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Do you know what are those kings that make you feel like living in has made the best for you by designing a white sitting area with a wooden finish to the ground. The appliances are given black and grey finish. The only things that make a different this is only the light brown curtains.


Do you know “having black represents your lifestyle”. made a extraordinary design of interior using black colour. A black colour book rack adjoining the TV setup and having to rectangular standing slabs. The sitting area in front of it is also given silvery black touch with a black chair as a prop.


Shiny things always win heart. made a bright design of interior that will make a perfect place in your heart. The wall is covered with the shiny marble papers and wooden long rods on the side. The roof has led and on the sides there are yellow lightings. There are black compartments underneath the TV so as to use every single space of your house.


Your dining area represents your integrity. came up with a bright idea for dining area. There is a mirrored table with a wooden stand and two chairs on one side and sofa on the other side. There are hanging lights to bright up the area. There is a wooden wall on the one side which is giving a extremely enormous effect.


Organise your kitchen and see the organization in your life. To make your house feel like home today came up with the new concept of kitchen that is going to change your way of living. The chocolaty finish to your cabinets and drawers is not only going to affect your thinking but the modern lighting beneath the cabinets is going to give a luxury and a modern look to your kitchen. To give a wonderful touch to your floor like the walls we are using a floor papers that are going to let you in touch with nature.


What does an open space meant to you? We are very well known to it therefore is always there and will continue building new designs so as keep you one step ahead from others, that is why today we are looking towards building a new style of living for you. Today the concept is of the lobby area which must be first eye appealing place in your house. The modern luxurious touch is given through the wallpapers to this house, the whitish colour contrast with a bit of creamy texture to curtains and LCD panel is given to create a classy look. The furniture are also in white in colour to maintain the contrast and extra spacing for LCD is also there. The white colour is meant to be colour of luxuriousness that is why it is more preferred.



Everyone and I am playing a big role in the designing industry. As always we came up with the corner shelves because we assure to fill up every space in your home. This 5 layer wooden shelves with a grey wall colour will give a mind blowing touch your home and the rest of the work will be completed by the floor paper.


What is there in the same view every day? That is why i made a matte colour rectangular vent with drawers to keep your thing. It has a space beneath it so as to keep many things. The floor paper of wooden touch gives an extraordinary effect to the vent. To give an additional finish around mirror and an idea of greenery is also there.


What is a life if you aren’t in touch with nature? I came up with remarkable design of space initializing idea of future vents with an open space under it to keep your buckets and boxes as per your choice. This wooden finish vent combines with the light green wall and the wooden floor. The wall hangings are only things that spice up your area


A spot free life is what everyone needs. For that I came up with a white background square compartments with 2 large drawers, this compartment doesn’t have a coloured finish that because the “natural is the new”. Large scenery that will cover up the whole space an give a luxury feel.


Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them. That is what i help you to fulfil by building a study table area which not helps you in working but always fills you up with new and cheerful ideas. Due to proper lighting and the woody interior work, this area will always fills you up with positivity. The zigzag table not only gives you a blink of future but also gives you a luxury eye appealing touch your house and the adjustable table which will provide you a good posture while working.


The more you know, the more you can create. There is no end to imagination in the kitchen. For that today I came with a new “U-shaped kitchen design”, this is going to change your way of thinking towards kitchen. This kitchen is going to give you a luxury finish in a minimum space. The modern slabs made of wood and the wallpapers which will be going to give you a blink to future and to your class
“Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space”


If you are a person who lives a classic life then will help you to take a step further. Today’s design just gives you a textured finish with the help of wooden compartments and black shelve accompanying white tiles , in this the upper compartment combines with a wide compartments.


