“Want to become a bollywood actor? Just know these things before.”

Bollywood has grown enormously in the entire world and the popularity of bollywood actors has reached worldwide. This popularity has inspired many people in our country to take acting as a profession.
An actor undoubtedly gains a lot of admiration and money. But the road to becoming a successful actor is filled with many hurdles and there is a dark side behind it as well.

● Bollywood sometimes fails to appreciate real talent. People who have close relations with the top producers, directors or anyone linked to the film industry have a higher chance of getting selected as an actor rather than a deserving candidate. But you shall keep believing in your talent and not lose hope.

● You have to constantly keep on proving yourself and keep on impressing the audience with your performance as an actor. When your films are doing good economically, you are amongst the top choices by the filmmakers. But once your films start becoming a flop, you find it very difficult to get good roles.

● Stress is an uninvited guest in everyone’s life. You have to face it in every profession, same is the case with the acting profession. As an actor, you are exposed to many unwanted things in your life and you have to constantly prove yourself every day to someone. You have to live a completely different life to please someone without being angry or frustrated. In this process, you lose your individuality and fall prey to stress.

● You have to struggle really very hard to become a bollywood actor. There are many teenagers in India who are desperately wanting to become an actor. They are working on their body and mind regularly to get selected in a film and showcase their talent. To become an actor among such huge competition is very difficult and you have to be ready for this struggle.

● You might have to get along with other actors who are having a completely different personality and keep making strong connections with them. You might not always like these people personally but to stay in the limelight you will be required to go against your liking and make fake connections.

● As an actor, you earn a decent amount of money, but a huge portion of it goes in maintaining your status as a popular actor. But, there can be a phase in your acting life, where you could face a financial crisis. At such times, you feel very weak emotionally and lose your confidence.

● You would be required to try things out of your comfort zone just to get an opportunity to become an actor. Many bollywood actors have confessed about sexual harassment by top filmmakers just for the sake of an acting role. Such demands can leave you mentally and physically devastated, so you have to train yourself to face these challenges. But it is not that always you have to face such demands.

The life of a bollywood actor is glamorous and all the aspiring actors might feel like living it. But, it is also filled with many unexpressed pains and sorrows. The journey of becoming an actor is not at all easy and you have to work wholeheartedly if you want to become one.