Some years ago, from a small town in Shimla, I came as an empty scrapbook yet to be filled by the mesmerizing experience I had now. Who would have known that a boy like me will grow as an introvert? Stepping away from the fun-loving lifestyle of many youngsters, I was usually found chilling inside the confinements of my small room not because I was afraid of what this world might have to offer me but because I was happy with what I had. Studying for my bachelor degree was never been so much of a priority as I was just breezing through my syllabus. Dropping all my concerns, the one I was left with was how am I going to settle in this alien environment.
Those years have passed and it all seems like I managed everything quite well. The one thing that still troubles me is my habit of procrastination. Being a procrastinator, this article wasnot very easy to write as I am thinking of doing it tomorrow. But wait! Will it be fine? Is it the right time to start writing this? Should I do this now or leave it? Or I should better study for something else?
These were the questions running inside my mind. Pushing my boundaries and being proactive, burning some fuel to produce some work, will I be able to jump in time and catch the train that will take me to some reasonable solutions? Suddenly I realised that I have passed around an hour thinking all this, weaving the patterns and making the master plan.
We all waste our time doing the wrong stuff and taking wrong decisions every time. But is this because of our habit of delaying things or just because we do things before it is meant to be?
I think there is no right time to do something. It is always better to start now than never. You don’t realise that your time is worth a million diamonds, once gone can’t be recalled. But it is easier said than done. The time wastage is inversely proportional to my interest. Higher the interest lower will be the wastage of time and vice-versa. So that means, I found the key to the wonderful treasure of my mind. But wait a minute, I can’t be interested in everything.
There is a very big grey area in liking things and pretending to like things. It’s not just my story. Most of us feel stupid for admitting this.
The solution is just as unclear as problems but here are some little things which can be done:
1. Stay Happy.2. Don’t Overthink.
3. Divide big tasks into smaller ones to fool your brain.4. Reward yourself, give yourself a little bribe.5. Create a mental to-do list if you are too ashamed of making a real one.6. If you get tired easily or want a break then just work for 20 mins and give yourself a 10 min break and repeat. You may feel like wasting your time but trust me your 20 mins will become 60-90 day by day.Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes will teach you great lessonsand make you a better person.