First of all what is cvent:-
Cvent is a software which privately known as software as a service (Saas). This software is mostly use3d in hospitality sector or at the time of meetings. The company provides a web platform so as to the other person can meet the site selection, event management or different kind of marketing surveys or advertising. The best part of it is that the supplier network is free so as that the meeting planners and manager can connect easily. It also helps to set up the budget because of “strategic meetings management”. If you want to get the answer whether it is a good place to work, then the answer is absolutely yes because it provides a fast and a peaceful environment with a suitable working hour of 10 hours which is quite high these days. If we talk about the sales force then the company provides access to every events right in the system to maintain the workflow. The part played here is by the nomination features that allow the organiser to get the approval for certain events before an invitation or registration is sent out.
That is the attendee status must be perfect from the contact record.
If the need arises, modify or cancel contact’s registration.
If you want to understand the event impact on the customer or ROI then you must first integrate your sales force instances, because if the instances are perfect then you can build the confidence so that you can show it to your stakeholders and the new leaders that might contact you for events.
Connect events to build opportunities campaigns, activities and other out of the box sales forces files.
Create a dashboard that shows your achievements.
There are basically three available certification for the management:-
Event management:- This will show the proficiency in cvent’s main product offering and the ability to build and manage cvent registration sites
Event management advanced: – A step up from the standard option this certification tells people that you can build any event registration site within cvents platform.
Mobile event app: – A certification that will be given through cvent’s mobile app, crowd compass. A nice complement to the other event professional certifications.
Should you get cvent certified:-
If you are already a customer of proficient cvent with the access to the platform because this certification will only help you expand your knowledge, and make you more valuable to your existing organizations. If you are not a proficient at building these sites then you may not build your interest in this certification because you might be unaware of the software used there.


With the advancement in technology, the thinking is also changed, For that today i came up with one of the advance dining area for you, which can be your the game changer of your life. This kind of modular furniture with this kind of luxurious colour pallet cannot be found despite here. Because we can make everything possible for you, The interior is designed in such a way that till your upcoming generations it will remain shiny and smooth. The corner wall lighting and the hanging ball lighting will just change your thought while seeing towards it


What’s your first love, isn’t it your. To make it pure as always I came up with all my team efforts with an astonishing idea of wardrobe that might take a big place in your heart. The chocolaty doors and the open compartments which are given LED lighting beneath it. A large mirror so as you can explore yourself. The floor is cover with wooden paper so as it become in contrast with the wardrobe. The major role is played by the double cylindrical lighting which is in trend in today and a small sofa to make you feel comfortable.


Your dressing must speak for you that is why I made an extraordinary design for your dressing area. It is not like the common dressing style that are used today, it is fin to operate because it consist of many compartments that are either open compartments , rolling drawers or else can be used for hanging your clothes. The lighting in between the compartments and double circle led on roof that just magnifies its look. It is a long corridor with the provision of sitting and mirror to observe yourself closely. The rest of it will be loved by you when it will come in your life.


Black is the new white, to make it prove true I came up with black design for every part of your area. From the black mattress for the floor to the U-shaped sofas which is not more than just giving you a palace feel at home. Your TV wall adjoins the two compartments of open compartments so you can keep your artefacts. The thing that is going to be loved by you is the fireplace that is just beneath your TV and gives you a lavish feel. In the end the small led lights on the roof is going to melt your heart due to its overwhelming atrocity.


Your home must show how is your lifestyle that is why always brings out with lavish ideas every day. Today with all the efforts of our team we came up with the design of lobby that is from a cover floor to the down ceiling roof. The major role is played by the TV wall which gives a slushy finish. The small table and round shaped cushioned chair that will just give a classic finish. In the end the lighting will win your hearts because of the combination of yellow and white lighting this and the ceiling AC point that will make your space.Your home must show how is your lifestyle that is why always brings out with lavish ideas every day. Today with all the efforts of our team we came up with the design of lobby that is from a cover floor to the down ceiling roof. The major role is played by the TV wall which gives a slushy finish. The small table and round shaped cushioned chair that will just give a classic finish. In the end the lighting will win your hearts because of the combination of yellow and white lighting this and the ceiling AC point that wil


