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After UPSC , JEE is the most toughest exams in the country. it requires ones dedication and hard work with some pinch of smart work too. many students had a lot of questions about JEE . in this block i will answer all your questions. and also about how you can crack jee.

Is Coaching is mandatory for JEE ?

many students had a doubt in their minds about a coaching for JEE. the answer is that , it depends on you. if you think that you need a extra help or guidance in your jee preparations then join a coaching. but it is not necessary that after joining coaching you will probably succeed. i remember one of my friend who joins a popular coaching of Kota for his jee preparations but still land on a all india rank of 100,000 and plus…so coaching has not any jadibutti that after drinking you will surely succeed. it is a totally wrong concept. Cracking jee simply needs a dedication that means a regular study for atleast two hours. cracking jee solely depends on you and not on coaching.

Plan a Schedule

we know that it is hard to stick on a particular thing but preparing a fix schedule for study is the basic need for cracking a competitive exam. what you have to do is , choose any two hours from your schedule and do study regularly in those two yours. and do whatever you want to do in whole day. but just study in those two hours in a regular basis. it will surely improve your patience level.

Practice last 15 years questions paper

one of the key to succeed in any competitive exam is to practice last year papers. same applies for IIT JEE. if you regularly practice last year question paper , then you will get to know about the difficulty level of exam. practicing last 15 years question paper will be enough to crack the entrance exam. because there is enough variety in papers. mostly concepts have been repeated in the exam. always remember question can be changed but concept can’t.

Solve Conceptual problems and numericals.

In JEE, mostly questions are in the form of numericals. jee main has a simple variety of numericals but jee advanced has conceptual numericals which works on only on concept. and they are bit complex too. try to complete HC Verma for physics(both parts). it has plenty of numericals that works on concept making. Remember only concept will help you. so build your concept first. and for maths N.C.E.R.T is enough for basics and for chemistry N.C.E.R.T is like a god. once you done with all subject N.C.E.R.T textbook, then go for any higher level book.

Attempt various sample papers

suppose if you try well but didn’t succeed because you don’t know how to use computer. then that will be the worst thing for sure. so practice ample of sample questions paper on your computer. because not only JEE but all exams are usually in online mode. so make your speed on online computer and whenever you give a sample online test. make your environment like a proper jee exam hall environment. sit for proper three hours. this will surely help you in your exam.

Lastly Revise, Revise and Revise

The most and important step is to do a proper revision of what you have learned so far. forget all the things that you not study for any kind of reason just make your revision on the things that are important and also those things that you have noticed many times in previous question paper. this things would be enough for revision.


Anyone can crack this exam and get into the prestigious IITs . just you have to be extra cautious about your two hours study plan. don’t forget that a donkey also do hardwork . and we are humans so we have to do extra as compared to donkey. that extra is smart work.

Do your study with smart work. no need to read whole things. read the important topics many times so you will get a detailed knowledge about them that is called smart work.

always remember for the success there is a big role of confidence. your confidence alone works 50-60%. and hard work about 30%. and the rest is dedication and smart work. so be confident about your success and study religiously. If you work daily with keeping all this point in your head, then one day you will surely get the success on this timid path of JEE.


How to become a SUCCESSFUL person

Want to be a successful person? Trying hard but still didn’t get the thing for what you deserve for? If yes , then trust me this article will change your life. You will be motivated enough after reading this article. You all questions are answered in this article. So without wasting more time let’s start this wonderful article..!


Believe me or not, but most of suicide cases are just because of this so called society pressure! What society think about us? What my parents do if, I fail? This are the common things that we think about in our daily life. Half of our failure is because of taking excessive pressure. but, ever you think what actually happen if you fail ? the answer is ‘Nothing’ no one actually put you in jail because of your own failure. No-one actually cares about failure. they just want an interesting topic to do gossip. and nothing else . At last its your failure. you have to understand that’s success and failure is all part of life.


We always avoid the work by saying that “we will do it tomorrow”. is that tomorrow ever come ? No because the next say the same cycle goes on. so the main thing is how we can avoid delaying our home-work, assignments and studies? the simple solution is to plan the things on time. Try to do things on time. make a Schedule. and also if it doesn’t work then stand up in the front of the mirror and ask yourself that “what you are actually doing” i know that sounds stupid but trust me it helps a lot. Daily analysing yourself and your work is the best key for success.

Stop Comparing

we compare ourself with others with no logic or clue. comparing will either lead to over-confidence or under confidence . By comparing yourself with other , you are doubting on your own capabilities. No one is perfect in the world. Your class topper or boss has also face a failure in his/her life. So stop comparing yourself because you are unique addition of yourself.

Change your Lifestyle

We all in our childhood learned a famous poem –

” Early to Bed , Early to Rise

Makes a man Healthy, wealthy and wise”

do this poem really applicable in our daily life right now? with this new era of full of netflix, hotstar and amazon prime , we have forgotten the value of time. we sleep late , wake up late, then how do we can expect a right thing from our late starting day..? bitter but truth..!! waking up early not only start our day with full of energy but also give us sufficient time to analyse ourself.

Do Smart Work

Gone are the days where the key for success was hard-work. In todays world were the competition is more and vacancies are less, hard-work alone cannot give you success. As said, modern problems require modern solutions so , smart working with hard work not only make your work easier but also ensure your success. Studies shows that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results. This is called 80 20 Rule. This rule means that do the 20 percent of your work but ensure that 20 percent is the most important work. Thus your 80 percent work will be done by doing that 20 percent important work.

Never Give Up

We always lose hope after the first failure. But never think about the lessons that our failure has taught us. What happen if we fail.. We can try next time. we improve our mistakes next time. We became more stronger in our next attempt. We just need to try harder and harder in our next attempt. Just keep that burning desire alive until you succeed in your life.

If you seriously want to be successful than you need to understand that success doesn’t come overnight. We have to try day and night for to be successful. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckenburg, Dhirubai Ambani and all the famous and inspirational people you see, never give up in their life. they daily work hard for your goal. That’s why they are at top position. At last, always remember, Your Persistence and dedication towards your goal decide your future.