Companies are turning to digital marketing to survive covid-19

Today every single companies is going through many drastic changes doesn’t only have changed their way of meeting with other firms and other business activities. Due to which many companies has changed their marketing strategies to cope through this difficult times. Many companies are facing difficulty to get rid of this situation due to lot of chaos and problem that are going throughout the country but if they aren’t going to adapt this situation then it is going to be very difficult for the survival of their company in the future.
Many forward-thinking company managers has already adapt the method of digital marketing, which is changing the way of meeting, like sealing the deals in the end with a hug or hand shake and sealing workforces at the remote area.
Impact of covid-29 on businesses
If we talk about the impact of covid-19 on companies than there might be a less number of companies which are not affected by the pandemic but the major or drastic effects is faced by the companies with smaller start-ups because these companies didn’t have any idea about any kind of disease that might got viral and neither did they have any kind of reserve for future so that they can stay in their line. This small start-up like spa, saloon, beauty parlour etc have such a high revenue loss which is not going to be fulfilled in next few years, this is the time for them to try new things and stand up their business.
Now from a small to a large business everyone is going to change their way of dealing or reaching the guest. Already this century is totally dependent upon social media that is what now the companies must adopt by reaching the guest through this social sites.
How to shift a business online
Before the covid-19 every single person in the town knows which local business man sold the best clothes, handcrafted essential in the town but now no one knows which are still in that business or might have closed it due to pandemic.
To show them that they are still there they must take the help of digitalization by speaking or attracting their customer through social media, it can be either through the websites or the other media like Instagram, facebook and give a restart to their business and give them a kick-up.
Speaking to the customer
The foremost needs of the companies are to create a connection between the customer and their business to maintain the flow of your business:-
Send a corona virus mail: – Firstly inform the customer that how your business have changed due to pandemic via email to aware them from the product delivery that might be affected by COVID-19.
Make an announcement on social media:- You must attract the customer by doing a public post on instagram or on facebook so that other people also get connected through who are not known to it.

Getting started with SEO marketing: – Due to pandemic not people have different way of looking among the malls and shopping centre. Whereas now SEO has taken its place, it has got a strong hand with some brands from January to march 2020.
How to build a high impact on SEO strategy during covid-19:-
Publishing content designed to build trust:- People have changed the way of living by adopting self-isolation, social distancing. This promise must be done by following these steps so as to reassure them.
Proactively managing the corporate web presence:- To have the stand-up again in the firm, for that the company must manage their social platform to attract more customer and build their trust upon them.

Content marketing:- This is the only way companies can attract more people to know about their business because this method is also in work today and helpful in attract the target audience, either its is through blogs, videos or other content. So that people can have trust on the brand they must update their info daily.

Shifting daily operations online:- There are many few companies that take out changes in their operation daily but thanks to the modern technology like zoom, Skype and whereby which are helping many companies today to take out anywhere or at anytime with the proper functioning of their business

These are not only helping the other but also helping their own staff by building their staff skill, because these classes are highly affordable and help their member to build a bright future for their team

What’s in it for your business:- Everyone is effected by covid-19, its not the time to sit back and think everything is over in spite this is the time to take the advantage of the situation and spread up your business. When the pandemic is over no firm will directly going to interact with their customer, that is they all are going to be digital and adopt new methods to maintain the flow of their work.

Likewise many websites that are fully optimized and organized are helping the people in the health emergency crisis that is what digitalization going to help people in future.