Some years ago, from a small town in Shimla, I came as an empty scrapbook yet to be filled by the mesmerizing experience I had now. Who would have known that a boy like me will grow as an introvert? Stepping away from the fun-loving lifestyle of many youngsters, I was usually found chilling inside the confinements of my small room not because I was afraid of what this world might have to offer me but because I was happy with what I had. Studying for my bachelor degree was never been so much of a priority as I was just breezing through my syllabus. Dropping all my concerns, the one I was left with was how am I going to settle in this alien environment.
Those years have passed and it all seems like I managed everything quite well. The one thing that still troubles me is my habit of procrastination. Being a procrastinator, this article wasnot very easy to write as I am thinking of doing it tomorrow. But wait! Will it be fine? Is it the right time to start writing this? Should I do this now or leave it? Or I should better study for something else?
These were the questions running inside my mind. Pushing my boundaries and being proactive, burning some fuel to produce some work, will I be able to jump in time and catch the train that will take me to some reasonable solutions? Suddenly I realised that I have passed around an hour thinking all this, weaving the patterns and making the master plan.
We all waste our time doing the wrong stuff and taking wrong decisions every time. But is this because of our habit of delaying things or just because we do things before it is meant to be?
I think there is no right time to do something. It is always better to start now than never. You don’t realise that your time is worth a million diamonds, once gone can’t be recalled. But it is easier said than done. The time wastage is inversely proportional to my interest. Higher the interest lower will be the wastage of time and vice-versa. So that means, I found the key to the wonderful treasure of my mind. But wait a minute, I can’t be interested in everything.
There is a very big grey area in liking things and pretending to like things. It’s not just my story. Most of us feel stupid for admitting this.
The solution is just as unclear as problems but here are some little things which can be done:
1. Stay Happy.2. Don’t Overthink.
3. Divide big tasks into smaller ones to fool your brain.4. Reward yourself, give yourself a little bribe.5. Create a mental to-do list if you are too ashamed of making a real one.6. If you get tired easily or want a break then just work for 20 mins and give yourself a 10 min break and repeat. You may feel like wasting your time but trust me your 20 mins will become 60-90 day by day.Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes will teach you great lessonsand make you a better person.


Happiness is sleeping undisturbed till you wake up naturally and that is why I am here for you to make it real. For that we provide more facility than a room actually needs. From a shiny floor with mattress to wall mounted wardrobe that is made of good furniture. We always try our best so that we can make it feel like heaven for you. With the small wooden compartments that are above the ground so that you can keep your things and to give it a modern touch so that you can “live today, plan tomorrow and party tonight”

Simplicity is the key note to all true elegance. That is why i always tries its best for you. Today we came up with the new idea of wardrobe which is open, not like the other wardrobes which have large doors. A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place, it should smile at you and create a fantasy world for you. This wardrobe will not only reduce the working space but gives a “luxury finish” to your house because the essence of “interior design” will always be about people and how they live, it is about the realities of what makes of attractive, civilized and a meaningful environment, not about the fashion or what’s in or what’s out

The kitchen is one’s shrine, the cook is the priest, the table is their altar and their belly is their god. The kitchen is one of the most utilised among all the places in the house which has to be fully functional and organised. That is why I always came up with the idea of open kitchen. One of the best ways to give a modern design to your kitchen is by using a completely white cabinets and lighting which would make your kitchen look neat. We provide a large surface in the kitchen which will provide you enough space for food preparation. Lower kitchen cabinets which are made of wood will provide a luxury finish to the kitchen and floor papers matching your kitchen cabinets which will give you an environmental feel while working.

