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Discover your calling

One good time, I was leafing through the pages of the book ” Who will cry when you die”.A master piece book authored by ‘Robin Sharma’. His books are helping people around the world live great lives.

The very first lesson of the book struck a chord in me when I first read it. It read ‘Discover your calling’. By this time I was caught up & couldn’t resist myself going through the description of the lesson and amaze myself. And the description went like this:-

“When I was growing up, my father said something to me, I will never forget, ” Son, when you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice.”

We live in an age when we have forgotten what life is all about. We can easily post a photo on Instagram and Facebook and read the comments and talk to unknown people, but we have trouble walking across the street to meet a new neighbor. At present almost every country have their own missiles which can target with pinpoint accuracy, but we have trouble keeping a family meeting in our home, hanging out with friends, visiting a library and reading books. We have lost touch with our humanity. We have lost touch with our purpose. We have lost sight of the things that matters the most. In this lesson he asks us to ponder over some questions:-

He says that one of the greatest lessons he has learned In his own life is that if we don’t act on life, life has a habit of acting on us. The days slip into weeks, weeks slup into months and the months slip into years. Pretty soon it’s all over and we are left with nothing more than a heart filled with over a life half lived. “What would we do if we could live our life over again? “

Before we answer to this question in deep sigh and say that “I’d like to be the person I could have been but never was. ” We need to find greater purpose of our life and invest our life in serving the humanity. We need make a lasting contribution through our work so that we can enjoy the journey of life before it is too late. We all have special talents that are just waiting to be engaged in a worthy pursuit. We are all here for some unique purpose, some noble objective that will allow us to manifest our highest human potential while we at the same time, add value to the lives around us. Finding our calling doesn’t mean we must leave the job we have now. It simply means we need to bring more of ourselves into our work and focus on the things we do best. It means we have to stop waiting for other people to make the changes we desire and as Mahatma Gandhi noted: “Be the change that you wish to see most in your world. “ And once you do, your life will change.


Courage to accept and dedication are two keys to success

The greatest glory of life lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

What if I fall? Waht if I could not succeed? What will be everyone’s perception? These are some questions which the part and parcel of everybody’s lives. Personages are worried thinking about the failures and it’s consequences there on. No, its not completely their own fault. It is the kind of mindset that everyone has acquired in this cut throat competitive world. Success is a must. Be it a kid of class first or a CEO of an MNC, nobody wants to face the shame of failure and want to succeed in a go. The question however is, does, everyone succeed? What happens to those who have to go through the misery of defeat?

Looking back to the history, since human civilized on the earth, the Homo Sapien is constantly striving hard to keep inventing and find new dimensions on the planet starting from invention of wheel to a space ship. All this could have been a reality because these great scientists maintained the spirit of never say die. Most of the scientists, be it Newton or Einstein, have failed miserably in their attempts hundreds of times, even because the laughing stock of the town, but, what they adhered was the ability and spirit to learn from their mistakes, and crown humanity with world’s most revolutionary inventions.

The world revers the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi who is known for his methods of satyagraha and non-violence. A lean man, wearing a dhoti with his efforts drove away the British from India. Isn’t it awkward that a saint like Gandhi, made mistakes too? Incidents from the Indian freedom struggle are an example of it. When Mahatma urged the folks to agitate peacefully and non-violentely, the incidences of violence were very common from different parts of the country. Gandhi understood his mistake and immediately called off his strike. He accepted where he fall short and came back with improvements with even more vigour. If a saint like him has the will and heart to accept his ahorr falls, then everyone can!

A lantern among such examples is Helen Keller. Being a blind, she have had immense sufferings all through her life. But, zhe challenged even the toughest of obstacles of her lives, learnt from them and has forever left her name, in the minds of mankind. In most of her beautiful words she had said –

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

The man behind the “theory of Black holes“, Stephen Hawking has set an example for the world as to how all physical barriers are too small to stop the willingness and dedication to achieve something. Human is the most cunning of all animals, excellent at making excuses for the mistakes. Instead of making the excuse, if one look at the other side of the coin, mankind has the ability to make the best out of those mistakes.”Experience is the best teacher in world ” is a popular saying, which most of us are aware to exist but only a few are aware enough to apply.

If the stories mentioned above are too great to apply then the motivation is not far from anybody. Seeing an ant crawling on the floor, most of the people try to block it’s path midway. But, does that make it stop then and there? She moves back, chooses a different path and heads towards her destination again. If an ant, who is nothing compared to an human size keeps with herself the courage to redefine hert path then why are humans lagging behind in the practice.

