dalai Lama to India and took refuge here, they were made to lose their homeland, to preserve their cultural and religious identity.
1965- Chinese authorities recognized Tibet as T.A.R. (Tibetan Autonomous Region). China retaliated the Indian move of providing Dalai Lama refuge by waging war against India.
1987- Dalai Lama asks to establish Tibet as a zone of peace and reinitiate dialogue for betterment of Tibet and it’s people.
1988- China imposed martial law in Tibet after a serious of riots as the initiations of Dalai Lama failed considerably.
1989- Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as the International community recognized his contribution and selfless efforts to establish peace.
• Present Scenario
This region is administered by China as T.A.R..Tibetans accuse China of carrying large scale Human Rights Violation and changing the outlook of the region by promoting large scale migration of Han people.
Chinese authority always responds to demonstrations by Tibetan people by further restricting already strict norms and snatching basic rights such as freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of religion. Journalists and Reporters are not allowed to report matters of Tibetan people, their grievances often fall on deaf ears.
It is a famous saying that to destroy any society one needs to destroy their faith, this very plan was appointed by China and about 6000 monasteries were destroyed.
In recent turns of events, United States planned to recognize Tibet as Independent as a way out to pressurize China, this move is purely political but still, it serves its purpose of concentrating Global Attention on Plight of Tibetan People for Independence.
By Shubham Yadav



While Racism is often thought of a problem that does not exist in today’s world, we forget that Apartheid was only abolished in South Africa in 1994, which was less than 30 years ago.

Slavery was abolished in the US in 1865. Yet, Racism extends beyond slavery and exists in every form of discrimination against a particular Race.
Racism is still very much prevalent in the United States. This led to the rise of the Black Lives Matter or #BLM movement.
While one needs to understand why Racism is still prevalent, it is also important to not confuse this social evil with colourism.
Racism is discrimination against a particular race, while colourism is discrimination based on your skin tone or colour of your skin.
Racism in America is often confused with colourism as the people discriminated against are from the African American community and have darker skin.

When you picture modern-day racism in the States, you picture a person screaming the n-word at an African American. But Racism exists in different forms. It’s there in your head every time you grip your purse tighter while passing by a Black man.
It’s there when white people walk around with semi-automatic rifles, without facing any consequences, but 911 is dialled when 9-year-old Ahmed made a clock that looked “similar” to a time bomb.
It’s there when the police do not take any action against white people protesting against the much-needed lockdown, but shoots rubber bullets at Black people protesting against police brutality.
It’s there when a white man in uniform is allowed to murder a black man in broad daylight by putting his knee down on his neck as he mutters again and again helplessly that he can’t breathe.

Racism exists in the justice system of the USA too.

The CGTN reported that “The U.S. is notorious for putting more people in prison than any other country: its prison population accounts for over 20 per cent of the world’s total, according to the Prison Policy Initiative.

And African Americans are incarcerated at a much higher rate than anyone else.

For every 100,000 black residents, 1,134 were in prison, compared to 218 for whites.”

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, about 40% of African Americans are homeless in the US, while they make up roughly 13% of the population.

While I’d love to focus more on the USA and dismantle systemic Racism for you but, unlike what American Sitcoms believe, there are other places in this world besides the United States.

Let’s move to Libya. If you thought slavery was not legal worldwide, you thought wrong. While it has been abolished in almost all countries, it still isn’t criminalised in as many as 94 countries.
In November 2017, a CNN investigation shocked the world, as they exposed actual slave auctions.
In 2016, 1.130% of the Libyan population lived in modern slavery.
According to a report by Time, many refugees attempting to flee war and poverty and reach Europe by sea get caught in Libya and are kept in “horrific” detention centres where they are vulnerable to being beaten, raped, and sold as slave labour.

In the UK, systemic Racism is very much prevalent today.
According to, Police powers and procedures, England and Wales year ending March 2019, Black people were six times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police, than white people.
The Independent reported that “Stop-and-search rates between 2018 and 2019 show that black people are now nearly 10-times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police than white people. This has contributed to far higher arrest rates for black people than for white people.”

The UK’s Annual Population Survey revealed that black people are also paid less on average than white people.

According to a report published by Oxygen, “India is home to the largest number of enslaved people in the world. An estimated 18,354,700 people, or 1.40% of the population, are reportedly living in modern slavery, which includes intergenerational bonded labour, forced child labour, forced marriage, and commercial sexual exploitation, among other forms.”
Free the Slaves reported that poor villagers, in particular, are vulnerable to being enslaved due to debt bondage and bonded labour.
According to Oxygen, “India’s intelligence agency advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discredit the September 2017 report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Australian rights group Walk Free Foundation. The United Nations defended its research, according to Reuters. (Walk Free Foundation published a separate report earlier about India estimates — ILO did not single out countries.) The labour ministry vowed to rescue 18 million bonded labourers by 2030.” Similar problems exist both in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

According to The Wire, despite multiple criticisms, Uttar Pradesh, the state with the highest population in India, is in the process of “promulgating the Uttar Pradesh Temporary Exemption from Certain Labour Laws Ordinance, 2020 that suspends the operation of all labour laws applicable to factories and manufacturing establishments in the state for three years, with the exception of the Bonded Labour System”, in an attempt to lure foreign investors by providing cheap labour, to strengthen the falling economy.

But India’s racism problem extends beyond modern-day slavery. North-East Indians and South Indians often fall prey to this social evil in India. While North East Indians are compared to the Chinese and fall prey to violence whenever International Relations go south with the Chinese government, South Indians are mostly discriminated against for belonging to a complex culture and social background and a darker skin tone.

