“How to be immortal?”

Life is the best gift that each one of us gets from our creator. It is something that all of us want and we fear from losing it. We all want to live our beautiful journey of life happily and peacefully. Everyone wants to live forever and create wonderful memories with their dear ones.

To remain alive on this planet, people try many new things. We spend a great amount of money on our health. We do everything that is possible to maintain our fitness. From staying fit to eating healthy and maintaining a robust lifestyle, we all do our bit to increase our life span.

But the bitter truth is that nobody in this world is immortal. A person who has taken birth has to die some or the other day. But, there is a way to live even after you die. This can happen by following some of the measures listed below.

● The best thing that you can do to remain immortal is by donating your body organs to the needy people. Your eyes, kidney, heart, liver, pancreas, etc. are the vital organs in your body. You can choose to donate these organs after you die. You can thus give a new life to the people who need these organs to live a healthy life and continue to live inside their body.

● You can be immortal by doing good deeds and helping people. You will be remembered by people forever for your good work, kind behaviour and helping nature. So, all you need to do is change your attitude towards people and be more kind and generous. Try to help people in whichever way you can, donate useful things to the needy and poor. This will definitely prove useful to make a place in people’s heart and live in their hearts forever.

● During your life, you shall try to create good and happy memories with everyone. These memories will be remembered forever by other people even after your death. So, always try to spend some good time with people, have fun with them and make an effort to never hurt them in anyway.

● Behave nicely with everyone. Treat others with respect and never judge anyone. It is your attitude that can prove useful to make you immortal. If your behaviour is bad or rude towards people, they will not favour you. But, if you act pleasingly with others, they will like your company and will remember you forever.

● You can be immortal by your good deeds and also by encouraging others to do them as well. You shall involve other people in your charity work. This will motivate them to continue the work even in your absence. This will benefit more and more people and they will remember you in their happiness.

So, at least now you will believe, that life after death is certainly possible. You might not be able to enjoy your life by physically being present but by being a part of other’s lives and memories you can still be able to live your life.