The biggest jolt is the number of increasing suicides because of failures in one or the other things. The peer pressure to perform good, excel in the field, not able to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, not able to earn a good amount of money and respect are few reasons cited behind the steps taken such as suicides. But the actual culprit is the narrow vision of the people which restrict s them from seeing the larger gains of failures. Nobody is willing to accept the mistakes in a world where they think, they are perfect and can never commit mistakes. This blindfold of pride and never changing attitude is the actual reason behind such cases. People somehow lack the desire to explore and pertain ignorance towards garnishing themselves.

No one is unaware of the great success story of Indian mars explorer mission – Mangalyaan, but the success story would be incomplete without the mention of the failure of its predecessor Mangalyaan -1. If the scientists never possessed the courage to gulp the failure and work harder on Mangalyaan -2, India could never have created the history and added feathers to its crown. The success stories of IAS officers are too fascinating to admire and learn. One of the most prominent lines all of these stories is the vigorous enthusiasm to learn from mistakes. The most horrible nightmares for an aspirant is the failure in the examination in first attempt. But, the stories of the officers demonstrate, how they cleared the examination in 2nd, 3rd attempt, or even last attempt. These lessons taught the world that persistence, patience and will work together to achieve goals as big as this. For a person unwilling to learn from experience even the last attempt is equivalent to the first.

People get depressed or disappointed in lives on tasting a sour chocolate from the box but they forget that as they keep on tasting, someday they will find the sweet one.

None is perfect in this world and it is obvious for everyone to make mistakes. But, it is the handling of the mistakes that differentiates an ordinary person from an extraordinary person

He who has courage will sail through.

How to become a SUCCESSFUL person

Want to be a successful person? Trying hard but still didn’t get the thing for what you deserve for? If yes , then trust me this article will change your life. You will be motivated enough after reading this article. You all questions are answered in this article. So without wasting more time let’s start this wonderful article..!


Believe me or not, but most of suicide cases are just because of this so called society pressure! What society think about us? What my parents do if, I fail? This are the common things that we think about in our daily life. Half of our failure is because of taking excessive pressure. but, ever you think what actually happen if you fail ? the answer is ‘Nothing’ no one actually put you in jail because of your own failure. No-one actually cares about failure. they just want an interesting topic to do gossip. and nothing else . At last its your failure. you have to understand that’s success and failure is all part of life.


We always avoid the work by saying that “we will do it tomorrow”. is that tomorrow ever come ? No because the next say the same cycle goes on. so the main thing is how we can avoid delaying our home-work, assignments and studies? the simple solution is to plan the things on time. Try to do things on time. make a Schedule. and also if it doesn’t work then stand up in the front of the mirror and ask yourself that “what you are actually doing” i know that sounds stupid but trust me it helps a lot. Daily analysing yourself and your work is the best key for success.

Stop Comparing

we compare ourself with others with no logic or clue. comparing will either lead to over-confidence or under confidence . By comparing yourself with other , you are doubting on your own capabilities. No one is perfect in the world. Your class topper or boss has also face a failure in his/her life. So stop comparing yourself because you are unique addition of yourself.

Change your Lifestyle

We all in our childhood learned a famous poem –

” Early to Bed , Early to Rise

Makes a man Healthy, wealthy and wise”

do this poem really applicable in our daily life right now? with this new era of full of netflix, hotstar and amazon prime , we have forgotten the value of time. we sleep late , wake up late, then how do we can expect a right thing from our late starting day..? bitter but truth..!! waking up early not only start our day with full of energy but also give us sufficient time to analyse ourself.

Do Smart Work

Gone are the days where the key for success was hard-work. In todays world were the competition is more and vacancies are less, hard-work alone cannot give you success. As said, modern problems require modern solutions so , smart working with hard work not only make your work easier but also ensure your success. Studies shows that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. This is called 80 20 Rule. This rule means that do the 20 percent of your work but ensure that 20 percent is the most important work. Thus your 80 percent work will be done by doing that 20 percent important work.

Never Give Up

We always lose hope after the first failure. But never think about the lessons that our failure has taught us. What happen if we fail.. We can try next time. we improve our mistakes next time. We became more stronger in our next attempt. We just need to try harder and harder in our next attempt. Just keep that burning desire alive until you succeed in your life.

If you seriously want to be successful than you need to understand that success doesn’t come overnight. We have to try day and night for to be successful. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenburg, Dhirubai Ambani and all the famous and inspirational people you see, never give up in their life. they daily work hard for your goal. That’s why they are at top position. At last, always remember, Your Persistence and dedication towards your goal decide your future.