Details are not details they make design. Today I came up with dark colour kitchen designing techniques. This L-shaped kitchen design is set up for the small area kitchen. The major role played here is by the wall paper rather than using tiles and paintings on the wall, the wall paper is mostly used in the small area kitchen because in future if you want to adopt any new style then these wallpapers can be removed by a single pulling and new wall papers can be placed. The theme here is rocky black which gives a textured finish. The perception of cabinets are also there but there is no upper cabinet, only the lower cabinets are there which are made of wood with a back and brown slashes on it. These cabinets are divided into different parts: – there are 6 small drawers in a column and large cabinets interconnecting it. The shelve top of the kitchen is given a marble touch so that it must give a glossy and smooth finish to anyone working on it. In this kind of kitchen every part of the kitchen is divided to take out different activities. The long shelve will contain the gas range with an attached electrical and that shelve is helpful in taking out cutting activity. The shelve nearest the window will have the working of sink because in sunlight when you end up washing utensils then the sunlight will help in the evaporating water and give a clean look to your sink. The rest part will be used in carrying or operating the electric appliances. The floor here is made up with the marble so as to give a grip and a hard touch to your life. The other thing is the roof which is kept simple and class with the use of white colour, some kind scalp work are also done on it so as to give a background touch to the lighting. To make it look enjoyable we also suggest you to add some artefacts into it whether it can be hanging or placed over any surface, it can be anything like a wooden clock, a cup holder or a pot stand. Then the greenery is kept in mind, it is always done where the window is situated because the window solely provide the plants sunlight and air which meant to be beneficial for them. Every home has its own pulse. If you live in it awhile, it tells you what it wants to be.