While to many, Racism presents itself to be the root problem, lurking in its shadows is White Supremacy – The belief that White people are superior to people of other races. Systemic Racism thrives in the US because the system allows it to. The system was designed by White Supremacists, and (surprise-surprise) most of them owned slaves. The system is not broken. It’s working exactly as it was designed. Systemic Racism allows White people to hold power over African Americans, both socially and economically.
The belief that a certain race is superior to others is what leads to discrimination and in many cases genocide.
We see examples of this throughout history, like what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany, or what happens to Bahujans in India.

The Black Lives Matter movement made a great impact only because it threatened to dismantle the very system that allowed George Floyd to be murdered in broad daylight by men in uniform. The protesters made sure they were heard even in the middle of a pandemic. The movement soon spread across the globe and people started demanding accountability from the police and to defund the police.
While the movement did not meet all of its goals, George Floyd’s killers are in prison today and are facing second-degree murder charges.
Someone says that whenever you call out racism, it’s like taking two steps forward and moving one step backwards. And it’s true; many people were injured during the protests.
But isn’t that what they want you to do? To give up? To stop speaking out? To make their jobs easier?
As Detective Santiago in the popular sitcom Brooklyn99 said, “Two steps forward and one step backwards, is still one step forward.”

The past is a permanent dimension of human consciousness and values

Never let the past overburden you, but always let it teach you

India, i. e. “Bharat” is the land of diversified cultures and values, beholding in herself the flavours of the longest epics such as “Mahabharata”,stories of valor of Maharana Pratap, struggle of the great social reforms of the 19th century, Rajaram Mohan Roy, Eshwar Chandra Vidyasaagar, Rani laxmi bai, Pandita Ramabai, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and many more great souls.

Human revolution is one of the most extraordinary phenomenons that took place on the earth. Beginning with inventions of fire and wheel by Humans, to the use of complex iron and copper tools and development of settled livelihood, humans are the most advanced creatures on the planet. But with this great advancement and the ambitions of humans which tend to never end, the most capable animal HUMAN turned wild, mean, consumerist, capitalist and above all self obsessed. The increased volume of practices such as, corruption, crony-capitalism, smuggling, theft, events of eve teasing, rape, sexual assaults etc. and etc. has let the whole human community down.

People have gone out of their senses in this hectic and fast growing world, racing for acquiring wealth and power. The question is, have all of these problems not existed prior 21st century!? The answers to this is that off course these kind of heinous crimes existed earlier as well but this is the power of humans to cope with these situations. History itself is the witness that even during the later Vedic period with emergence of Manusrimti, not only women but the so called lower casts or “shudras” and vaishyas also have to go through discrimination and ill treatment of the Brahaminical class. But people during those times got their ideals in enlightened figures – Gautam Buddha and Mahavira. The two acknowledged figures stood against such practices and showed the path of truth and non violence. Even Mahatma Gandhi during his lifetime took inspiration from these principles and values. These principles were largely about “human salvation, consciousness of mind and soul and humanity.

The epics of Ramayana, Mahabharata and the story of Jesus Christ, all revolve around great deeds of humanity, dharma, sacrifices etc. People around the world today worship one or the other forms of God, be it Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Jews worshiping Jesus or Muslims worshiping Mohammed Prophet. But do they really worship them for attaining peace and consciousness? Or just for the sake of their own well being and prosperity?! To worship should mean to follow their teachings of love, humanity, ethical values, dharma etc. These religious epics- Quran, Bible, Geeta are the richest sources of human values.

If we move a little forward in history and throw attention towards the great movements of medieval times around the world such as Sufi movement, Bhakti movement etc. we get the evidences of reforms in the original forks of worship, turning the society into more contemporary and realistic forms of profession of devotion towards god and mankind. These movements condemned all forms of cruelty towards humans as well as animals and taught the lesson of mysticism. These emphasized on direct connection with god or the good of everyone. The world today is heading towards India and looking upon it to be a path maker in the field of meditation and yoga, the practices which are a source of escape from the inhumane world into a world where it has patience, peace, love and satisfaction. These virtues has enabled the man to first think and then act.

There is no denial to the fact that past and especially 19th century has shown the world one of the most cruel phase of humanity. The practices of sati, untouchability, child marriage, bonded labour, mass killings of Jews (under Nazism), polygamy, Purdah system and many more were written in Black letters in the history. But all of this came to an end with the tireless efforts of such great human beings as Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who stick stick to his principles despite huge criticism from society and even family. It was his efforts which led to laws such as Abolition of Sati Act. Other great personality is Eshwar Chandra Vidyasaagar whose efforts brought in existence the law of widow Remarriage Act. Leaders like Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Jyotiba Phule, Mahatma Gandhi, their whole life advocated for abolition of untouchability. Female warriors of those times- Savitribai Phule, Sarojini Naidu, Mother Teresa were, are, and will always be inspiration for the world to strive for achieving equal status for women, poor, unprivileged. These great souls have taught us to work for human betterment, even without any personal gains.

Why can’t today the world look back for one and adopt these values and culture that we owned in the past. The incidents of cow slaughter and mob lynching are nothing but a slap on the face of teachings of Buddha, Mahavira and even ideals of Gandhiji. Abraham Lincoln one of the revolutionaries and a face of anti-black movement of America, fought with all his efforts against black racism in the U. S. A but the events of killing of black activists on the streets of U. S. A by officials is not something for which the nobel man had dream of. History is not just a source of knowledge of the past theories but is a treasure to look back at and learn to cope with the modern day problems destroying humanity and depriving the mankind and consciousness. It’s high time, the world should adopt the principle of Lord Mahavira

Live and let live.