How to purchase material in market:-
There are only two possibilities when you at your interiors of a house and for that you must have some choosy style in yourself.
First of all we have to see what material has to be used in designing, whether it is wood, natural stone, ceramic, glass etc.
Secondly we have to see for what part of house we are using it that is whether it is lobby, living room, washroom console etc.
Then we see towards that who is their manufacturer, whether it is Marca corona, caino, cleaf or bolon.
Then the role is played by the designer that is either Erin adams, angelo ferrucci or ABVA
Then we see the availability of the product that we are assuming to be used in our home
Thank you for today


Details are not details they make design. Today I came up with dark colour kitchen designing techniques. This L-shaped kitchen design is set up for the small area kitchen. The major role played here is by the wall paper rather than using tiles and paintings on the wall, the wall paper is mostly used in the small area kitchen because in future if you want to adopt any new style then these wallpapers can be removed by a single pulling and new wall papers can be placed. The theme here is rocky black which gives a textured finish. The perception of cabinets are also there but there is no upper cabinet, only the lower cabinets are there which are made of wood with a back and brown slashes on it. These cabinets are divided into different parts: – there are 6 small drawers in a column and large cabinets interconnecting it. The shelve top of the kitchen is given a marble touch so that it must give a glossy and smooth finish to anyone working on it. In this kind of kitchen every part of the kitchen is divided to take out different activities. The long shelve will contain the gas range with an attached electrical and that shelve is helpful in taking out cutting activity. The shelve nearest the window will have the working of sink because in sunlight when you end up washing utensils then the sunlight will help in the evaporating water and give a clean look to your sink. The rest part will be used in carrying or operating the electric appliances. The floor here is made up with the marble so as to give a grip and a hard touch to your life. The other thing is the roof which is kept simple and class with the use of white colour, some kind scalp work are also done on it so as to give a background touch to the lighting. To make it look enjoyable we also suggest you to add some artefacts into it whether it can be hanging or placed over any surface, it can be anything like a wooden clock, a cup holder or a pot stand. Then the greenery is kept in mind, it is always done where the window is situated because the window solely provide the plants sunlight and air which meant to be beneficial for them. Every home has its own pulse. If you live in it awhile, it tells you what it wants to be.


From the ancient time India remains the father of education, at that time the gurukuls were in trend which teaches only that subject that a particular want to learn and he or she gets skilled in that particular subject whether it’s academic or related to any physical activity. Nowadays schools have taken place of the gurukuls in which the students are forced to learn some common subjects against his or her interest that is why in India the grades matter more than the skills. Students are forced to carry heavy bags to schools due to which there is a great loss in their both physical and mental health which is becoming a blockage in their future. If we see towards the future then there is lots of work that has to be done in the field of education. We are blending toward smart classes or online classes today that has to be done a several years ago, that is why Indian education system is lacking in the field. If we talk about present the government is taking every step in the field of education to help children make their life. According to the survey, India has the more number of youngsters than any other country in the world. Despite being the youngest country in the world they are failing in the field of education. If we want to achieve that position then the education must be formalised now so that its effects can be seen in the future. World is expecting more from India and it is the time for all the young Indians to prove them wrong. The ways government are taking steps then in the upcoming 50 years the education will be democratised and done online only through home and they can gain knowledge from any part of India


Bedroom is the only place which knows your bad and your good days, when you last laughed or last cried. So as to make it happy forever came up with the idea to make a marvellous bedroom for you so that when you wake up every day it will fill you up with positivity. We always try our best to give you the modern way of living, for that today we came up with modernizing your room or we can say your master bedroom. To provide you the simple and sleek looks and a heart whelming set up so as to get a good night rest. The white colour always gives a charming look if you want to add up things because white colour always in combination with other colours so as to give other colour a finishing touch. The floor here is giving you a “woody finish” which is giving suitable look with the background. The bed here is sleek body according to modernisation with a common headboard, nightstands and the textured beaches so as to keep you small belongings in the night like watches, earpieces and rings etc. It can act as a stand for head lamps which will give a classy finish to the bed; there is no shortage of visual interest in a master bedroom. If you want it to make it more classic we can use sliding window panel in place of normal closing winding because it will be easy to use and can give a blink to future. The other main thing that came in mind after the giving finishing touch to the bed is the “closet” which is use to keep small items that are used on daily purpose and to keep your clothes, but now a days the “wardrobes” are again taking place and meant to be a sign of modernization in your room and so as us are providing you a tall rectangular shaped size wardrobes so as to hung or store your clothes. The master bedroom is always dedicated to the daily life of that person and built according to it. The master bedroom is always attached to the bathroom. The other thing that hit mind is the lighting of the room; the master bedroom must have the sufficient light that is there must be no need to switch on the lights in the morning time. To make it look luxurious we must add “luxurious linens” to it either it must be placed on the bed or for the curtains it must be in combination with the colour contrast of the room. If you want to give a futuristic look you must not stick only to one in spite using different colour contrast. The end role is played by the light panels and led strips so as to provide a calm look to eyes in the end of the day
“For the room that says everything anyone would need to know about your personality and the style of your living”


