First of all what is cvent:-
Cvent is a software which privately known as software as a service (Saas). This software is mostly use3d in hospitality sector or at the time of meetings. The company provides a web platform so as to the other person can meet the site selection, event management or different kind of marketing surveys or advertising. The best part of it is that the supplier network is free so as that the meeting planners and manager can connect easily. It also helps to set up the budget because of “strategic meetings management”. If you want to get the answer whether it is a good place to work, then the answer is absolutely yes because it provides a fast and a peaceful environment with a suitable working hour of 10 hours which is quite high these days. If we talk about the sales force then the company provides access to every events right in the system to maintain the workflow. The part played here is by the nomination features that allow the organiser to get the approval for certain events before an invitation or registration is sent out.
That is the attendee status must be perfect from the contact record.
If the need arises, modify or cancel contact’s registration.
If you want to understand the event impact on the customer or ROI then you must first integrate your sales force instances, because if the instances are perfect then you can build the confidence so that you can show it to your stakeholders and the new leaders that might contact you for events.
Connect events to build opportunities campaigns, activities and other out of the box sales forces files.
Create a dashboard that shows your achievements.
There are basically three available certification for the management:-
Event management:- This will show the proficiency in cvent’s main product offering and the ability to build and manage cvent registration sites
Event management advanced: – A step up from the standard option this certification tells people that you can build any event registration site within cvents platform.
Mobile event app: – A certification that will be given through cvent’s mobile app, crowd compass. A nice complement to the other event professional certifications.
Should you get cvent certified:-
If you are already a customer of proficient cvent with the access to the platform because this certification will only help you expand your knowledge, and make you more valuable to your existing organizations. If you are not a proficient at building these sites then you may not build your interest in this certification because you might be unaware of the software used there.