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Unshed Tears: The Pain of a Repressed Woman

When you’re sleeping peacefully at your home, some painful noises are being suppressed, or even lose their lives. Yes, the crime rates haven’t gone down even in this pandemic; instead, it has surged up a lot. Domestic violence, brutal behaviour towards women are prevalent these days. A girl roaming freely suddenly gets her wings cut and, in some cases, tied to someone who doesn’t even value her priorities and feelings. These women suffer a lot, made to work without any rest, misbehaviour among them is common, which we generally observe, but some people straightforwardly neglect them on the face when they ask for help. What’s wrong with society? Don’t they have a soul for those who want to enjoy and be part of the happiness shared in this world? Do the constitution rights make us so free that we can do anything we wish for ourselves? This behaviour is wrong, and the current generation mindset gets diverted to the wrong path.

A woman is crying and expressing her pain.
A woman is depicting her pain by clasping her face to hide tears.

Almost 35 percent of women have experienced some physical violence or mental tortures around the world. More than 58 percent of women get killed by their partners or family members. One hundred thirty-seven women die when their member of the family kills them. Nearly 49 percent of all human trafficking victims are adult women. According to an estimation, over 650 million women and girls in the world today get married before age 18 termed as child marriage, as mentioned in most country laws. These marriages often result in early pregnancy and social isolation; schooling gets abandoned; their opportunities get seized and increases more risk of experiencing domestic violence brutally every day. Globally, one out of three students get bullied by their fellow mates in the school.

A woman is screaming to express her pain.
A woman is screaming in grief.

The UN officially mentioned the above facts. There are many misconceptions across the globe. Sati, one of the historical practices followed in India, where women sacrifice their souls for their husbands’ death. Great enthusiasts like Raja Rammohan Roy, along with Lord William Bentinck, were able to stop the practice. But now, even if a voice gets raised, a thousand question is asked as a follow-up. One who’s already ashamed and shocked by the heinous crime made towards these women, how can they speak up for themselves? They need full support from society. What can we do to stop this? We can make people aware of the pain a woman suffers throughout their entire life. We can stand against the existing laws and create a revolution to curb such crimes, make stricter laws, and deploy faster court proceedings. They should get justice right on time. Just by rallying with candles across the streets won’t bring the change until the demons of the malpractices are caught and punished on time. These prisoners usually escape due to ease in the judiciary system and loopholes in the current policies. This issue requires a lot of attention before it is too late. Save the future and build a positive society around us. Otherwise, these will end up in a huge disaster.