Companies are turning to digital marketing to survive covid-19

Today every single companies is going through many drastic changes doesn’t only have changed their way of meeting with other firms and other business activities. Due to which many companies has changed their marketing strategies to cope through this difficult times. Many companies are facing difficulty to get rid of this situation due to lot of chaos and problem that are going throughout the country but if they aren’t going to adapt this situation then it is going to be very difficult for the survival of their company in the future.
Many forward-thinking company managers has already adapt the method of digital marketing, which is changing the way of meeting, like sealing the deals in the end with a hug or hand shake and sealing workforces at the remote area.
Impact of covid-29 on businesses
If we talk about the impact of covid-19 on companies than there might be a less number of companies which are not affected by the pandemic but the major or drastic effects is faced by the companies with smaller start-ups because these companies didn’t have any idea about any kind of disease that might got viral and neither did they have any kind of reserve for future so that they can stay in their line. This small start-up like spa, saloon, beauty parlour etc have such a high revenue loss which is not going to be fulfilled in next few years, this is the time for them to try new things and stand up their business.
Now from a small to a large business everyone is going to change their way of dealing or reaching the guest. Already this century is totally dependent upon social media that is what now the companies must adopt by reaching the guest through this social sites.
How to shift a business online
Before the covid-19 every single person in the town knows which local business man sold the best clothes, handcrafted essential in the town but now no one knows which are still in that business or might have closed it due to pandemic.
To show them that they are still there they must take the help of digitalization by speaking or attracting their customer through social media, it can be either through the websites or the other media like Instagram, facebook and give a restart to their business and give them a kick-up.
Speaking to the customer
The foremost needs of the companies are to create a connection between the customer and their business to maintain the flow of your business:-
Send a corona virus mail: – Firstly inform the customer that how your business have changed due to pandemic via email to aware them from the product delivery that might be affected by COVID-19.
Make an announcement on social media:- You must attract the customer by doing a public post on instagram or on facebook so that other people also get connected through who are not known to it.

Getting started with SEO marketing: – Due to pandemic not people have different way of looking among the malls and shopping centre. Whereas now SEO has taken its place, it has got a strong hand with some brands from January to march 2020.
How to build a high impact on SEO strategy during covid-19:-
Publishing content designed to build trust:- People have changed the way of living by adopting self-isolation, social distancing. This promise must be done by following these steps so as to reassure them.
Proactively managing the corporate web presence:- To have the stand-up again in the firm, for that the company must manage their social platform to attract more customer and build their trust upon them.

Content marketing:- This is the only way companies can attract more people to know about their business because this method is also in work today and helpful in attract the target audience, either its is through blogs, videos or other content. So that people can have trust on the brand they must update their info daily.

Shifting daily operations online:- There are many few companies that take out changes in their operation daily but thanks to the modern technology like zoom, Skype and whereby which are helping many companies today to take out anywhere or at anytime with the proper functioning of their business

These are not only helping the other but also helping their own staff by building their staff skill, because these classes are highly affordable and help their member to build a bright future for their team

What’s in it for your business:- Everyone is effected by covid-19, its not the time to sit back and think everything is over in spite this is the time to take the advantage of the situation and spread up your business. When the pandemic is over no firm will directly going to interact with their customer, that is they all are going to be digital and adopt new methods to maintain the flow of their work.

Likewise many websites that are fully optimized and organized are helping the people in the health emergency crisis that is what digitalization going to help people in future.